Saint Germain la Charonne college, Paris invites Ahmadi missionary to speak on Islam


Last Updated on 20th November 2021

Mansoor Ahmed Mubashir, France Correspondent

A college in Paris, Saint Germain la Charonne organised an interreligious day on 22 October 2021. Different organisations were invited to participate and represent their respective religions. Naseer Ahmed Shahid Sahib, Missionary-in-charge Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya France was invited to represent Islam.

There were two topics given for this year’s interreligious day, “Introduction of your religion and hospitality according to your religion”. 

For each class of the college, representatives of different religions were given the opportunity for a lecture and question and answer session. Our missionary had the opportunity to present Islamic teachings to two classes. 

After a brief introduction of the meanings of Islam and its three sources, Holy Quran, sunnah and hadith, with reference to these three sources, he elaborated on subjects of discussion in the media about Islam, i.e., freedom of religion and expression, Jihad, blasphemy and apostasy.

The second topic, hospitality in Islam, was also addressed with references from the Holy Quran, Sunnah and hadith. The personal examples of the Holy Prophetsa and his Companionsra were presented.  

Students were amazed to listen to the real teachings of Islam about these issues which were totally different from what was projected in the media or presented by some fanatic Muslims. After the lectures, students asked many questions including questions about women in Islam and hijab.

It is worthy of mention that the Director of CIEUX (Interreligious Committee for Universal Ethics and against Xenophobia) Mr Alexandre Vigne would tell each class about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, its peaceful understanding of Islam and specially the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan and some other countries. He also had an opportunity to meet Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, when he delivered a historic address in UNESCO during his visit to France in 2019.

Through this event, the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat was conveyed to more than 50 students and teachers.

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