100 Years Ago… – Brief report of one year’s Moslem missionary work in America


The Moslem Sunrise, July 1921

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra, (1872-1957)

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Advertisements in papers

In addition to the articles and reports, paid advertisements of the Ahmadia Movement, Bureau of Moslem Information, weekly lectures and school of Oriental Languages were inserted from time to time in several dailies, weeklies, monthlies and annual publications. [For example]:

Virgin birth

Almost all the laws of nature have their exceptions and special phenomena. There are rules within rules and no one can claim to know all of them. There was a time in the history of the planet when there was no form of manifestation of life on earth. Whence came the first forms of life! From the word of God, Who has all power to generate. There are two laws of creation at least. The male and female principle and law of parthenogenesis or production by a virgin. In zoology, a parthenogenetic female produces its kind for one or more generations without ordinary sexual intercourse. And such in some women, there have been many born of virgin recorded in the sacred histories of different religions.

This system prevails not only in men and animals, but even in the vegetable kingdom. Among birds, hens are seen laying out eggs without having been with a rooster.

A man is not good or bad, holy or profane on account of the way he is born. Man is responsible for his actions and not for the things out of his control. We are not sinners because we were born of sinful parents. Every child is born sinless and a natural birth. Even illegitimate children are as good as others, as the sin lies with the parents and not with the child. It is not the conception or birth that makes one divine a devilish. All the men including Prophet Jesus[as] and Muhammad[sa] gradually awakened to their consciousness, in whatever way their birth was.

Prophets are of two kinds: 

(1) Those who bring a code of life like Moses[as] and Muhammad[sa]

(2) Those who do not bring a new [divine] law but follow, support and fulfill the previous one, such were Jesus[as] and Ahmad[as]

As regards prophethood, they are all raised by God so we do not make any difference in them. All must be believed and respected. But as regards their works, Muhammad[sa] having been the perfect example in all phases of life in poverty and richness, as a subject and as a ruler, as a priest and as a statesman, as a son and as a father, as a bachelor and as a husband, as a business man and as a commander of forces, therefore, he is the greatest of all – (Allah’s blessings be upon him and all the prophets).

Lock up churches

As reported in The New York World of 28 February 1921, two clergymen, Alfred W Martin and LJ Kopaid, pleaded from their pulpits for the locking up of churches. “All the people of the earth have sought to find God, but the way of each and every one has failed. The way of Jews has failed. The way of Christians has failed. The way of the Catholic has failed. The way of the Protestant has failed. They have failed and failed ignobly.”

Certainly, they have failed. The future hope of the world now lies in the 

spiritual powers granted by Allah to the new dispensation of Islam in the Ahmadia Universal Brotherhood.

Help! Help!

Religious propaganda against Islam and Muslim nations in this country require a strong defence by publishing and free distribution of Islamic pamphlets and leaflets in millions all over the country. I cannot do all I want to do and I ought to do for want of funds. May Allah inspire some good hearts to help me. (Editor [The Moslem Sunrise])

A liberal soul

All the Moslems generally and Mr Muhammad Karoub specially very highly appreciate the help rendered by the contractor and builder, Mr Theodore H Degenhardt of 13738 Woodward Avenue, Highland Park, in the building work of the mosque. Mr Degenhardt has taken great interest in and worked very hard for the mosque without taking any remunerations for the work done by him, as he considered it his sacred duty to assist in the building of the sacred temple of Islam. We thank him and hope and pray that God the Almighty will grant him reward for this.

From Detroit Daily News, 5 June 1921

Moslems celebrate feast of Id-ul-Fitr

Moslems of Detroit will observe Tuesday as the first day of Id-ul-Fitr, which continues three days and is one of the most solemn festivals of Mohammedanism. A parade at 1pm from 74 Victor avenue, to the Moslem mosque at 242 Victor avenue led by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Moslem sheikh, will be part of the picturesque ceremonies at the festival opening. The line of the march will be on Victor and Woodward avenues and John R street, in the vicinity of the newly dedicated mosque, constructed by Mohammad Karoub, wealthy Highland Park real estate man.

Id-ul-Fitr is a period of rejoicing among Moslems, when all Moslems are bidden to assemble for prayer and listen to the teachings from the Koran. The prayer ritual is short, chiefly consisting of silent players led by the imam, or prayer leader. A sermon by Mufti Sadiq follows the prayer. A quaint custom of hand clasping is observed during the dispersal of the congregation. The remainder of the opening festival day is spent in feasting and merry-making.

At 5am, Tuesday services will be held in the completed part of the new mosque. A feast will follow the services. The feast is to be provided by Mr Karoub, the builder of the mosque.

The festival is sometimes called Id-i-Ramzan, the fasting festival, or Id- Saghir, the lesser festival. The Moslem devout contribute money for charitable work on the festival day. 

Mufti Muhammad came to Detroit several months ago to organize in the local Moslem community a congregation of the Ahmadia movement, which has as its leader, the Prophet Ahmad[as] of Qadian, hailed as the Promised Messiah, Mahdi and holy Reformer. The present head of the movement is Hazrat Mahmud. The Mufti comes from India as a missionary.

From Detroit Free Press of 8 June 1921

Mohammedanism had its day in Highland Park, Tuesday. From early in the morning when several hundred of the faithful knelt in prayer.

The parade was the outstanding feature. The half hour of prayer was conducted by Dr Mufti Mohammad Sadiq, and this was followed by a sermon by Hussien Karoub.


Resolutions favoring prohibition were rejected by the Anglican Christian Synod in Australia. During the debate Rev Walker said: “Prohibition is anti-Christian and the idea of American cranks.” 

We sympathize with Rev Walker as with the gospels in his hands containing the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine to make the people enjoy drinking, he could not vote for prohibition. Prohibition really originates with Islam whose book contains an express commandment against drinking. […]

Death-like fainting 

Corpse for 14 hours, pastor comes to life – Death certificate issued and burial plans made when Swiss revives

Geneva; 20 March [1921]: A case of a man’s heart ceasing to beat for 14 hours and then resuming work is reported from Berue, where pastor of that city, Rev Baudenbacher, after being officially declared dead, suddenly awoke.

Rev Baudenbacher, aged 50, and suffering from heart trouble of long standing, fell senseless [on] Friday. His physician issued a death certificate, arrangements were made for the funeral and Saturday’s newspapers published eulogies of him. The pastor awoke after 14 hours, surprised to find his bedroom filled with flowers, wreaths, disconsolate relations and friends. He said weakly: “My call has not yet come.” 

The funeral has been postponed indefinitely, as the doctor said, the clergyman might live many years. (Detroit Free Press, 21 March 1921) 

Many occurrences like this, read every now and then in the papers, solve well the problem of Jesus’ revivication after the apparent death on the cross. (Editor [The Moslem Sunrise]) […]


The chamber of deputies in Peru approved a law which would legalize divorces in that country. The church authorities are bitterly opposing the bill. But the senate may make divorce lawful despite church. Divorce laws in the Christian religion are not so practicable as they are in Islam. The western world is, in many practical things, leaving Christianity behind and advancing towards lslam. Nineteen hundred divorces were granted in Chicago in two months, January and February.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, July 1921)

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