Changing minds: News media and cinema

Ali Raza, Ahmadiyya ARC, London The first thing that comes to mind after reading or hearing the word media is “news”. The news that we see and...

Climate of Protests

During the week, news reports could be heard and read regarding the rising challenge of religious intolerance and the associated extremism, the latter being a natural consequence. Such conditions, wherever they exist, are an outcome of prejudice, bias and vested interests for religious freedom and democracy are very closely connected, both fortifying one another.

Tears in News – Reviewing the Week

Last week saw a great deal of tears being shed on news channels; some of pain, some of sorrow and some through force

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V Launches Al Hakam

Huzoor a.a. launched the website and app through the web and the website immediately went live around the globe. Huzoor scrolled through the homepage and stated the words, “Allah Mubarak Karey” [May Allah shower His blessings].

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