‘The recurring earthquakes continue to affirm him’: A glimpse into the Promised Messiah’s prophecies and Kangra earthquake of 1905

Ata-ul-Haye Nasir, Al Hakam
The Kangra Earthquake, 1905

Earthquake in Kangra and its devastation

119 years ago, a strong earthquake struck the Indian subcontinent, in accordance with a series of divine revelations vouchsafed by Allah the Almighty to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdias. The modern-day Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, and its surrounding areas saw great destruction as a result. The Promised Messiahas had received a series of revelations prior to this earthquake, warning of its occurrence. A glimpse of these revelations will be presented later in this article.

The earthquake measured 7.8 on the surface-wave magnitude scale and killed more than 20,000 people. As many as 100,000 buildings were reported to have been demolished by the earthquake. There was also major damage to the network of hillside watercourses that had provided water to the inhabitants.

A Hindu survivor narrated that “at 6 o’clock on Tuesday morning, after a cold and boisterous night, the mountain on which Dharmsala is built, and which has an altitude of 6,500 ft., rattled ominously, and soon afterwards the whole place heaved up and subsided. The Hindoo inhabitants fled from their huts to the open fields, and fell on their knees in prayer.

“A deafening and continuous roar, like the discharge of heavy guns, culminated in a terrible crash. The Hindoo saw a great gap open and swallow two houses. Then the barracks rose with the soil a distance of about 2 ft., and a second later fell in ruins. There were terrible cries from amid the wreckage, but these soon ceased. Many natives were killed by the falling bricks and stonework.” (The Advertiser of Adelaide, 10 April 1905, p. 5)

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Another news report stated:

“The news from Dharmsala as to the loss of life and the extent of the damage done there becomes more and more terrible every hour. The most shocking item of news is that no fewer than 400 men of the 7th Gurkha Regiment, and 20 men of the 1st Batt., and 50 men of the 2nd Batt. of the 1st Gurkha Regiment were buried alive, with no possible chance of their being rescued. […]

“Kangra Valley Devastated

“The Kangra Valley is believed to have been devastated. The town of Kangra is reported to have reduced to ruins, and the loss of life there to have been enormous. No confirmation of this is obtainable as the telegraph stations have been wrecked, and the consequent uncertainty is very distressing. […]

“Three Church Missionary Society representatives at Kangra Valley, namely, the Rev. H. F. Rowland, Mrs. Daeuble, and Miss M. Lorbeer, are reported to have been buried by the fall of the Kangra mission house. […]

“A private telegram received in Lahore reports that the whole of the town of Palampur has been levelled to the ground. Not a single house or Government building has been left standing. […]

“There is scarcely a single building in Mussoorie that is quite intact. Many houses have been abandoned, and the native population have deserted the bazaar. In Sialkot, not a single house escaped damage, and in Dalhousie several houses were wrecked.” (Portsmouth Evening News, 7 April 1905, p. 5)

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A Christian newspaper, Nur Afshan [English] of Ludhiana, wrote under the heading “The Earthquake”:

“Simla, April. 17.

“From information received this morning it appears that all the Government buildings and the majority of private buildings in Kulu have been severely damaged by the earthquake of the 4th instast. The town is in ruins, and it is estimated that more than two hundred lives have been lost. The roads also are said to be broken; telegraph communication is at a standstill, owing to the wires, etc., having been broken. It is also very difficult to get any information by post. A letter written on the 6th, and bearing the Kulu postmark of the 8th instant, was only delivered in Simla this morning, the 17th, after eight days. No news has been heard from the Banjar side as to what damage has been done there.

“The valley, from Dal Donher to Dharmsala and Mundi, is said to be in a state of rain. It is also reported that the course of the Beas river has been diverted.” (Nur Afshan [English], No. 16, Vol. IX, 21 April 1905, p. 1)

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It further wrote:

“What does this panorama of deadly calamity in India mean? First, millions died in the famine. Then the plague came and is now sweeping off thousands daily. And now earthquake, with its terrible mortality. Is not God using these agencies to arouse India from its lethargy of apathy and irreligion? May we not believe that He has been breaking up the follow-ground and that soon we shall receive the showers of divine grace to revive and to bring in the harvest of Life Eternal?” (Ibid., p. 2)

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The Advertiser of Adelaide wrote:

“A force of ghurkas had lately moved into the newly-completed British-built stone-barracks at Dharmsala. The building collapsed bodily, involving almost all the inmates in the ruins. The casualties were 138 killed and 186 injured persons are missing. […] The viceregal lodge at Simla has been declared unsafe, and Lady Curzon and her children have removed to houses within the grounds. Lady Curzon’s bedroom was badly damaged by the earthquake.” (The Advertiser, 10 April 1905, p. 5)

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Promised Messiah’sas revelations prior to Kangra earthquake

Following is a glimpse into the many revelations received by the Promised Messiahas prior to the Kangra earthquake.

In December 1903, Al Hakam published the following words of the Promised Messiahas, in regards to the latest revelation received on 19 December 1903:

“I saw in my dream that someone said:

زلزلہ کا ایک دھکا

“Meaning, ‘A shock of earthquake,’ but I did not perceive any earthquake. Neither the wall nor the house was shaking. Thereafter the revelation came:

اِنَّ اللہَ لَا یَضُرُّ۔ اِنَّ اللہَ مَعَ الَّذِیْنَ اتَّقَوْا وَالَّذِیْنَ ھُمْ مُّحْسِنُوْنَ۔ تَرٰی نَصْرًا مّنْ عِنْدِ اللہِ وَھُمْ یَعْمَھُوْنَ۔

“[Allah will cause no damage. Allah is with those who are righteous and who do their duty to the utmost. You will see help from Allah and they will continue to flounder.]” (Al Hakam, 17-24 December 1903, p. 15; Tadhkirah [English], p. 681)

In the Promised Messiah’sas Notebook of Revelations, the words are وَاِنَّھُمْ یَعْمَھُوْنَ, instead of وَھُمْ یَعْمَھُوْنَ.

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Then, on 8 June 1904, the Promised Messiahas received an Arabic revelation:

عَفَتِ الدِّیَارُ مَحَلُّھَا وَ مُقَامُھَا۔ اِنِّی اُحَافِظُ کُلَّ مَنْ فِی الدَّارِ۔ اَعْطَیْتُکَ کُلَّ النَّعِیْمِ۔

“Temporary residences and permanent ones will be wiped out. I shall safeguard all those who are in this house. I have bestowed upon you all bounties.” (Al Hakam, 10-17 June 1904, p. 10; Tadhkirah [English] p. 703)

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On 18 January 1905, the Promised Messiahas received another revelation. He himself states:

“Towards morning, I first saw [in my dream] that someone placed in my hand as much money as hand could hold and then I received the revelation:

اِنِّیْ مَعَ الرَّسُوْلِ اَقُوْمِ

“[I shall stand with My Messenger.]

“Then I woke up, but again went into a light slumber and I saw that someone was holding two closed envelopes which contained letters or some news, of which he handed over one to me. Thereafter, I received the revelation:

چَونکا دینے والی خبر

“[A shocking piece of news.]

“This was the morning time. It was 5am, and some minutes past that as well.” (Notebook of Revelations, p. 34; Al Hakam, 31 January 1905, p. 8; Tadhkirah [English], p. 715)

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On 27 February 1905, the Promised Messiahas had another revelation, about which he stated:

“I saw in a vision that a large number of grievous deaths had created an impression as if the Judgment Day had arrived and meanwhile I received the revelation:

مَوتا مَوتی لگ رہی ہے۔

“[There is death everywhere.]” (Al Hakam, 24 March 1905, p. 2; Tadhkirah [English], p. 720)

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On the same day, the Promised Messiahas published an ishtihar (announcement), and said:

“Friends! Arise and be ready for a time of great distress has come for this generation. There is no other ark, but that of taqwa that can take you to the shore. In times of trouble, the faithful one inclines to God, for besides Him there is no other security. Atone now for your sins by making yourselves truly humble and give a sacrifice of your own selves by annihilating yourselves in truth. […] Walk fast towards God with all your strength; and if you cannot do it, take yourselves to the gate of His will, though you do it limping and halting like a sick person; and even if this is not in your power, let charitable deeds bear you to that place like a corpse.

“These are days of great distress and the wrath of God has been kindled in the heavens. This is not the time when you can be saved by mere words of mouth and boasting of the tongue. Let such a transformation be wrought within you, and let your footsteps fall in such a path that your gracious and compassionate Master may be pleased with you. Make your corner of solitude a place for the remembrance of God. Remove the rust of impurities from your hearts and shun rancour, niggardliness and abuse. Before the time should come, which would make you mad, make yourselves like madmen with untiring and restless prayers.” (Majmu‘ah-e-Ishtiharat [2019], Vol. 3, pp. 344)

Then, on 19 March 1905, Huzooras received another revelation in Arabic, about which Huzooras said:

“I had an Arabic revelation, but I do not remember the exact words, however, its gist is:

مکذبوں کو نشان دکھایا جاویگا

“[The deniers would be shown a sign.]” (Al Hakam, 24 March 1905, p. 2; Tadhkirah [English], p. 724)

Then, on 3 April 1905, just a day before the Kangra earthquake, Huzooras received the following revelation:

موت دروازے پر کھڑی ہے۔

Meaning, “Death is standing at the door.” (Al Hakam, 10 April 1905, p. 12; Tadhkirah [English], p. 727)

Promised Messiah’sas ishtihar on 5 April 1905

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On 5 April 1905, the Promised Messiahas issued another ishtihar, titled “Ad-Da’wat” – The invitation, and wrote:

“O friends! Now ponder over the fact that is not this earthquake which took place in this country on the morning of 4 April 1905, the same sign which had already been foretold by God. Look, it was written in the books that solar and lunar eclipses would occur during the time of  the Promised Mahdi. Moreover, in the Gospel of Christians itself, it was written in relation to the Promised Messiah that in the time of the Messiah there would be an epidemic, i.e., plague, kings would attack one another, and severe earthquakes would occur. Hence, you have witnessed these signs with your own eyes. So now, when all signs have been fulfilled and I am the claimant of both of these titles, who has been present among you for the last 25 years, so now who are you waiting for after me? The recipient of all these signs is the one who is present at the time of the fulfilment of thesis signs.” (Majmu‘ah-e-Ishtiharat [2019], Vol. 3, p. 349)

Al Hakam article and the “Indian Newspaper Reports

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Al Hakam published an article in its 10 April 1905 issue, which mentioned two ishtiharat of the Promised Messiahas, including the one being quoted above, and stated the details of this great sign manifested by God Almighty in favour of the Promised Messiahas, in light of the multiple revelations received by him. The Al Hakam article mentioned many of those revelations and shed light on the magnificence of this prophecy and its fulfilment.

The Indian Newspaper Reports consist of abstracts taken from Anglo-Indian and Vernacular newspapers for the various different regions of India. The reports were completed weekly and consist of typewritten abstracts of the contents of Indian newspapers, with some extracts.

The “Indian Newspaper Reports” mentioned the above-referenced issue of Al Hakam and wrote under the heading “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the Recent Earthquake”:

Al Hakam 1905

“The Al Hakam (Qadian), of the 10th April 1905, endeavours to prove that the recent earthquake was a great sign in support of the claims of the Promised Messiah and Mehdi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad[as]. The indignities heaped on him have incensed God and the Angels, and people had better cease their opposition to him (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad).

“The same paper publishes two communications from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad[as], who refers to the havoc wrought by the earthquake, and states that on the night of the 7th instant, he received a revelation to the effect that God would manifest yet another sign and raise a fearful commotion. He has not been told whether this commotion refers to an earthquake or some other calamity, nor can he say when the catastrophe is to overtake mankind. But whether it happens soon or a long time hence, it will be more terrible than that which was witnessed on the 4th instant, and which was foretold by him more than once. The object with which God is about to manifest the sign is to make mankind give up their evil ways and accept his messenger, i.e., the writer.” (Indian Newspaper Reports, c1868-1942, Part 8, Vol. 18, No. 15, pp. 96-97)

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The revelation which was received on the night of 7 April 1905, has been mentioned by the Promised Messiahas in his ishtihar (announcement) dated 8 April 1905, titled “Al-Inzaar”. (Majmu‘ah-e-Ishtiharat [2019], Vol. 3, pp. 352)


Another ishtihar on 18 April 1905

Then, on 18 April 1905, Huzooras issued another ishtihar, which included an Urdu poem as well. One of the couplets of that poem is as follows:

زلزلہ سے دیکھتا ہوں مَیں زمیں زیر و زبر

وقت اب نزدیک ہے آیا کھڑا سیلاب ہے

“I see the earth with quakes in heaves and throws; The time is nigh, the Flood is about to come.” (Majmu‘ah-e-Ishtiharat [2019], Vol. 3, p. 355)

Paisa Akhbar’s articles

The Indian News Reports quoted an issue of the Paisa Akhbar of Lahore, dated 11 April 1905, which mocked the Promised Messiah’sas prophecies and claims — as has been the case with the prophecies of all prophets of Allah — and wrote indecent comments. It commented that the recent earthquake and the prevalent plague in the country had no connection with the Promised Messiah’sas prophecies. (Indian Newspaper Reports, c1868-1942, Part 8, p. 97)

Al Hakam 1905 1

Al Hakam published an article on 10 May 1905, titled “Zalzala ki Peshgoie aur Paisa Akhbar” – the prophecy regarding earthquake and the Paisa Akhbar — and gave a detailed response to a note published by the Paisa Akhbar on 1 May 1905 wherein it demanded that “The act of making prophecies about earthquakes should be declared a crime.” (Al Hakam, 10 May 1905, pp. 6-7)

Earthquake 1

Promised Messiah’sas poem in Paisa Akhbar

Interestingly, about a year later, the same Paisa Akhbar, dated 31 March 1906, published a fresh poem of the Promised Messiahas in which he prophesied about more calamities and earthquakes that were to befall this world due to the rejection and opposition to the God’s appointee, i.e., Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdias. The Paisa Akhbar published this poem along with a photograph of the Promised Messiahas and wrote the following note under the heading “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib Qadiani ki Zalzala ki Peshangoie” — Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib Qadiani’s prophecy about the earthquake:

Paisa Akhbar 1
Paisa Akhbar of Lahore, 31 March 1906

“Mirza Sahib, who is a claimant of being the Promised Messiah, has written a new poem concerning the prophecy about the earthquake, which has not yet been published. The Paisa Akhbar does not agree with Mirza Sahib’s prophecy about the earthquake. Mirza Sahib’s photograph and his signatures are also being published. — Editor Paisa Akhbar Lahore.”  (Paisa Akhbar, 31 March 1906, p. 16)

The first couplet of the poem is as follows:

پھر چلے آتے ہیں یارو زلزلہ آنے کے دن

زلزلہ کیا اس جہاں سے کوچ کر جانے کے دن

“The days of quakes, O friends, are upon us again; Not only of quakes, but also of departing from this world.” (Durr-e-Sameen [with glossary], p. 112)

An article by Nur-i-Afshan [Urdu] of Ludhiana

On 26 May 1905, the Nur-i-Afshan [Urdu] of Ludhiana published an article, titled “Plague, Zalzala, Anti-Christ” – Plague, earthquake, Antichrist.

Courtesy of The Ewing Memorial Library Online Repository

The author used vile language against the Promised Messiahas, however, he acknowledged the fact that all these calamities were the signs of the Latter Days and divine means for a lesson and warning to mankind.

This is what the Promised Messiahas had been telling the world for a long time and calling them to the One God.

The article of Nur-i-Afshan stated:

“God Almighty has set various means to warn and caution mankind, which includes war, famine, epidemic, earthquake, etc., In this era, all these happenings seem to be under the command of the Jealous God. How huge was the destruction through famine, war is devastating two countries at the moment, Russia and Japan are under the wrath of God’s ‘sword’, plague has been carrying out its devastation in the country for many years now. Who is there who could hold the Hand of God and say, ‘What are you doing?’ These signs have been destined by God for the Latter-Days.” (Nur-i-Afshan [Urdu], 26 May 1905, p. 9)

Prophecies about earthquakes mentioned in The Will

In his book, Al-Wasiyyat (The Will), the Promised Messiahas stated:

Al Wasiyyat

“The knowledge that I have been granted about the calamities is none other than that death will run rampant on all sides, that earthquakes of such severity will occur as will provide a foretaste of the Day of Judgement. The earth will be turned upside down and the lives of many will become agonizingly distressing. Then, those who repent and forsake sin, to them Allah will show mercy. As all the Prophetsas had prophesied about this age, it was inevitable that all this should have come to pass. But those who set their hearts aright and follow the ways favoured by God shall have no fear or grief.

“Addressing me God Almighty said:

تو میری طرف سے نذیر ہے میں نے تجھے بھیجا تا مجرم نیکو کاروں سے الگ کئے جائیں

“[You are a warner on my behalf. I have sent you so that the guilty ones be separated from the righteous.]

“And stated:

دنیا میں ایک نذیر آیا پر دنیا نے اُس کو قبول نہ کیا۔ لیکن خدا اسے قبول کرے گا اور بڑے زور آور حملوں سے اُس کی سچائی ظاہر کردے گا۔ میں تجھے اسقدر برکت دونگا کہ بادشاہ تیرے کپڑوں سے برکت ڈھونڈیں گے۔

“[A Warner came unto the world, but the world accepted him not; yet God shall accept him and demonstrate his truthfulness with mighty assaults. I shall bless thee, so much so that kings shall seek blessings from thy garments.]

“And God informed me of another impending earthquake which would be of utmost severity and said:

پھر بہار آئی خدا کی بات پھر پوری ہوئی

“[Again the spring came and again the Word of God was fulfilled.]

“Thus another massive earthquake is bound to occur, but the righteous are safe from it. Be righteous, therefore, and fear God so that you may be saved. Fear God today that you may remain safe from the fear of that Day. It is inevitable for the heaven to show some sign and for the earth to do likewise. But those who fear God shall be saved. God’s Word informs me that many calamities will occur and many disasters will descend on the earth—some during my lifetime and some after I have gone. […]

“Look! I proclaim aloud that God’s Signs have not yet been exhausted. After the sign of that first earthquake which struck on 4th April, 1905—about which a warning was given a long time before its occurrence—God has again informed me that another severe earthquake will strike in the spring season. Those will be the days of spring. I do not know whether the earthquake will strike in the beginning when trees come into leaf or in the middle, or whether it will strike in the last days of spring. Note that the words of Divine revelation are:

پھر بہار آئی خدا کی بات پھر پوری ہوئی

“Because the first earthquake struck in spring, God informed me that the second earthquake, too, shall strike in spring. And as some trees begin to put out new leaves at the end of January, so from this very month will begin the days of fear and will probably last till the end of May.” (The Will [Al-Wasiyyat], pp. 3-4 and 19-20)

Courtesy of Pxhere

The Spring

On 1 February 1906, the Promised Messiahas received the following  revelation:

تَتْبَعُھَا الرّادِفَۃُ

پھر بہار آئی خدا کی بات پھر پوری ہوئی

“It will be followed by that which follows.”

“Again the spring came and again the Word of God was fulfilled.” (Notebook of Revelations, p. 56; Tadhkirah [English], p. 818)

On the same day, Huzooras received the following revelation:

۵٢ فروری ٦٠٩١ کے بعد جانا ہوگا

“The going will be after 25 February 1906.” (Ibid.)

Then, on 3 February 1906, Huzooras received another revelation, about which he stated:

“[At] about 3 a.m. there were peals of thunder and I received the revelation:

اُٹھو نمازیں پڑھیں اور قیامت کا نمونہ دیکھیں

“[Get up. Let us observe Prayers and witness an example of the Judgment Day.]” (Ibid.; Ibid., p. 819; Al Hakam, 10 February 1906, p. 11)

Notebook 1
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‘Earthquake Prophecies’

On 28 February 1906, a strong earthquake struck India once again. The Civil and Military Gazette published a letter of some Muhammad Sharif from Amritsar, under the heading “Earthquake Prophecies”, which stated:

“I happened to come across a short note in your paper of the 13th instant in which it was written that the recent earthquake of 28th February [1906] was equal in force to that of 4th April 1905. Reading that, I have been stirred up by the true Moslem spirit of philanthropy to say a few lines concerning it, which I hope will find a place in your columns.

“Nearly one month before the earthquake of 4th April, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib[as] of Qadian notified in a handbill that after a short time, the houses and buildings were destined to fall down in ruin and that death was to play a havoc in the lives of men. The terrible disaster of 4th April justified the prediction. Shortly after this calamitous event, the Mirza Sahib foretold about many other grand earthquakes that were to visit the world, as he published, in the next spring time. The extraordinary destruction and loss of lives and properties in Italy, Columbia and Ecuador, is sufficient to prove the truth of his foretellings. But it was published in the Badr of 2nd February that the Mirza Sahib saw in a vision a severe earthquake but not doing any damage and along with that he was given a revealed order by God in the words ‘You shall have to go out after the 25th of February,’ [Tadhkirah (English), p. 817] so this order resulted in the earthquake of 28th February by which he was compelled to go out in some safe cottage or tent. Again, in the last week, he has been repeatedly revealed, as he says, that an earthquake stronger in force than the previous one would visit the land. Considering these points I request to my readers that one who has been tested many times,, must be trusted in even now and that everyone should manage in time to leave lofty buildings for some peaceful one-storied katcha houses or tents.” (The Civil and Military Gazette, 22 March 1906, p. 6)

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Later on, the Promised Messiahas mentioned this earthquake in his ishtihar, dated 2 March 1906, titled “Zalzala ki Peshgoie” — Prophecy about an earthquake. (Majmu‘ah-e-Ishtiharat [2019], Vol. 3, pp. 378-380)

Another ishtihar comprising a poem


On 9 March 1906, Hazrat Ahmadas published another ishtihar, comprising a poem — warning of the more devastating calamities which were to befall the world due to the people going away from their Creator. The poem began as follows:

دوستو جاگو کہ اب پھر زلزلہ آنے کو ہے

پھر خدا قدرت کو اپنی جلد دکھلانے کو ہے

وہ جو ماہِ فروری میں تم نے دیکھا زلزلہ

تم یقیں سمجھو کہ وہ اِک زجر سمجھانے کو ہے

“Rouse yourselves friends, for another earthquake is in sight; God is again going to manifest His power and His might. Be sure that the earthquake you witnessed in February was a mere jolt to warn and to make you wary.” (Ibid., p. 381; Fountain of Christianity [Chashma-e-Masihi], p. 1)

‘Secret designs of the wrath of God’

The Register of Adelaide, Australia, wrote under the title “A Mohammedan Prophet”:

“Ahmad[as] puts other prophecies to his credit – punishment by earthquake and plague. ‘Thou, O Europe, are not safe, nor thou, O Asia! And ye that dwell in islands; no self-made deity will assist you in that day. I see cities falling down, and I find inhabited places in ruin.’ Ahmad[as] asserts that the result of his predictions are such as to ‘distinguish the true messenger of God from a false claimant.’” (The Register, 3 June 1907, p. 6)

Screenshot 20240405 195317 Samsung Internet scaled

The Millom Gazette of England wrote under the title “From the Mysterious East”:

“The latest claim is on behalf of a Moslem prophet named Ghulam Mirza Ahmad[as], who (we gather from some mysterious literature forwarded to us from India, says ‘The Star,’ by the gentleman’s son and successor, Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad[ra]) flourished about 25 years ago. (At least, we hope he flourished; he was an exceptional prophet if he didn’t). He called himself the Promised Messiah, founded the Ahmadiyya Movement, Quadian.”

The newspaper then quoted the following excerpt from the writings of the Promised Messiahas:

“The days are near, nay, they are at the door, when the world shall see an unparalleled scene of devastation. Not only will great earthquakes come, but other calamities from heaven and earth will also visit the earth. […] Thou, O Europe! Art not safe, nor thou, O Asia! And ye that dwell in islands! No self-made deity will assist you on that day. I see cities falling down and I find inhabited places in ruin.” (Haqiqatul Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 22, pp. 268-269)

It further wote:

“Ahmad[as] added that ‘had I not come, these calamities would have been put off for a while, but with my appearance, the secret designs of the wrath of God have been made manifest.’ [Ibid., p. 268].” (The Millom Gazette, 20 November 1914, p. 6)

Screenshot 20240405 195344 Samsung Internet scaled

Recent earthquakes in Taiwan and the USA

During the past century, the world has witnessed several devastating earthquakes, and just recently, Taiwan and the USA were also hit with significantly strong earthquakes on 3 and 5 April 2024, respectively. 

Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra, in one of his poems about the Promised Messiahas and signs manifested for him, states:

یہ زلزلہ بار بار آکے، اُسی کی تصدیق کر رہا ہے

“The recurring earthquakes continue to affirm him.”

He further states:

خدا نے لاکھوں نشاں دکھائے، نہ پھر بھی ایمان لوگ لائے

عذاب کے منتظر ہیں ہائے، نہیں جو بد بختی یہ تو کیا ہے

“God has manifested hundreds of thousands signs, but even then the people did not accept him; They are awaiting the wrath, alas, if it is not unfortunate, then what else is it?” (Kalam-e-Mahmud [with glossary], p. 28)

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