100 Years Ago… – A message to the Turks, poems by new converts, and why Mrs Rahatullah converted to Islam

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

At the request of Muftizada, Ali Riza Ahmadi, who is going back to his native country, Asia Minor, the following message has been sent to the Turks in Anatolia:


1. Turn to Allah and follow His Sacred Book Al-Quran and the path laid down by the Master Prophet Muhammad[sa] and you will be successful in all your undertakings.

2. Continue your defence against the usurpers with faith in Allah and help from God and victory is near.

3. Never trust in the friendship of the enemies of God and His Prophet, always remain prepared to defend yourself.

4. Live a pure Muslim life obeying God and sympathizing with all His people to whatever nation, colour or creed they belong.

5. Give the message of Islam to all near and far as this is the way to gain His will, help God and His Prophet and they will help you.

6. Join the fold of the Ahmadiyya Movement, established by God to help the cause of Islam in these latter days.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Mubashshir [missionary] in America. 4448 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 1 September 1922. […]

Listen to what the leader says

Extracts from the sermons, writings and table-talk of His Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, the second successor to the Promised Messiah[as] and the present head of the Ahmadiyya Community, established under the Divine Authority to unite all under the one banner of Islam, and utter obedience to Allah, the One. [Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra said]:

“Is not Islam the only religion in the world which thirteen hundred years ago, in the prevailing darkness of the seventh-century society, laid the foundation of a new social order the like of which has not been imagined by the most advanced thinkers of the twentieth century?” 

“Islam holds up before humanity such a high ideal of life, the adoption of which would save them from all sorrows and enable them to lead a heavenly life on this earth.”

“God has assigned it as a duty of the Muslims that they should carry the message of Islam to all the corners of the earth.”

“Know it for certain, that Islam contains within itself a most powerful force of attraction and the decree has been passed by God that He will spread it all over the world and to this end, He has already sent to the world His accredited Messenger.”

“Islam is God’s appointed religion and the Holy Quran is His word. It is therefore impossible that Islam will be destroyed by the weak hands of men, especially of such men who believe a weak mortal to be their God and prostrate themselves in worship before him. In reality, all these mischances are due to the Muslims’ neglect of Islam.”

“The most important fact relative to the advent of Islam, is the significance embodied therein that it marks the opening up by God of new doors of spiritual advancement, and that consequently, the human race as a whole must continue converging toward this focal point till ultimately it comes to be merged in one single brotherhood worshipping the one true God. And this constitutes the end of human life.”

“God raised one Prophet (the Master Prophet Muhammadsa) for all.” “One common college has been thrown open for all mankind.”

“Man was not created without purpose. Religious quarrels arise because men depart from religion. Religion is very needful because, without it, man cannot fulfil his purpose. Matter develops into spirit and spirit into eternal life. Heaven is for those who develop Divine love. Hell is the painful process of cleaning the spirit of the dross of matter. Ultimate salvation for all – that is the purpose of human life.”

“The world has seen many prophets, for all of whom we entertain the highest regard. We [pray to God to] bless them because they were beloved ones of God, and hence also beloved of us. God granted them honour, so we honour them, though we may not know their individual names. The Holy Quran speaks about them generally.”

“But in spite of this admission we entertain, the opinion that Muhammad[sa] was the foremost and the leader of all great men, who ever lived, whether Nabis [Prophets] or non-Nabis, whether Rasuls [Messengers] or non-Rasuls, living in any country or speaking in any tongue.”

At the feet of the master

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, sitting at the feet of the Prophet Ahmad[as], the Promised Messiah and Mahdi. The Prophet is mentioned as the “Righteous” from the East in the Bible (Isiah 41:2), [“Who raised up the righteous man from the east”]. And again, his disciple sent to America is named “Sadiq,” which is the Arabic and Hebrew word for “Righteous.”

Promised Messiah

[Introduction of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib]

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq – Born at Bhera, 13 January 1872; father’s name, Mufti Inayatullah; mother’s name, Faiz Bibi (May Allah bless their souls); educated in Government High School of Bhera; married Imam Bibi (1889); sons Muhammad Manzur (1895), Abdus Salaam (1899), Abdul Momin (1909), and daughter Saeeda (1906); initiated into the Ahmadiyya Movement in winter 1890-91; teacher Islamia High School, 1895; clerk, accountant, general’s office, 1896; teacher Qadian High School, 1901; superintendent Talim-ul-Islam College, Qadian, 1903; editor Badr Weekly, 1905-1913; Ahmadi lecturer in India, 1914-1916; Ahmadi missionary in London, 1917-1919; First Ahmadi Muslim missionary to America, 1920; member of Royal Asiatic Society; Associate of Societie Internationale Philologie, Sciences et Beau Arts; fellow of the College of Physiology; fellow of the College of Chromatics (London); Doctor of Literature (LJ University, Chicago); Doctor of Divinity (Metaph. Dis. Coll., St. Louis); Doctor of Oriental Sciences (Or. Univ., Washington); Doctor of Law (Oskaloosa College); member of the Press Congress of the world. […]


Verily the religion which gives a true knowledge of God and directs in the most excellent way of His worship is Islam. (The Teachings of Islam)

Mrs Mustapha Thaha (Rahatullah) 

Author of The Power of TruthThe Secret Camp of the KingA Mother’s DreamMy Three VisionsTransitionSmokeBeautiful Islam; philosophic and religious articles; and articles on psychology.

Islam my saviour [By Mrs Mustapha Thaha]

Without knowledge, without purpose, was I wandering here and there, 

Tossed about by endless, restless twirling winds

And my soul was devastated as a country made most bare, 

And my heart was heavy-laden from the struggles of the mind.

At last, I sought for God I knew not where

But the yearning in my heart in anguish cried aloud; 

Islam heard my prayer and before my eyes presented a jewel rare; T’was the beauty in her worship as the head was lowly bowed. 

My Eyes were quickly opened to her knowledge and her power, 

For Islam is a living faith, her truth can never die 

And now my soul is at peace within her sacred flowers 

Which are the blessed Ahmadis whose fragrant perfume extends into the sky. 


[Why Mrs Rahatullah converted to Islam?]

The good Mufti has requested me to write a short synopsis of my life and why I became a Muslim.

I was born in the state of Indiana, United States of America, on a beautiful farm where the trees and flowers welcomed me into this world. I had a twin sister who died at birth. My mother, a beautiful soul, passed away at the age of 23. Her last words were, that she was willing to go, if she but knew her little girl would grow up to be a good woman. My father looked after my welfare and placed me in the hands of my grand-parents, until I had reached the age of 10 years; he then married again, and I was taken to his home. My life was a lonely one, always craving for something I knew not what.

I married at the age of 15, a darling baby boy was born to me, he is now living and his name (Basheer). He is at the Ahmadiyya headquarters. My marriage was not a success. I was still longing for that something I knew not what.

I travelled a great deal from coast to coast. I studied music later on. I entered the college in San Francisco, taking up the study of elocution, literature and oratory. I plunged into all sorts of studies and read books of every description. My mind was on fire, I began to realize it was knowledge I was craving. The sufferings I have passed through that I might learn are better untold.

I first found Islam through the sufi path. Its beauties were presented to me through the sufi poets. I have always loved the beautiful, and I longed to find the beautiful in everything in life. It was in 1910 that I first began to see Islam’s light, not in a very serious way, I was only [exploring], but I read and prayed and worked.

A glorious teacher of light came into my life in 1915, the late Sheik Mohammad Majid Gilani, who had been sent to the Philippine Islands by the Sultan of Turkey. He lifted me far above this world, so it seemed to me, but just in the midst of my exaltation, Allah called him away from this world. He died on 6 May 1916 in Richmond, Va. In one letter he said to me: “Your salvation now depends upon your actions towards those who see the light of faith through you.” May Allah shower his blessings upon his soul. I lived only for him after his departure for over two years, then a dear soul was sent to lift my soul again. It was our Mufti Dr MM Sadiq. I felt his kindness and his mercy. I knew he was a friend, a master and a saviour.

I joined his movement and assisted him in his work. He has shown me the true path, the path which knows no failure. The submission to one God, the only power which never fails and which never dies. I am happy to be an Ahmadi. I have worried at times, but I now find it is the only path for me. He has given me a noble, pure-minded man for a husband. We were joined in holy wedlock on 6 February 1922 in Highland Park, Mich. He is an Arabian, born near Damascus in Syria; his name is Mustapha Thaha and may God give him the power to become a leader among the people. 

1 September 1922. (Rahatullah) Mrs Mustapha Thaha.

Light after darkness

A poem that was written by our dear sister, Mrs Zaineb Eldeen, who has passed to rest with Allah, now sent for The Moslem Sunrise by Mrs Gemela Restum, sallamahallah:

My heart was filled with discontent, 

My days were all in sorrow spent, 

What the trouble was I did not know. 

But life seemed predestined to only


Discontent and trouble and care, 

God seemed far away – far and high. 

Then I read of the sorrow all the prophets did share,

And I deemed it poor spirit to cry.

Then my words so fraught with sorrow, full of pain,

With heartache and hopelessness too, 

Were lightened with hope and a faith old yet new,

That God would forgive me again.

So I asked for a light for my pathway, 

For my soul a healing balm,

And Allah who owns the universe, 

Told me of the Islam.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, October 1922)

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