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Shura is an Arabic word that literally means consultation and, in its simplest form, as an Islamic principle, calls upon Muslims...

Many questions are asked on a myriad of subjects related to Ramadan.

Rescued from Fire
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, Ramadan

The last one-third of the month of Ramadan is known, in light of the tradition of the Holy Prophet s.a., to be that part of Ramadan that guarantees redemption from hellfire.

Did Jesus a.s. Confirm or Deny Divinity?

The Pauline influence over Christian doctrine

Understanding the Gospels, Are the Gospels Reliable & A Problem in Gospel Study

Most Christians today believe that God is one being in three persons. This is a fundamental bone of contention between Muslims and Christians.

Prophecy had it that the Muslim Ummah would gradually drift away from the true teachings of Islam. The Unity of Allah, the status of Hazrat Muhammad s.a., the meaning and interpretation of the Holy Quran would all be misunderstood.