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Book Intro

Noah's Ark [Kashti-e-Nuh]
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Noah’s Ark is a comprehensive manual that provides guidance towards being a good Ahmadi Muslim and a remarkable human being.  

Ahmadis were officially declared non-Muslims by a special committee of Pakistan’s National Assembly in 1974.

The Munir Inquiry Report
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This book is an official document published by the Government of Pakistan and is officially titled, Report of The Court of Inquiry constituted under Punjab Act II of 1954 to enquire into the Punjab Disturbances of 1953.

Mahzarnama – The Memorandum
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Mahzarnama (the Memorandum) is an important historical document which was presented by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in 1974, to the Special Committee of the National Assembly of Pakistan, comprising the entire house.

Regarding the Ottomans in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the author says:
“The social structures in the Muslim world, which had developed along very different lines to those in western Europe, also proved to be an important factor.

Professor Ron Geaves specialises in the subject of the history of Islam in Britain. My first introduction to the author was through his book Islam in Victorian Britain. As an Ahmadi, I naturally went to the index to see where the Ahmadiyya Jamaat was mentioned in the book