100 Years Ago… – Congratulations to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat on the Success of Their Imam


Al Hakam, 7 March 1919


On Behalf of Al Hakam

I  congratulate the Ahmadiyya Jamaat for the present Imam [Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra] who has been bestowed upon them by Allah the Almighty; the Khalifa upon whose hand they have taken Bai‘at. He is a symbol of grace from God Almighty and it is impossible for Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya to face embarrassment under their Imam at any forum across the globe. I will provide the details on another occasion, but as for now, I have to express an exclusive news of delight.

God Almighty has made him [Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra] resolute and his ambitions are not only soaring high, but beyond that, they possess a spirit of universal blessing and grace.

Cable messages have broadcast the lecture he delivered on the subject of Islam and International Relations at Lahore on 23 February 1919 to various corners of India. It was heard by the public of Lahore with contentment and pleasure. The persuasion and strategy presented in this lecture regarding the establishment of unity and peace has generally been widespread by God Almighty. 

Lectures are being delivered on international unityand organisations are being formed. What is more, a movement is sprouting to form a league of world religions and it is quite obvious that this scheme can prove successful by following the principles taken into account by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II [Allah be pleased with him]in his lecture. Thus, it is imperative for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat to immediately lay the foundations for this. 

A note has been published in the Indian Daily Telegraph regarding this league of religions. The translation of this note has been published in the Daily Akhuwat which, upon reading, gives a picture of the widespread success. I may highlight this fact at some other time, but as for now, I present that note below:

League of World’s Religions

A scheme has been stated in the latest issue of Godbole magazine, which was presented by an exceptional and prominent scholar who has long been associated with religious studies in the Far East. 

According to his view, international league must establish an ethical religious foundation if it desires to work effectively. Likewise, it is a must for the league of religions to have an ethical and religious foundation. He says that even though all world religions are not similar and equivalent, yet there still lies some truth and reality in this. Every religion has somewhat played its part to rescue mankind from the depths of ignorance and transgression. 

The principle objective of a league of religions would be to assemble lawyers and scholars of certain religious groups, who are considered of good intellect and active members of their particular religions, in a friendly conference, so that each representative of a religion is able to enlighten others regarding their extraordinary experiences, eventually discussing the issue of the best possible ways that can be developed to replace mankind’s transgression and wrongdoings in the light of faith. 

Instead of striving to undermine and destroy each other’s religion, if everyone draws together and prepares to pray, in accord to their belief system, then by this method the divine kingdom would certainly be established quite soon. 

The primary idea apart from the details is that conferences held for such a league should not hold discussions and debates on the issues that are contradictory to another religion. Instead, principles and objectives approved by every religion should be discussed. In this way, a wonderful picture will appear, depicting how integrated the eminent scholars of every religion are with respect to the objectives of brotherhood and association of ideas. Gradually when the idea captivates their hearts that they are the progeny of the same father and that every individual is their brother, then shall spring different strategies in their minds as to how they should render exceptional services to establish a strong domain of peace and righteousness.

It is suggested that the said conference should at least have representation of the following religions:

1. Christianity: (a) Roman Catholic Church, (b) Greek Church, (c) Refined Church

2. Judaism

3. Islam

4. Buddhism

5. Hinduism

It is also suggested that the representatives of every religion should organise annual gatherings in their respective countries and a triennial gathering should also be held so that a world conference may be organised taking into consideration officials from every class and other elected members.

A series of world conferences will be held at different famous hubs across the globe. If the above mentioned scheme is taken into account by an efficient and influential committee and happily brought into practice, it is quite evident and not at all surprising that magnificent and beneficial results shall be achieved.

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