100 Years Ago… – Conversations about Islam and religion in England and America


Al Fazl, 6 March 1922

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London Letter —

Maulvi Mubarak Alira, BA BT:

In his letter dated 19 January 1922, after mentioning his illness, Maulvi [Mubarak Ali BA BT] Sahib mentioned some meetings in the words that, “A number of people came to visit last week.” The most prominent among them are as follows:

1. Bishop James: He is the bishop of his Catholic Church and is not a prejudiced Christian. He acknowledges the fact that there is some truth in all major religions. He joined us in a repast at Mr Bacon’s [Omar Ali’s] house and ate with us. We had a discussion on Islam and other religions. I asked him about their religious beliefs. They consider the Jesus of Nazareth to be the son of God only in the sense in which other human beings are [sons or creation of God]. He said, “His religion is a selection of various ideas and not a divine religion.”

2. Mr AC Simpson: He is an educated Englishman, has lived in Sudan and knows Arabic. We had a mutual talk on Islam and he said that, “Islam alone is enough for the Western world. Why do you add [the concept of] believing in the Ahmad[as] in this [Islam]?” I said, “Hazrat Ahmadas is a great proof of the existence of God Almighty and the living religion of Islam in this age. All other religions are dry while the tree of Islam bears fresh fruit. It is for this reason that we mention Hazrat Ahmadas. Hazrat Ahmadas is a proof of the truthfulness of Islam. Thus, his mention is nothing but Islam. In fact, [his mention is necessary] for the truth of Islam.” He said, “There were many similar claimants in Africa.” I said that, “Their failure is proof that they are false.” Hazrat Ahmad’sas ever-increasing success and help is a sign of his truthfulness.”

This week, 56 letters were sent, including transcripts of the lectures. The copies of the lecturers’ schedules were also sent with them.

Mr Ali Muhammad, son of Seith Aladdin Sahib, and Mr Abdul Rahim Smith, help me with the office work. May Allah grant them succour.

The title of the lecture given in the mosque last Sunday was “Need for Religion”. On this occasion, I read Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II’s[ra] lecture which he once gave in Lahore and which has been published in [The] Review of Religions. The audience highly appreciated the lecture and expressed their satisfaction. Three lectures were delivered in Hyde Park, one of which was given by me and two by brother Munshi Azizuddin Sahib.

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Letter of Hazrat Mufti Sahib from America

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

“A famous lecturer by the name of Lady Jane Hooper is living in this country. She invited some of her close friends to her house and arranged a lecture of this humble one on the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. After the lecture, an eminent lady requested for ba‘iat. However, I told her to do some more deliberation and study some of the books of the Jamaat that were given to her.

“In the same way, lectures are held at many different places and some people visit our house and enquire about Islam and Ahmadiyyat.

“This humble one has acute [illness]. For this reason, I intend to stay in the city of Grand Rapids for a while and seek treatment from a doctor who treats [the illness] without surgery. The friends are requested to pray [for me]. The address for correspondence will be the same as below:

Muhammad Sadiq. 27 La Bella Ave., Highland Park, Mich., USA.”

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in 6 March 1922 issue of Al Fazl)

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