100 Years Ago… – Appreciation from sincere friends at the launch of The Moslem Sunrise


Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq 1

Appreciations and cheering words from sincere hearts

MA Cruzat (Bro. Shareef), NY: It is a great pleasure for me to belong to a movement which takes the problems of mankind at heart, always tries to bring happiness to humanity in the physical plane as well as the spiritual.

Muhammad Awal B Abubekr, London: I must congratulate you on the splendid work you are doing in the cause of Islam. Please extend my salaams to all our sisters and brethren over there [in London]. May Allah strengthen them in their faith. Through Allah’s grace we are getting some good converts here [in London].

Sister Hamida, Woking, England: The blessed name of Allah is often in my thoughts, for when one reads of his wonderful works, and prophecies, it is hard for any human soul who is a follower of Islam to turn a deaf ear to his pleadings and call and wonderful teachings. As time goes on, I pray to see the whole world followers of Islam and the teachings of Muhammad[sa] and Ahmad[as] of Quadian [sic], the Promised Reformer of the latter-days with whom be the blessings of Allah.

Mrs AA Restum, Petoskey, after having studied some parts of the Quran, writes: “Really there never was nor ever will be a more wonderful book.”

Mirza Kabir-ud-Din, Lucknow: A martyr is not he who is murdered, but a martyr is he who is always ready to be murdered if necessary for the cause of Truth. The merit lies in the acceptance of the death and not in the accident. Many martyrs are walking on the earth like our Sadiq, because they have surrendered their lives to be sacrificed on the altar of love for Allah. Keeping company with a Messenger of God made you a messenger yourself.

Shaikh Khalid Sheldrake, London: The Moslem Sunrise is a glorious work in which you are engaged – that of bringing the last and greatest revelation from Allah to the human family and may the great continent of the West arose from its slumber and listen to the words of Truth Eternal. My brother, may Allah bless you with all good things and may his message ring out with a clarion note in all cities of America. […] Please convey my salaams to all our Brethren and bid them to invite others to the Light.

Babu Nabi Bakhsh, DI Khan: I continually offer prayers for you and I am looking for a special manifestation of His Glory.

Babu Noor Muhammad: Even the angels of Qaudian [sic] are praying for you.

Khan Bahadur Abdul Haq Khan, Peeli Bheet: You have shown to the world an example of what the companions of the Master-Prophet[sa] did and what the companions of the Promised Messiah[as] are expected to do.

HM Khan, Australia: Moslem Sunrise is thoroughly excellent in form and spirit.

Ghulam Nabi, Udhowal: No words can express the joy I felt at the sight of the Moslem Sunrise.

Hakeem MH Quraishi, Lahore: Starting and editing Moslem Sunrise all well done my brother, hundreds of congratulations.

Mr TF Glenn (Bro. Abdul Karim), Chicago: Moslem Sunrise is the best magazine I have ever read. It comes out of the wisdom of God. Islam is the greatest wisdom; its study makes me feel satisfied and happy.”

Brother Ibrahim Feith, London: I congratulate you on your success in publishing a magazine in USA. I have been thinking all along that whatever you undertake, Allah gives you the strength to bring it to success. You did noble work in England.

Sister Fatima Mustafa, to an inquirer [said]: “[…] in Islam is contained not only the bud but the blossom of the tree of life (Life everlasting). Islam teaches you to come near to God. God speaks to his people today as in the days of Moses[as], Christ Jesus[as], Muhammad[sa], etc.”

Mr RR Torres (Bro. Abdur Rahman), Toledo: “The new faith has brought me more patience, self-confidence, wisdom and better luck. Not a day passes without my realizing more and more that there is a God who is very Merciful, whose Mercy extends from generations unto generations.”

Muhammad, BW Lye, Ceylon: We congratulate you on your successful career and we congratulate the American Nation for the cordial manner in which you are often received by them.

M Usman QA, Dhanbad: Moslem Sunrise fulfills the prophecy of the Master-Prophet[sa] as regards the Islamic Sun’s rising from the west in the latter days.

Ch. Nasrullah Khan, Daska, India: I know no words to express the feelings of love, sincerity and devotion I have for you.

The Moslem Sunrise

Occult circle

A research into the Divine Truth – open to all creeds, nationalities and races – suggestions for health, wealth and happiness of all, Bible Horoscope or Book of life – for particulars address PO Box 1331, Tampa, Fla.

What God did for me

He created me. He provided me with loving and kind parents who took care of me when I was too young to do anything for myself. He gave me life and health and intellectual and spiritual powers. He fixed Sun, Moon and Stars in the heaven to give me light. He made the Earth grow vegetables and trees for my use. He caused the animals – horses, oxen, goats, dogs, elephants and all others to serve me in one way or other. He gave me powers to see, hear, taste, touch and so forth.

Whenever I sinned and turned to Him, He forgave me. He never said to me, “Now wait a minute, let me kill my son first for the sins and then I will forgive thee.” I found the treasure of His forgiveness vast and it never decreases. He always helped me through all my troubles. Whenever I felt sick through my carelessness, He cured me. Many a time he revealed to me in the curing medicines and many a time he cured me even without any medicines. He did not cure me only, but He cured even those for whom I asked Him to do so.

He always heard my prayers. Many a time He gave me exactly that what I asked and many a time He gave me even more than I asked for. But a thing which I asked for through my ignorance that was not good for me He withheld and He gave me something good instead of it and never turned me away empty handed from His door. Whenever I called upon Him, He always replied. I never found his door closed to me. Night and day whenever knocked He opened for me. He guarded me through the dangerous seas and through the perilous deserts.

Through His grace my vice turned into virtue. Through His forgiveness my sins were covered with good deeds. If I did wrong, He turned me to right. When I went astray, He guided me to the Path. His Truth made me True and His blessings favoured me abundantly. Thus, I became His and He became mine. His bounties are numberless and no one can count them. Alhamdo-lillah.

A Moslem’s complete surrender

I surrender my life my soul my all

To Allah’s work, when I hear the call

With no questions to ask no fault to find

Only let me say gently I want to be kind.


(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, January 1922)

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