100 Years Ago… – Appeal for Ahmadiyya mosque in London and missionary sets off for USA


The Review of Religions (Urdu), February 1920

Qadian Darul Aman

Early in the evening of Friday, 13 February, Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih II[ra] set off to Lahore from Qadian. A group of 20 to 30 people accompanied him. Departing from Batala on the morning of 14 [February], Huzoor reached Lahore around noon. The members of Lahore Jamaat were present at the railway station to welcome him.

Huzoor’s stay was arranged at the Ahmadiyya Hostel. He reached there in a motor vehicle and the rest of the people arrived in carriages. Huzoor will stay in Lahore till the 21st of this month. During his stay, two lectures of Huzoor will be held in Lahore.

The first lecture is scheduled for the general public which was to be held at Bradlaugh Hall in the afternoon, so it would have been delivered by now. However, the report of this lecture is yet to be received in Qadian.

The theme of this lecture is whether the foundation of world peace can be laid on the doctrines of Christianity or should it be based on Islamic principles? This lecture is in refutation to the announcement of England’s Prime Minister which his majesty issued at the beginning of the New Year.

On the evening of the 17th, the second lecture will be held at Islamia College. The subject of this lecture is about the early dissentions which took place between the Muslims in the era of the four Rightly Guided Khulafa of Islam. (A report has been received that both of these lectures have been delivered and by the grace of God, they were very successful: Editor)

During these days, Huzoor will seek medical advice from certain doctors in Lahore. Most probably, he will return from Lahore on the 21st. There might be a public lecture of Huzoor in Amritsar on the 21st. May Allah Almighty make his return safe, successful and victorious. Chanda for an Ahmadiyya mosque is being collected very quickly. By this time, around 75 thousand rupees of Chanda has been collected in written promises.

Missionaries are performing their responsibilities in their respected areas with devotion and diligence. A special delegation has been dispatched to appeal for the chanda of an Ahmadiyya Mosque in London, which is visiting various regions of Punjab. Some changes have been carried out in the departments of Nazarat, Qadian from 1 February 1920. The responsibility of Nazarat Umur-e-Ama [local affairs] has been handed over to Khan Zulfiqar Ali Khan Sahib who has come to Qadian for a few months on holidays. Maulvi Muhammad Din Sahib BA has been appointed as the Nazir Talim-o-Tarbiyat [head of education and edification]. Apart from that, there have been no other major changes. In view of Huzoor, every [new year] of Nazarat should start from 1 February. Babu Azizuddin Sahib has left for his journey abroad.

On the 12th of this month, he and Khan Abdul Rahim Khan Sahib have departed from Bombay (now Mumbai). May they reach safely by the grace of Allah Almighty. Abdul Raheem Khan Sahib has gone for studies and Babu Azizuddin Sahib for the assistance of missionaries. Babu Sahib has not put any kind of burden on the Jamaat as he has journeyed abroad on his own expenses. Moreover, he will stay there on his own. Sheikh Ahmadullah Sahib is about to go abroad in the same way. A regular class has been organised in Qadian for those students who have come here from foreign countries. Hopefully, there will remain no further problems in their path of education.


The appeal for an Ahmadiyya mosque in London has reached each and every member and they are wholeheartedly contributing for it. A telegram has been sent abroad to Chaudhry Sahib, requesting him to write back by suggesting a proper place for the mosque. His reply has been received that a piece of land in London of half an acre – i.e. four and half kanal [one kanal is equal to approximately 5,445 square feet] – with a house in it, is available for purchase, but the owner is selling it for 125,000 rupees. Chaudhry Sahib has been asked to give a detailed report.

It has been written to him that instead of an already constructed house, we need a clear land where we can build a mosque and a house according to our own desire. Moreover, he has been told to find a piece of land, measuring two acres. Thus far, no reply has been received. News has been received from the UK that a Hindu barrister has accepted Ahmadiyyat. All praise belongs to Allah!

Babu Azizuddin Sahib has departed and he will reach the UK in 10 to 15 days, InshaAllah!


Mufti Sahib has set off for America from London. However, the telegram of him reaching America has not been received. Members are requested to remember him in special prayers that he may reach safely by the grace of God and the flag of Ahmadiyyat is firmly fixed in America through him.


A telegram has been received from Baghdad that a missionary should be sent there. The Jamaat of Baghdad has collected around 800 rupees for the expenses of a missionary and they are still contributing. They express a strong demand for a missionary. Huzoor intends to dispatch a missionary over there as soon as possible.

Mauritius and Ceylon

Promising news is being received from Mauritius and Ceylon. The people of Ceylon are expressing a need for a scholarly missionary, but the difficulty is that there is a shortage of manpower and the work is immense. May God pave a way for it. News has been received that the non-Ahmadis of [Mauritius] have started to publish a newspaper against the Ahmadis. It is in Tamil language and has be issued in contrast to our newspaper, Message. In Mauritius, Sufi Ghulam Muhammad Sahib BA and Obaidullah Sahib are engaged in work.


We have only one man in this [Australian] subcontinent. Something about the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is regularly published by him in the newspaper over there. He is continuously engaged in carrying out the work of tabligh. Members are requested to specially pray for this mission that Allah help and assist this lone man and the seed of Ahmadiyyat is sown in this vast land through him.


Once more, our brothers are facing some hardships in Afghanistan. Efforts are under way to eliminate these difficulties. Moreover, a suggestion has been put forward that a proper and well-organised system for tabligh should be established over there. These recommendations are taking practical shape.

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