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In His Own Words

As for the place of the Promised Messiah’s advent, it ought to be remembered that the emergence of the Anti-Christ has been foretold to take place from the East and this refers to our country

At the present time, Islam is being attacked as in the case of the People of the Elephant. The Muslims suffer from many weaknesses. Islam is deprived and the “People of the Elephant” are in strength. But even now, Allah the Exalted desires to manifest a similar demonstration as in the past. God Almighty will employ small birds, as it were.

True fear of Allah demands that a person examine the degree to which his words and actions accord with one another.

The greatest difficulty that confronts us today is that we require financial support in order to propagate Islam

Islam excels all other faiths in the demonstration it provides of patience, rejecting evil and noble conduct

My dear ones! You have only come to this world for a short while, much of which has already passed. Thus, do not displease your Lord. An earthly government of great might can annihilate you if you displease them

How unfortunate is one who places their trust in this short span of life and completely turns away from God and makes use of those things prohibited by God with such impudence as if they were lawful for them.

O you the affluent, and O Kings! O you who are wealthy! There are but few among you who fear God and are pious in the ways prescribed by Him

When you observe prayer, do not recite Arabic phrases alone like those who are unmindful – for the prayer and forgiveness sought by such persons is nothing more than a superficial demonstration, which is devoid of essence; their prayers are not sustained by any foundations

Open Your Eyes
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Ahmadiyyat, Promised Messiah

Man can only find sanctuary from sin when he comes to know with certainty of His might, punishment and reward.