100 Years Ago… – Tabligh of Islam in the new world, America


Al Fazl, 30 August 1920

In the last four reports, I have given the good news that 33 people have entered the true religion of Islam at the hands of this humble one.

Thereafter, an honourable educated lady named [Sobolyowski or Sobolewski] read my mention in a newspaper and joined the lectures. After studying the book, [Philosophy of the] Teachings of Islam and some other literature, and after much deliberation, she accepted Islam with full conviction of heart. She was given the Islamic name Fatima Mustafa. Before coming to America, I saw a dream in London:

“I came here [to America] and persuaded a lady to accept Islam. I named her Fatima Mustafa.”

I mentioned it before friends in London at the time of seeing the dream. Certain other glad tidings of the same kind along with the latest good news provided satisfaction in the time of hardships and detention.

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In one of them, I had the honour of visiting chief of all the worlds, beloved of God, Muhammadsa, the chosen one and some other prophets. Although some other women have also converted to Islam here before, but so far, no woman of this ability, sincerity and spirituality has come before me regarding whom my heart would testify for giving this name.

Thus, praise and thanks be to God for every success depends upon His blessings.

Next Sunday, a lecture will be held on the prohibition of wine in Islam, inshaAllah! Many letters showing sympathy about my detention days and expressing congratulations and compassion on my entry into America have been received from friends. I thank them all and pray that God protects all these well-wishers from every evil and calamity and grants them the rewards of this world and the Hereafter.

As long as I am in this country, I am ready to serve the people of my nation to the best of my abilities.

وَمَا تَوْفِیْقِیْ اِلَّا بِاللّٰہِ العلی العظيم

“There is no power in me save through Allah, the Most High, the Great.”

In addition to the above-mentioned new convert, Fatima Mustafa, two Muslims, one of whom is a resident of Albania […] and the other is a resident of Syria, and are merchants in this country, entered Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. The name of the Albanian is Mr Islam General Chatto and the Syrian gentleman’s name is Kamal Al-Qadri.

The work here is progressing day by day and this humble one remains fully occupied. Some new convert brothers help in the work of English writing.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, 15 July 1920

Akhbar Faruq, 19-26 August and 2 September, 1920

My faith

A dear friend writes, “A gentleman in Lahore has a letter from you and he is showing it to people that you do not consider the Holy Prophetsa as a messenger for the entire world and only consider the Promised Messiahas as a messenger for the whole world.” According to that gentleman, “It is the influence of Europe that has damaged the faith of the Mufti so badly.”

I was not much surprised to hear this story because such false rumours and baseless narrations are often spread among the opponents by some means. However, through this writing, I declare that my belief is still the same as it was before that the seal of all the prophets, Muhammadsa, chief of all the messengers, came as a prophet for the entire world and because of him, Hazrat Nabiyullah [Prophet of God], the Promised Messiahas, has come as a Prophet and Messenger for the whole world.

تیرے بڑھنے سے قدم آگے بڑھایا ہم نے

“We moved our own step forwards with thy stride.”

This is the teaching I give to the people in this country. My magazines and articles that I have published in this country are a testimony to this fact and their cuttings have also been sent to India.

Total number of new converts

By now, 35 people have converted to Islam in this country at the hands of this humble one. Their detailed reports have been sent to newspapers and their signed requests of Bai‘at have been sent to be presented before Hazrat Khalifatul Masih [IIra]. Apart from them, a group of Arabic, Egyptian, Indian and Albanian Muslims have joined Ahmadiyyat. Their detailed report has also been dispatched.

Method of tabligh

At the moment, tabligh is mostly done through distribution of literature. Apart from the past four weeks, one lecture is being held every Sunday. A hall has been rented for conducting these lectures and a board [carrying the words] “Ahmadiyya Lecture Hall” has been affixed on it. Moreover, tabligh is carried out through meetings and discussions in the park. An opportunity to ask questions is given after the lecture. Thereafter, the questions are answered.

For example, a person’s questions [along with our answers] are written below:

Questioner: You said in the lecture that you also believe in Jesus. If you believe him, then he has also claimed to be God and to be immortal, so you must believe this [claim] as well.

Sadiq: (Holding the Bible in hand) This is the Bible of Christians. Show me these words in one of its verses that Christ claimed to be God or that he claimed to be immortal and I will accept it. I assure you that you can never show these words from the Bible. His grave is present in my country, India, where he was buried underground like other holy men, and there is no such thing as immortality!

Questioner: (In a state of surprise) Well, if Jesus is dead, then who should we believe in?

Sadiq: Accept Hazrat Muhammadsa, the chosen one, who is leader of all the prophets and is a guide and reformer for the entire world.

Questioner: (Laughing) He also died and was buried underground.

Sadiq: He did not die for the seekers of guidance. His spiritual school continues. He was the first and the greatest teacher of that school, and he is still imparting spiritual education to his students. There have always been people among the Muslims who completed their spiritual education from this school and one of them appeared in this age, [who said]:

دگراستاد را نامے ندانم

کہ خواندم در دبستان محمد

“I do not know the name of any other teacher because I have received education from the school of the Holy Prophetsa.”

This mission is called Ahmadiyya Jamaat after him. Is there anyone among the Christians who would make such a claim that he is being taught by Jesus in this age?

Questioner: Of course, there are. There are many. There are thousands.

Sadiq: Tell me the name and address of one of them.

Questioner: There are many.

Sadiq: I only ask just one name from the many.

After much discussion and insistence, the questioner gave the name of a pastor. I have written a letter to him. Its details will be published when we will receive the answer, inshaAllah … Thus far, the following newspapers of the city of New York have either written about me or published my articles:

1. Truth Seeker: Christian Missionary in India

2. Sun and Herald: Turkey’s war was not jihad. Mr Wilson should abide by the terms of truce offered by him

3. Bronx Home News: Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir

4. Horsham Home News: Tomb of Christ in Kashmir

Muhammad Sadiq, 19 July 1920

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