Martyrdom of Qazi Shaban Ahmad Khan Sahib



It is with great sadness that the Jamaat has seen another Ahmadi martyred for his faith. Qazi Shaban Ahmad Khan Sahib from Lahore was murdered by two gunmen at the age of 47. 

Qazi Sahib was the son of Qazi Muhammad Salman Sahib. On 25 June 2018, opponents of the Jamaat entered his home and shot at him point-blank. 

Huzooraa, in his 29 June Friday Sermon, said:

“According to reports, two masked men entered his home in the evening of 25 June. Qazi Sahib, along with his wife, was in one room while his daughters were in the other. His wife went to the bathroom, and upon returning, saw the two masked men. One of the men pointed his gun at her head and directed her to the room where their daughters were. The other masked man fired three shots at Qazi Sahib’s abdomen, causing him to pass away on the spot. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji‘un [‘Surely to Allah we belong, and to Him shall we return’].

“The decesased accepted Ahmadiyyat, along with his family, in 2001 through a friend, Muhammad Iqbal Sahib.” 

Huzooraa further added:

“Qazi Shaban Sahib was running a school for children with disabilities and resided on the top floor of the school building. Recently the lower floors of the school were undergoing some construction, and scaffolding was being put up. The two men entered and hid in that scaffolding, waiting for the opportunity to attack. 

“The deceased martyr possessed countless qualities. After Bai‘at, he proved to be an extremely pious and sincere individual. He had a deep love and attachment to Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya. The deceased had set up a satellite dish to watch MTA so that he and his family could remain attached to Khilafat through this. He would excel in offering chanda – monetary donations – and other financial sacrifices. He was currently serving as Secretary Audio & Video in his local chapter. He would fix satellite dishes for locals without remuneration. 

“Qazi Sahib was married to his cousin, and among his family, he, his wife and children were the only Ahmadis. As a result of them accepting Ahmadiyyat, their family began to oppose them. A few months prior, Qazi Sahib’s brother-in-law came to his house and said that the family had come to know that they had ‘become Mirzai’. It was then that he noticed the satellite dish and tried to damage it … Nevertheless, he [the brother-in-law] said to his sister that her nikah had become annulled and hence, she should go back with him as her husband was now a ‘Mirzai’. Qazi Sahib’s wife said to her brother-in-law, ‘I have also accepted Ahmadiyyat and am a Muslim. I deem Qazi Sahib to be a Muslim also, so I am not going anywhere with you.’

“Qazi Sahib’s wife said that he had been receiving threats, for which he was quite anxious and, for a few days, particularly quiet. Very rarely would he leave the house. The late Qazi Sahib said to his wife that if anything was to happen to him, she should contact the local President. After the incident of his martyrdom, she did exactly that and informed the Jamaat’s office bearers. Very patiently, despite the fact that their non-Ahmadi relatives had come, his wife said that the funeral prayer would be led by Ahmadis, as would the burial.” 

Talking about those who Qazi Shaban Sahib leaves behind, Huzooraa said:

“The deceased martyr is survived by his wife, Shahnaz Shaban Sahiba, who is 40 years old, and his daughters: Kiran who is 19 years old, Sidrah Shaban who is 18 and Malaika who is 11. All three daughters suffer from polio and have certain disabilities. May Almighty Allah become their Guardian Himself and may He remove all their worries and distress. May Allah continue to elevate the status of Qazi Sahib.”


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