Pakistan Waqf-e-Nau Ijtema 2018


Saqib Kamran

Naib Wakil Waqf-e-Nau

Alhamdolillah, a three-day training programme for Waqifeen-e-Nau of tenth-grade students was successfully held from 10 to 12 July 2018.

The program was inaugurated in the evening of 10 July 2018 by Syed Khalid Ahmad Shah Sahib, Nazir-e-Ala and Amir-e-Muqami. 

Tahajjud prayer was offered every day as part of the programme. Apart from educational and physical competitions, various scholars of the Jamaat delivered edifying lectures on educational and moral topics. There were lectures about the youth’s future and career planning, and a question and answer session was also held for the benefit of participants. Individual interviews of all Waqifeen-e-Nau were conducted where they were provided with their future career counseling. A Waqf-e-Nau who is serving the Jamaat after completing his education shared his experiences about practical field life. 

Last year, the programme was attended by 215 Waqifeen-e-Nau from 28 districts, while this year the total number of participants was 231 from 32 districts. 

The closing session of the Ijtema was chaired by Chaudhry Hameedullah Sahib, Wakil-e-Ala Tehrik-e-Jadid. He distributed prizes among Waqifeen-e-Nau participants who held positions in various competitions. In the end, he shared his insightful guidance for the participants and the programme was concluded with silent prayer.  


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