100 Years Ago… – A Sikh accepts Ahmadiyyat and update on an injured missionary


Al Fazl, 26 July 1920

A Sikh [sends request of] Bai‘at to Hazrat Khalifa II[ra]

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II; Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

I have previously sent two requests for acceptance of Bai‘at but so far, this humble one has not received a reply. Thus, as a reminder, I humbly request His Holiness to inform and benefit me by return mail.

I am a resident of Chamyari town, Amritsar. I embraced Islam on my own in 1916 when I was studying in Delhi. Before that, I was a Sikh by religion and my name is listed on page 858 of the book, The Punjab Chiefs. Our family belongs to Maharaja Nar Singh who ruled over Chamyari, Sialkot and Amritsar districts during the Sikh rule.

Last winter while I was in Delhi, I had the honour of meeting Maulvi Umaruddin Sahib and getting acquainted with the Promised Messiahas. Soon after, the true charisma of Huzooras attracted this humble one. I strongly hope that Huzoor[ra], the enlightened one, will inform me by return post and I will be grateful for it. I present Salam [peace be upon them] to all Ahmadi brothers.

Humbly yours, Sardar Nizamuddin

The Ahmadi missionary who was injured in Madras

Respected Editor Sahib of Al Fazl newspaper; Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

My Ahmadi friends are very worried and anxious about me. Many telegrams and letters were received from different places. Since my sympathisers are not aware of my whereabouts, their telegrams and letters reach me after long delays and when they do not get a response in time, they write to me again. Please inform my well-wishers and sympathisers through Al Fazl newspaper that this khadim is very well by the grace of God Almighty.

My head wound is healing. Though it has not healed fully, it does not prevent me from performing the service of tabligh. These days I am staying at respected Seith Abdullah Aladdin Sahib’s residence in Secunderabad. In Madras, my esteemed elder, Hakim Muhammad Saeed Sahib Chaudhry and the family members of the late Maulvi Sultan Mahmud Sahib and other Ahmadi brothers treated me with great love and compassion and served me well. May Allah grant them the best of rewards.

In Secunderabad, the epitome of sincerity, respected Seith Abdullah Aladdin Sahib, supervisor of the royal treasury, Sheikh Fazal Karim Sahib, Syed Basharat Ahmed Sahib, Hazrat Maulana Maulvi Muhammad Saeed Sahib, Seith Muhammad Ghous Sahib and the rest of all the brothers showed so much hospitality and expressed such love that the blood that was drunk in large quantities by the land of Madras was quickly reproduced in exchange of absorbing it.

I thank all the friends and elders as well as all the sympathisers and well-wishers who have showed compassion through telegram, letters and prayers. My friends who are restless to come and see me should not bother and express much grief. Ahmadiyyat seeks fresh blood from us. Let us see who is the lucky one to offer the glowing gift on its holy altar. My blood was probably not bright and colourful enough to be accepted by this altar. Thus, it spared my blood after finding it pale.

ہر زمانے قتیل تازہ بخواست

غازہ روئے او دم شہداست

“Every age demands a fresh sacrifice and the blood of martyrs is the radiant powder for its face.”

Humbly yours, Khalil Ahmad, Aladdin Building, Secunderabad Deccan

Ahmadi sisters and sacrifice

On the night of 17 June [1920], I dreamed that the London mosque was being built and about one fourth of it has been completed. At that time, there was a large crowd of men and women in the mosque. The women were saying, “Be quiet, the king’s ride is coming.” When all the women were silent, the king’s ride was seen approaching. At first, it was dark in the mosque, but as soon as the king’s ride arrived, there was light and that light was such that the entire place lit up. When I looked ahead, I saw only two men. I went a little further and saw that there was the Promised Messiahas and the other one was Maulvi Nuruddin Sahibra. Hazrat Sahibas was riding on a very beautiful horse and Maulvi Nuruddin Sahibra was standing by the horse’s saddle and talking. I went forward and presented Salam. I was standing right next to their horse. The horse was so beautiful that the pen cannot describe it. I was blessed with this [spiritual] meeting of Hazrat Sahibas and Maulvi Nuruddin Sahibra on the night of 17 June, alhamdolillah!

Now I want to express before the Ahmadi sisters the reason of writing these few lines. The heart of the matter is that the men donated generously for the London mosque, but the women did not pay much attention to it because they think that if their men have contributed chanda, then their share has been presented as well. However, if the women have learned from the ladies of Qadian, we would never have to write for a second time to request for chanda. The way in which the ladies of Qadian took off their jewellery and did not care [is exemplary]. The most precious thing to women is their jewellery and so they sacrificed it in the way of God. Thus, O Ahmadi sisters! There is still time. Extend your hands to participate in this blessed endeavour and present whatever is possible in the way of Allah. May God Almighty help me and my Ahmadi sisters to take part in this.

Humbly yours, Ruqayya Begum Ahmadi

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