Letters to the Editor – Tsunami and Manifestation of Divine Help

On the evening of Saturday, 22 December 2018, as widely reported, a Tsunami swept the Sunda Strait area.

Suyuti Aziz Ahmad Sahib of Indonesia

On 19 November 2018, at the age of 74, Suyuti Aziz Ahmad Sahib passed away. He was suffering from a severe heart illness and was sent to Rabwah for treatment where he underwent a major surgery. However, a few days after the surgery, he passed away

Humanity First visits Indonesian Tsunami Victims

On 20 October 2018, a delegation of Humanity First International visited affected areas following the devastating earthquake and tsunami last month

Surviving the Tsunami – A Personal Account

After performing my evening exercise at the park on Friday around 5:45pm, along with my daughter Dila and my sons Ahmad and Khadim, I rode home on my motorcycle

Humanity First Provides Aid for Indonesia Tsunami

The HF Indonesia 17-man team has continued to work very hard in a number of sectors. They have now been allocated a village Pombewe which is holding 5,000 displaced earthquake victims and will be providing hot meals twice a day for 1,000 people

Tsunami Strikes Again

The Sulawesi Island in Indonesia was struck by what geologists are calling a very unusual tsunami on 28 September 2018. Humanity First is accepting donations for their relief efforts in Indonesia. Readers are encouraged to visit the link...

Convocation at Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia

On Saturday, 1 September 2018, Jamia Ahmadiyya International Indonesia held a convocation ceremony for its Mubashirin class. 

Jamia Indonesia Sport Competition 2018

Saturday afternoon, on 1 September 2018, Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia held its annual sports event, namely Jamia Sport Competition 2018 (PORJAM). 

Second Semester Exams – Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia

From 30 June to 10 July 2018, Jamia Ahmadiyya International Indonesia held the second semester exam for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Annual Picnic Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia

On 13-15 May, Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia held an annual tarbiyat tour (picnic)

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