Attack on Ahmadi Mosque in Faisalabad

  • Ahmadi place of worship in Ghaseetpura Faisalabad attacked by mob due to minor personal dispute
  • After physically attacking mosque, assailants set it alight. 5 Ahmadis injured during gunfire
  • Highly condemnable act. Authorities need to take swift action against the perpetrators


​​​​​​Nazarat Umur-e-Ama

Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan

On 23 August 2018, an Ahmadi mosque in Ghaseetpura, Faisalabad, was attacked on the basis of a minor personal dispute between two parties by a mob consisting of 300-400 people. A number of attackers were armed. 

The assault began at the time of Maghrib prayer when armed men began firing at the mosque. Five people were injured by gunshots. 

According to details, extremist elements in the town took advantage of a minor personal dispute to whip up enmity against the local Ahmadi population and gathered together a mob which went on to attack the place of worship by pelting stones and firing at it. The Ahmadis inside the building managed to get out and escape. The mob then vandalised the main prayer hall before setting fire to items inside the mosque. An Ahmadi home situated next to the mosque also suffered some damage. 

The spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Pakistan condemned this attack in the strongest possible terms. He said that attacks against Ahmadi mosques were now becoming far too regular an occurrence. 

In May of this year, an Ahmadi place of worship in Sialkot was attacked and yet nothing had been done to bring the perpetrators of the assault to justice. Rarely is action taken against those who commit crimes against Ahmadis and this has resulted in a climate of impunity. 

The spokesperson also said that after the attack in Ghaseetpura, the assailants took to social media to make false and hate accusations against the local Ahmadis that means that the situation continues to be volatile and further attacks against the Jamaat are possible. 

He called on authorities to take full and requisite measures to bring things under control and take swift action against the perpetrators of the attack.


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