Humanity First expands humanitarian work in Ivory Coast 

Abdul Noor, Missionary, Ivory Coast

Humanity First is working on several humanitarian projects in Ivory Coast, including the provision of necessities of life, education and medical facilities, including holding free medical camps. 

As part of the humanitarian efforts, Humanity First has constructed a new hospital with state-of-the-art medical facilities in Abidjan and primary schools, milling machines and water pumps.

In 2022, Humanity First International elected a new country head for Ivory Coast. After being elected, Sabahat Ahmed Sahib visited Ivory Coast for the first time with Ruhanullah Cheema Sahib, a volunteer of Humanity First UK Logistics department. 

After meeting amir and missionary-in-charge of Jamaat Ivory Coast, they visited different districts and inspected the work Humanity First has done there. They were accompanied by the president of Humanity First Ivory Coast, Yaya Ouattara Sahib. 

The visited areas included three primary schools built by Humanity First in San Pedro, Zouan-Houein, Kablan Ahissikro, where they met with the students and parents as well as the school administration and the regional missionaries of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Ivory Coast. 

The team also visited a village in the region of Gagnoa named Djedjedigbepa to inspect a milling machine installed by Humanity First. The visit also included meetings with various officials. At one point during the visit, the Humanity First team was unable to drive for 9 kilometres while towards Kablan-Ahissikro primary school, due to this, motorcycles were used.  

At the end of the visit, Sabahat Ahmed Sahib also held meetings with the team of Humanity First Ivory Coast, in which the work done by Humanity First was discussed as well as plans of action.

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