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Our Ijtemas
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Ahmadiyyat, Ijtemas

The Jamaat’s calendar, which is now turning into a global calendar for a global community, usually has two main highlights in the summer season: Jalsa Salana UK and Jalsa Salana Germany. 

Sole Spokesman of Islam
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Ahmadiyyat, islam

Jalsa Salana UK – for its character of being the Markazi Jalsa – is undoubtedly seen as the highlight of the global calendar of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. But over time, Jalsa Salana Germany has developed into an event of similar importance by, first and foremost, the blessed presence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih a.a.

Out Damned Spot!
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Ahmadiyyat, islam

Change is probably the one thing that consistently happens to Pakistan. The tragedy is that amidst all this rapid change at the periphery, the core of the society never seems to change – never for the better at least. Minority rights top the list of the insecurities that have existed in Pakistan for the last four decades.

Hajj: Symbol of Muslim Unity
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Ahmadiyyat, Hajj

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims flocking to Mecca in the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah to collectively perform circumambulations of the Ka‘bah and other rites in congregation, makes a sight that indicates the vastness of the Muslim world.

As the Jalsa Salana UK preparations were at their high-noon, Pakistan was struggling with another general election.

Is Jalsa Over?
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Ahmadiyyat, Jalsa Salana

Jalsa Salana UK 2018 is now over.

The Al Hakam team has spent the past few months working on the Jalsa Salana UK Special issue; the issue you are now reading... It has been a faith-inspiring journey.

Although the modern world has chosen to neglect religion and take it out of the wider, social collective-psychology of the human race, religion has managed to keep its place at the top of social and political affairs of our global-village; just as God always holds the pivotal position in the arguments of an atheist trying to negate His very existence.

The influx of refugees fleeing war-torn homelands and making their way into Europe is one of the major concerns of European countries.

The Right Choice?
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Ahmadiyyat, islam

Indonesia is said to be coming up with some ridiculous ideas in terms of its law-making ventures.