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    Pursuing excellence: Ahmadi researchers discuss world-class traits in research

    Mussawar Ahmad, AMRA, UK What defines a world class researcher? What are the traits of a world class scientist? And perhaps more importantly, what distinguishes...

    The pandemic still exists – Islam teaches caution

    Albeit somewhat nervously, schools have been given the green light to open in England while the coronavirus is still at large. The “goddess” of...

    Professor Abdus Salam – KBE FRS

    There has been much written about my father, Professor Abdus Salam, so rather than simply repeat much of that, I thought it may be interesting to narrate some of the private moments of my father for those who did not know him or meet him, may not have heard about and may give the reader more insight into the character of Abdus Salam.



    Al Hakam – 26 February 2021