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In His Own Words

O you the affluent, and O Kings! O you who are wealthy! There are but few among you who fear God and are pious in the ways prescribed by Him

When you observe prayer, do not recite Arabic phrases alone like those who are unmindful – for the prayer and forgiveness sought by such persons is nothing more than a superficial demonstration, which is devoid of essence; their prayers are not sustained by any foundations

Open Your Eyes
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, Promised Messiah

Man can only find sanctuary from sin when he comes to know with certainty of His might, punishment and reward.

Those who are not lost in God are not bestowed strength from on high.

The mountains remember Him, the rivers remember Him, the trees remember Him and many righteous people are occupied with His remembrance.

Believers are such people whose practice bears testimony to their faith, whose hearts are imbued with belief and who give precedence to their Lord and His pleasure over everything else… But how could the unfortunate Yazid partake from such [qualities].

Blessed are those who wage war with their inner selves for the sake of God. And wretched are those who war with God for the sake of their own souls, and act against His will.

Do not follow the philosophers of this world and do not be overawed by them, for they only pursue follies. True philosophy is that which God has taught you in His Word.

Your plans cannot succeed without the help of God.

If you become one with God, rest assured that God too will be yours.