Turning Point in History – Part II


The journey made by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IVrt to ensure the smooth functioning of the Jamaat by departing a country that was once home to Khilafat. In the second part, we will see Huzoorrt taking the final steps towards a journey that changed the course of history.  (Editor)

Migration of Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IVrt from Pakistan

A Chronology


Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV r.t.

29 April 1984:

The historic migration of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya from Pakistan to England began in the early hours. Cars carrying members of the convoy left Rabwah before daybreak.

  • Car 1: Sardar Abdus Sami (Lahore), Malik Sultan Harun (Kot Fateh Khan, Attock), Sheikh Amir Ahmad (Lahore), Chaudhry Idris Nasrullah Khan (driver)
  • Car 2: Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmadrt, Hazrat Syeda Asifa Begum sahiba, Huzoor’srt two youngest daughters, Chaudhry Hameed Nasrullah Khan (driver)
  • Car 3: Brigadier Waqiuz Zaman, Sheikh Mubasher Ahmad (driver), Sheikh Saeed Ahmad, Malik Faruq Ahmad (co-driver)
  • Car 4: Mirza Khurshid Ahmad (representing Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya), Mirza Mujib Ahmad (driver), Mirza Luqman Ahmad, Faiza Begum, Mirza Usman Ahmad
  • When Mirza Khurshid Ahmad sahib sent a message to Huzoorrt that it was time for departure, Huzoor was offering Tahajjud prayers
  • Huzoor came out ten minutes later and sat in the car. He was wearing white clothes, an over coat and a topi
  • The convoy left Rabwah at four-o’clock in the morning. Three of the four cars left together, while the pilot car had already left for Sargodha Road; joining the three at the main road
  • The convoy drove in the direction of Sargodha, taking a turn to the left, just before Lalian towards Tarkhanawala. This small road joins Sargodha-Jhang Road further down
  • Earlier, while still in Rabwah, Huzoorrt had pointed out a spy of the military agencies in the disguise of a pauper but wearing army boots. More spies were spotted again between Lalian and Jhang
  • One hour after the departure, Mirza Mansoor Ahmad sahib sent off another car with the instruction to keep an hour’s distance behind the convoy
  • About 80 miles before Sukkur, a tyre of Car 4 went flat. The convoy, hence, came to a halt when Mirza Khurshid Ahmad sahib received a message from Huzoorrt from the car in front that food from a roadside dhaba (roadside inn) be bought. Food was purchased from a nearby dhaba
  • The convoy stopped for a lunch-break near Sukkur Bypass at around 2 pm. The food bought earlier was served for lunch. Namaz was offered here
  • At this point, a convoy of three cars from Karachi joined and piloted the convoy from here onwards
  • The convoy arrived at Karachi around sunset and stopped briefly near Malir Toll Plaza. After some discussion, the convoy moved in two parts to where accommodation had been arranged
  • The three cars accompanying Huzoorrt went to Kalimullah Khan sahib’s residence, while others headed to Sheikh Abdul Majid sahib’s house in the area of Defence
  • Soon after, Masud Jehlmi sahib (Wakilut-Tabshir) and Raja Shahid sahib left for the airport with passports of passengers to have them ready for departure
  • Before the six London bound passengers arrived at the airport, their passports were ready for boarding. (Visas were not a requirement for travel to the UK then)

Huzoor r.t. boarded a KLM flight from Karachi to London

  • As a precaution, Huzoor’srt passport was processed separately. Huzoor’srt passport clearly stated “Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement” as Occupation
  • Zartasht Munir sahib, Malik Faruq sahib and Mirza Mujib Ahmad sahib also left for the airport
  • The on-duty immigration officer looked through Huzoor’s passport, read all details and stamped it, granting exit clearance
  • Brig. Waqiuz Zaman sahib, Chaudhry Hamid Nasrullah sahib and Huzoor’s two youngest daughters arrived at the airport about half an hour before Huzoorrt and Hazrat Asifa Begum sahiba
  • Huzoorrt and Hazrat Asifa Begum sahiba arrived at Karachi Airport at 1:25am and went straight through to the VIP lounge. The flight was scheduled for take-off at 2am
  • Huzoorrt was dressed in his usual attire of Sherwani [overcoat] and turban. His name was entered twice in the VIP lounge books along with his designation as “Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement”
  • Some military personnel were seen scanning through the VIP lounge. This was alarming but it soon became known that they were there as part of protocol for an African dignitary
  • The flight had landed with a delay of 30 minutes, so boarding time was pushed back by 30 minutes
  • Half an hour after take-off, the flight lost signal with the Air Traffic Control Tower at Karachi Airport, meaning that it had crossed the Pakistani airspace and could not be withdrawn by Pakistani authorities
  • After this confirmation, those who saw Huzoorrt off returned from the airport

30 April 1984:

  • Huzoorrt first arrived in Amsterdam, and after a brief transit, safely arrived in London 
  • This was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Jamaat, opening new avenues for prosperity and success 


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