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In part nine of this article series, it was discussed how Jesus a.s. never demonstrated the power and attributes of God in his own being and with his personal will.

In the previous article, it was discussed that prophets of God are a manifestation of the attributes of God.

In part seven of this article series, it was stated that there is nothing unique in the fact that special phrases and special titles are used for Jesus Christ a.s.

Why is it that when Christian apologists see this same word for Jesus a.s. in Hebrews, 1:8, it is used as an argument for Jesus’ divinity but when it is used for Moses a.s., it is not assumed to be about Moses’ divinity?

In the previous article of this series, it was discussed that when Christians are confronted with the question to provide evidence where Jesus a.s. clearly claims to be God, they provide statements which are meant to imply that Jesus a.s. is God.

Previously, in this series of articles, it was proven that Jesus a.s. never made the claim that he was God

Did Jesus a.s. Confirm or Deny Divinity?

The Pauline influence over Christian doctrine

Understanding the Gospels, Are the Gospels Reliable & A Problem in Gospel Study

Most Christians today believe that God is one being in three persons. This is a fundamental bone of contention between Muslims and Christians.