Humanity First International visits Ivory Coast

Shahid Ahmed, Regional Missionary Ivory-Coast

Humanity First International announced its plans to build a hospital in the economic capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan, at the site owned by the Jamaat named Mahdiabad. A plot was allocated for this purpose and the foundation stone of this hospital, called the “Masroor Centre for Healthcare”, was officially laid on 27 November 2021. As Humanity First International plans to inaugurate the hospital by 2024, the construction work is going very swiftly.

On 16 February 2023, Ahmad Yahya Sahib, the Chairman of Humanity First International, visited Ivory Coast for a four-day tour. The primary purpose of the visit was to inspect the construction site and see the progress of the hospital project. Dr Shabir Ahmad Bhatti Sahib, the Vice Chairman of Humanity First International, accompanied him on the trip.

During their brief stay in Ivory Coast, the team had some official meetings. So, on the very next day of the site inspection, the team had a meeting with the honourable Mrs Catherine Brooker, the British ambassador in Ivory Coast. This delegation also included Abdoul Quyyom Pasha Sahib, the Amir and missionary-in-charge of the Ivory Coast. The ambassador was told about the global services rendered to mankind by Humanity First. Furthermore, she was informed about the ongoing hospital project in Abidjan. Not only did she appreciate it, but she was also willing to help in every possible way and promised to visit the construction site as well.

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The very next day, the team had a meeting with the honourable Mr Adama Bictogo, President of the Ivoirian National Assembly. Yahya Ouattara Sahib, president of Humanity First Ivory Coast, was also present. Humanity First was briefly introduced to the president of the National Assembly. He appreciated the work done by the organisation all around the world and in Ivory Coast.

Towards the end of his tour, the Chairman of Humanity First International held a meeting with the team in Ivory Coast during which he got a briefing on what is being done in Ivory Coast by Humanity First, which includes free medical camps, installation of water pumps and the establishment of primary schools, etc.

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