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In part seven of this article series, it was stated that there is nothing unique in the fact that special phrases and special titles are used for Jesus Christ a.s.

Chaudhry Anwar Hasan
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, Islam

Born Charles Barton Stedman, brother Abdusalaam Stedman volunteered for VSO (a charity) when he finished university. In 1977, he started work as a teacher in the Ahmadiyya Secondary School Joru, Kenema Province, Sierra Leone. He was based there for three academic years.

Why is it that when Christian apologists see this same word for Jesus a.s. in Hebrews, 1:8, it is used as an argument for Jesus’ divinity but when it is used for Moses a.s., it is not assumed to be about Moses’ divinity?

In the previous article of this series, it was discussed that when Christians are confronted with the question to provide evidence where Jesus a.s. clearly claims to be God, they provide statements which are meant to imply that Jesus a.s. is God.

Previously, in this series of articles, it was proven that Jesus a.s. never made the claim that he was God

During this past Jalsa Salana UK 2018, a photo was taken which may have been puzzling to some. Hazrat Amirul Momineen a.a. was browsing on two huge screens, while around him stood Ahmadis with a mixture of excitement and anxiety writ across their faces. 

A glance at a profound example of state-backed persecution.
Continued from 17 August issue.

One can hear deafening noise of enforcing Sharia in Pakistan by both the leftists and the rightists to secure their worldly interests. However, practically and in essence, the louder the noise became, the national character severed its relationship more intensely with the Sharia.

I have never been an outstanding student. I struggled to pass during college. During high school, I would only revise material during examination period. 

Shura is an Arabic word that literally means consultation and, in its simplest form, as an Islamic principle, calls upon Muslims...