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19-25 October
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, Southfields

19 October 1924: Hazrat Musleh Maud r.a. laid the foundation stone of the Fazl Mosque, London on this day. The foundation stone laying ceremony was attended by 200 guests. 

Tracing the roots of early Islam Ahmadiyyat in the USA.

Hazrat Mufti Sadiq Sahib r.a. shares interesting tabligh incidents that occurred in England as well as reports of his latest outreach activities. Here, an interesting incident during a speech Winston Churchill delivered is narrated.

12-18 October
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, Historical

12 October 1905: One of the Promised Messiah’s a.s. closest companions, beloved disciple and an ever-ready helping-hand, Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti r.a. was laid to rest on this day before noon in Qadian.

Stanley Brush was a professor at Forman Christian College Lahore when he decided to visit Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II r.a. in Rabwah

5-11 October
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, History of Al Hakam

5 October 1902: The Promised Messiah’s a.s. book Kashti-e-Nuh [Noah’s Ark] was published. Its other name was An Invitation to Faith.

In London, the capital of the British Empire, Hazrat Mufti Sadiq led the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer in the Ahmadiyya mosque situated at 4 Star Street, W2

All praise be to Allah that by each passing day, the noble religion of Islam is progressing in this country through the efforts of our honoured missionaries – Hazrat Mufti Muhammed Sadiq Sahib and Qazi Abdullah Sahib.

The committees which were established in the blessed eras of the Promised Messiah a.s. and Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I r.a. were all of men, for instance, Ishaat-e-Islam, Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Tashizul-Azhan, Majlis Ahbab, Majmaul Ikhwan and Majlis Irshad to name a few.

28 September - 4 October
Publish Date:
Ahmadiyyat, islam

28 September 1905: The Promised Messiah a.s. received two guests; one was from Turkey while the other was Jewish. He was asked some questions in Arabic.