16th Annual Educational Rally – Majlis Ansarullah Pakistan 2018


Muhammad Mahmud Tahir

Majlis Ansarullah Pakistan

Majlis Ansarullah Pakistan  conducted its 16th Annual Ilmi (Educational) Rally supervised by the department of Talim (Education) from 9 to 11 November 2018.

The opening ceremony of the 3-day event was held on 9 November at around 4pm. One of the guests who became part of the ceremony was Abdul Khaliq Bengali Sahib, Secretary for Ansar Section of the United Kingdom. Dr Abdul Khaliq Khalid Sahib, Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Pakistan, delivered the opening address and concluded the ceremony with silent prayer. 

More than 250 Ansar from 55 districts of 16 regions of Pakistan attended this 3-day event. Participants were provided with convenient accommodation in Darul Ziafat, Waqf-e-Jadid guesthouse and the guesthouses of Nasir, Masroor and Khidmat. A temporary place for offering Salat was arranged in the lawn of Ansarullah offices and arrangements for watching the live Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa were made in Aiwan-e-Nasir. The place for having meals was arranged in the lawn of Jalsa Salana office. Organisers worked hard to help facilitate and assist the members of Majlis Ansarullah participating in the event, especially the departments of reception, registration and emergency care unit. 

Competitions were held between districts. Three participants from a district having more than a thousand Ansar, two participants from a district having more than five hundred Ansar and one from each of the other districts were allowed to take part in a competition. There were 11 competitions which included recitation of the Holy Quran, test of memorised parts of the Quran, quiz of the Quran’s translation, quiz based on books of Promised Messiahas, poem, extempore speech, regular speech level, regional expert speech level, bait bazi (competition where each team has to recite a couplet from memory beginning with the last letter of the couplet recited by another team), quiz based on the speeches of Huzoor and a quiz based on religious knowledge. The competitions began with a quiz on the Quran’s translation after the conclusion of the opening ceremony.

A mushaira (poetry recital) was held in Aiwan-e-Nasir on the evening of the second day of the event where profound poets from all over Pakistan presented there poetry.

Everyone participated with full enthusiasm and interest. May Allah the Almighty safeguard Majlis Ansarullah Pakistan from all evils and help us in organising successful rallies. 


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