100 Years Ago… – A poem by Rahatullah Mustafa Thaha (Mrs Garber), a message regarding Islam and expressions of appreciation


The Moslem Sunrise, July 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

My Allah is calling me

I hear my Allah calling me.

Stand aside Oh crowd that I may flee, 

Leaving behind all vain discourse. 

Stop not my light to yonder source.

My Allah is calling me, 

Far, far beyond the dark sea; 

Ye who would stop my flight, 

Must perish or end the strife.

I hear my Allah calling me. 

And at His call I bend my knee, 

Imploring Him to lead me safely to His home, 

Freeing me forever from those who roam.

My Allah is calling me, 

And I must leave my friends and be 

Forever faithful to the call, 

Lest into chaos I shall fall.

I hear my Allah calling me.

His illumined light my soul doth see. 

From the darkened night my soul shall fly, 

Do not ask me when or why.

Come, come. O child of God.

Free thyself from the withered sod; 

Drop forever the troubled load; 

Lift thy soul to my abode. 

Rahatullah Mustafa Thaha (Mrs Garber) […]

Old photo of North Wabash Ave from Adams Street, Chicago. A few miles south of this road is where Hazrat Mufti Sahibra built one of America’s first mosques | Wiki Commons

A message regarding Islam

To whom it may concern. Salaams (or salutation to all),

Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, a well-known theologian and [a] missionary of Islam connected with the Ahmadia Movement, is now amongst you. If you have not seen or heard him, just drop a letter to him asking for some literature or information about his mission and you are sure to get a reply from him. His very printed letterheading will give you an impression of what he is and for what he stands. You will find a neat little block of his photo printed at the corner which will tell its own tale. The face is the index of character and so for a physiognomist it will speak volumes of the latent light which he carries in his person.

In the beginning, you will find the greeting of “As-Salam-o-Alaikum”, i.e., peace be upon you, one and all. This is one of the commandments of Islam. Peace includes all sorts of peace, peace of mind, peace of body, peace of individuals and of nations. Peace, as you know, is such an important thing that it may be called the very desideratum of human life. Peace is self-protection or self-defense and if you go a little further you will find peace an absolute or the biological necessity for the development of the whole world. You have made Peace Societies in America to espouse its cause, but the Mufti will tell you that this peace is the best watchword and the only form of salutation in Islam and far superior to all known forms of salutes including the time-indicating “Good Morning,” “Good Evening,” “Good Night,” and so on. The Mufti will tell you that he preaches no new religion but the one and same which all prophets professed from Adam to our Lord Muhammad, peace be with his soul. 

Islam is the only religion on Earth which verifies the divine mission of all the prophets, for instance – Moses the Lawgiver, Abraham the Patriarch, Jesus Christ, etc. According to Islam all of them were Moslems and all proclaimed throughout the Unity of God which is a sine qua non in Islam. As there is a process of slow but constant construction and destruction in all earthly things; and old order changes giving place to new, it is but natural that laws pertaining to religion may also be revised, consolidated, amended and repealed from time to time just as our man-made laws are subject to periodical changes to meet the requirements of the time. As in earthly laws, the basic principle remains intact: say, for instance, the constitution or the form of government; so the fundamental principle of a religion such as in Islam is the Unity of God remains unaltered. Methods may differ but the aim is always one and the same.

Islam is not a self-made religion but it claims to be as old as the world itself. Even the angels above proclaim and profess Islam and nothing else. Islam has stood the test of all countries and it spread into India, China and elsewhere by meek and humble Moslems and never by government aid or through the influence of wealthy missionaries. Islam does its work automatically once it is introduced properly. The diamond, while buried in the earth, was apparently of no more value than a common stone. It was when it was brought out from the mines and polished and cut and put in a position to catch the rays of light so that it could be shown off at its true worth that it was fully appreciated. It is just so with Islam. The Mufti represents Islam and the rays of light are reflected by his journal The Moslem Sunrise (4448 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill., USA).

Islam is the only religion on earth that can stand the strictest test of science. It has nothing to recast or reshape like other religions to make it science-proof. Islam is the only cure for materialism which has sprung up owing to the conflict between science and religion. Every word of Koran bears the scientific truth hitherto known to man and if anybody who knows the modern science reads it carefully, he will find copious matter in it to testify that only God can thus reveal such scientific truths and nobody else. It is not the place to give or quote verses now. I quote here however, a few of many virtues of Islam just to convince those who have not known Islam through original sources. Just look at the prohibition of drinking in the United States by law. Islam has had this law since the 13th century and a little more. Gambling is equally prohibited by Islam and the day is not distant when the characteristic features of Islam will be adopted by all civilized governments. The Ahmadia Movement in Islam was the first to congratulate America on its prohibition of drinking and I believe through Mufti Saheb who was then in England.

Islam is an ideal religion and is such as no human mind can invent a better. It has every virtue of Socialism. Islam preaches equality and brotherhood. It does not favor in the least color, race or creed distinctions. Islam is a cosmopolitan religion and can make its home everywhere. It is as pleasing to the princes as it is to the hewers of wood and carriers of water. Verily Islam is the source of happiness in this world and after. All its religious observances aim toward the health and happiness of its followers. Islam never expects you to look at the world with disdain and do penances or suffer hardships or any unnatural thing. It has no forced dogmas or any mysterious thing. It is a plain, simple and naked truth. 

It is true that our Mufti is not backed by huge funds or magnates and plutocrats and must be living plainly therefore, not in the palatial or skyscraper buildings, and hence would not be in a position to spend lavishly on his propaganda. But you must realize this fact, that all great achievements in the domain of science or religion were only made by plain livers and high thinkers. The day is not distant when Islam will count in America in its fold many worthy sons of America. Islam never tells you to reject the prophethood of Jesus Christ. Islam is a Monotheism and says he was not the son of God but the son of Mary. Islam rejects trinity which is undoubtedly a man-made theory and is not to be found in the words of Christ or of Moses in his Old Testament.

May God give light to all those who wish to follow the right path and as Koran says, “There is no compulsion in religion,” and therefore truth must bring people into God’s path by scientific reasoning and good speeches.

Peace be unto you, Qazi A Latif MA PhD (Journalist).

List of books to be lent and for sale

1. [The] Holy Quran Part I. Arabic text and English translation of the sacred book of Islam with original and exhaustive notes, commentary, etc., edited by a committee of Muslim scholars in India.

2. Mighty Signs of the Living God.

3. Confutation of Atheism (by a Muslim Saint).

4. Islam versus Civilization

5. [The] Review of Religions (a monthly magazine).

Significant sayings of the famous men of the day

[…] “There are six hundred different sects of Christianity in England and the United States and the end is not yet.” Editor Harmonizer 

[…] “Muhammed[sa] declared many spiritual truths – truths that have been verified by psychological research.” Andre J Davis

“The Christian Churches of the Western World must put themselves immediately in the line with the progressive movements sweeping the world or new religious leaders will arise out of Buddhism, Mohammedanism and other sources of the Far East.”

Mrs Harriet Luella McCollum, a feminist and psychologist, says: 

“Marriage should be made very difficult and divorce very easy,” and she even advocates “temporary wifehood.” She thinks there should be special marriage laws “to protect the exceptional women.”

“Immorality has increased, profanity is rampant, standards of social and domestic purity have been lowered and forms of sin are now tolerated as they were not before. The fine delicacy and modesty which were the crowning glory of womanhood have largely disappeared.” Bishop Berry

“The Church’s thermometer has dropped. Its step is leaden; its spirit is dull.” Rev. CL Godell of New York 

“Characteristics of the days of Noah are being reproduced in our day.” Rev. HC Fulton

Dr A Tridon, a leading authority in psychology, [says]: 

“It is entirely possible for one man to love 100 per cent two different women. Our dual nature makes it possible for us to love two individuals wholeheartedly.” (According to the Holy Quran, a man cannot love two women equally, therefore he is enjoined not to incline to one too much but keep near the balance as possible. – Ed)

Professor Monteh [says]: 

“Islam is a religion that is essentially rationalistic in the widest sense of this term considered etymologically and historically. To believers, the Muhammadan creed is summed up in the belief in the unity of God and in the mission of His Prophet; and to ourselves who coldly analyze his doctrines to belief in God and future life; these two dogmas, the minimum of religious belief, statement that to the religious man rest on the firm basis of reason, sum up the whole doctrinal teaching of the Quran. The simplicity and clearness of this teaching are certainly among the most obvious forces at work in the religion and the missionary activity of Islam. A creed so precise, so stripped of all theological complexities and consequently so accessible to the ordinary understanding might be expected to possess and does indeed possess a marvellous power of winning its way into the consciences of men.”

“I have scientific proof that soul lives on after the body dies. During thirty years of research and study I examined 4,800 cases of alleged communication with the dead. After a careful selection I have retained several hundred of these as proof.” Camille Flammarion

“Millions of young people get their idea of life from the moving pictures and get a very wrong idea.” NY Tribune 

[…] “Dancing is a road to ruin for many girls, and swimming schools are breeders of disease and loose talk.” Superintendent White

[…] “Jazz is poisoning marriage at its source. Marriage has lost its meaning. Childless marriages are defeating the purposes of life. They are Godless marriages eating at the roots of our civilization.” 

Dr G Le Bon [says]: 

“If a man’s value is to be estimated by the grandeur of his works, we can say that Mohammad[sa] was one of the greatest men known to history.” 

Thomas R Marshall, former Vice President of the United States, [says]:

“It is far more important in the relations of life just now to have a fear of hell than a hope of heaven.”

Lothrop Stoddard (the famous author) [says]: 

“Islam is at once a spiritual bond and a dynamic force of tremendous potency.” […]

Expressions of appreciation

Ghulam Nabi, Gujrat: “I consider it a means of getting my prayers accepted by God to offer prayers for you.”

Miss Dora Evans, Rochester: “I praise you for your good work in this country. You have had a good luck and fortune which other people cannot gain.”

Muhammad Ali Khan, Shahjahanpur: “I very much like The Moslem Sunrise in its simple style, interesting and pithy short articles and excellent arrangement.” 

MS Soadozai: “His Excellency the Afghan Minister wishes you all success.” 

Sister Salma (England): “I wish I could find language with which to clothe my appreciation of the April number of The Moslem Sunrise; it is full to overflowing with just the right thoughts to help and comfort and provide spiritual sustenance. I have often wondered who thought on the attractive cover. Personally, I find that it always conveys to my mind the idea of the sunshine upon a field of corn. Certainly, great credit is due to your good self and to all those who have so loyally supported you.”

Miss CR: “… Now that I know what Islam is, I believe it. I was a confirmed agnostic until I found Islam. I see my errors and am attempting to follow the right path. I try to influence my friends by letting them read the papers you sent me. I want this religion to spread. You have done very much for me and I will never forget. Had it not been for you I would still be striving in darkness but you assured me of the truth and I found light.”

Sirajuddin, Bareilly: “May Allah bless your work and name. I offer to God many a prayer for you, reciting your name and enjoy it very much. Each day brings a new desire to meet you again.” 

MS Chaudhri (Maylapur): “Your writings are light upon light.” 

Mrs E Wade (California): “The world would be a nice place to live in if everyone had the beautiful spirit your religion teaches.”

Attorney H Wilcox: “All who became acquainted with you while here (Chicago) remember you with delight and any time you return to the city, our churches will all welcome you.”

Mr John A Randolph, Seattle: “Ahmadia Movement is a supreme mission. It is a blessing to the suffering humanity, a universal effort to free the spirit in this bondage.”

Mr VD Rowell, London (Canada): “The Moslem Sunrise No. 4 is a creditable and interesting number.” 

Shaikh Abdullah (Mr JL Mott): “I do not care what other Moslems in India or elsewhere think or do, I am for His Holiness Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad[ra] as ‘The Leader’ of the day and his American representative, the illustrious Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, and in this I express the sentiments of all my friends. Verily, we are for His Holiness and for you, first, last and all the time. Rest assured that no one, Indian or anyone else, will be permitted to harshly criticise or condemn the Promised Ahmad[as] in my presence.” […]

Miss Betty Morgan: “The Moslem Sunrise is very sensible and interesting.”

Sheikh Ghulam Ahmad: “I pray for you constantly and will ever (Insha Allah) continue to pray, but I inform you of a special prayer offered under the control of the Almighty Lord.”

Brother Abdul Haqq (CF Sievwright): “The reading matter in The Moslem Sunrise No. 4 is more educating than ever. Especially did I notice the commandments from Al Quran on pages 78 and 79, the method of which is what the unlearned will easily understand and look forward to a continuance of that style of translating the beauties of the Quran in future issues of the excellent Moslem Sunrise.”

WM Thaha (Ceylon): “You are unearthing the unexplored regions of the past and the present glory of Islam. Your picture of Hazrat Haleema’s path to Mecca is an ideal representation.”

Sister Burkut (Mrs BG Sullivan, Chicago): “I am sincere in my reverence for the Moslem faith and I believe it to be a perfect world religion, that could reform mankind.” 

M Raif (Constantinople): “Your deeds are priceless and we, the Turks, are very thankful to you. I appreciate your exertions heartily. The Christian missionaries in Turkey have won no success. Their converts are such as accepted their faith not because they believed in it but because they were offered fat salaries.” 

Mrs May (Azeeza) M (Glasgow): “I have done my utmost to live up to my Moslem faith and I pray Allah grant all our prayers.”

Mehmed Reshid, Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Constantinople: “It is most gratifying to see that a learned man like you is working to exalt the word of God and to extend the kingdom of our Prophet. You are the spiritual guide of Islam in the United States.”

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original published in The Moslem Sunrise, July 1922)

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