100 Years Ago… – Expressions of appreciation for Mufti Sahib


The Moslem Sunrise, April 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)
Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq 1
Cutting from The Philadelphia Inquirer (14 March 1920) in which news was given on Hazrat Mufti Sahib’s detention upon arrival in the USA | Ahmadiyya ARC

The Ahmadiyya order is the strongest and the most forceful circle of all-around prayers and helping thoughts daily sent by its members to each other. Their mutual prayers and wishes are most sincere, unselfish and full of true enthusiasm and real sympathy. All our success and safety in this country is due to the Brethren’s Prayers. Many of Sadiq’s lovers are busy in praying for him and therein lies the secret of his welfare and prosperity. Allah-ho-Akbar – God is the greatest of all. Alhmado-Lillah – Allah be praised. It is a great boon to belong to such an order.

Muhammad Mohsin: “I offer prayers for you five times daily.” 

Mirza Mubarik Beg: “Daily goes to his Hazrat Khalifa-tul-Masih my request to offer prayers for you, my respected Hazrat Mufti Sahib.”

Muhammad Ali Khan, Shah Jahanpur: “The seed of Islam sowed by you in America will someday grow up a big strong tree. I see an illustrious future before you.” 

Mrs Strasser, Singapore: “The very interesting little journal, The Moslem Sunrise, found its way through Europe and finally reached me here in Singapore. I have read every word and cannot tell you how very interesting I have found it. 

“We had a very interesting trip to the East. Port Said was our first stop. I visited the Mosque there and said a little prayer for dear Mufti struggling so bravely out in America. The Mosque was, oh, so beautifully clean, and all the members of your wonderful religion looked so Islam-like; peace was written on their faces. They looked so clean, and the Mosque was perfect in cleanliness. 

“We met (what shall I say) the Mufti of the Mosque. I told him that I knew you and of your splendid work in the [United] States [of America]. He showed us several wonderful books which were Greek to me but I knew that they must have been holy books by the way he held them and the expression in his eyes. 

“Before I return, I may have the honour of meeting the leader of the Ahmadia Movement. It will give me such pleasure to tell him that if he had looked all over India, he could not have found a more worthy person for America than yourself. May God bless you and your work.” 

Sister Salma (England): “[The] Moslem Sunrise is such an interesting magazine and will undoubtedly meet with the success it deserves. The January number is packed full of good things. The photograph brings home to us in England a fuller realization of your work and busy days for Islam.” 

Sufi Nabi Baksh (India): “According to one of my visions, your name has been inserted in the Book of Life – Thank Allah.” 

Mrs M Treas (Detroit): “God bless the kind letter I received from you. Words will not express my thoughts and appreciation. I have accepted your advice with the best of thoughts in every way.” 

LEA Hamilton, London: “[The] Moslem Sunrise is very interesting and quite a new light.” 

M Habib-Ur-Rahman, Hajipur: “Ever since you left, I offer daily a special prayer of two rakaats for you.” 

Miss Gloria Baker: “How wonderful you are to reach the Divine attainment. Your letter surely brought to my thirsty soul comfort.” 

Miss Mary Amelia Hunt (Chicago): “[The] Moslem Sunrise is fine. I enjoy it very much. It is so very instructive, concise and explanatory. Ahmad[as], the Holy Reformer, states his religious convictions in simple words, expressing reason, prophecies and progress in tune with the harmony of immortality of the human being. 

“You deserve the honour which has been bestowed upon you in this country as well as in Europe. You certainly are a grand and noble missionary distributing truth.” 

Miss Grandvoinment, England: “The magazines are very interesting and I am sure that your work is a very good one.” 

Mrs Webb, Chicago: “Really do not know how to express gratitude to you for I feel that I have been so wonderfully blessed through your divine help.” 

Moula Baksh, Gurdaspur: “Your sacrifices are great, but Almighty God’s showers of the rain of grace upon you have been still greater.” 

Mr A Feit, England: “Your paper has filled me with glee. I have read it over and over again and I can gather that every one of my new brethren are worthy of being complimented on the articles which you have published for them.” 

Malik Aziz Ahmad: “In one of my visions, I saw you taking some candy out of the lap of the Promised Messiah[as] and distributing it among the big crowd which was gathered in a vast open ground.” 

Muhammad Ibrahim, Qadian: “Your prayers that God would grant me a better child instead of the one taken away has been wonderfully accepted. Thanks to Allah.”

JL Mott (Shaikh Abdullah): “I have announced in all seriousness that I am a Muhammadan and will neither receive nor give any Christmas gifts, although it is always a real pleasure to me to give and keep giving, but right now, it is entirely out of the question. 

“The healing thoughts you held for me and your prayers and your solicitations for prayers in my behalf to the brothers in India had a wonderful effect and may be credit with my astonishing recovery and the total absence of scars. 

“Doctors are greatly surprised and it will be my pleasure to mention what you have done at the very first opportunity.” 

HG Muhammad, Mauritius: “It is an exquisite composition. Your paper contains much spiritual food for seekers after truth. I extremely appreciate the arrangement of different topics showing thereby the aesthetic taste of the editor. I will do my best, Insha-Allah, to help you in maintaining The Moslem Sunrise.” 

Sh. Ghulam Ahmad, India: “The successful career of your life is enviable.” 

GM Ebrahim, Secundrabad: “I received [The] Moslem Sunrise edited by you. It is very well written and does you credit. America is a very rich and large country, where a dozen missionaries would not be too many. However, you alone, single-handed, have done wonders. God bless you and give you further success in your noble mission. You may take me as your spiritual brother.” 

Miss Edythe Wade, California: “I am enjoying The Moslem Sunrise very much and loaning it to friends to read, but I am not giving them away. You see, I am selfish in my own way – when I keep them, I have the chance to loan them again and still have them.” 

Mrs Ruby Billing’s, California: “I read your magazine. It is very good. I have always had some of the ideas expressed therein. Jesus was only one of the prophets. I never swallowed the orthodox stuff.” 

Miss Golda Ortgier, Secretary College of Divine Metaphysics: “I received your interesting books which I greatly appreciate. May God’s blessing be upon you for these wonderful writings.” 

Mrs May Muhammad, England: “Your beautiful Moslem Sunrise is really a ray of sunshine, and I pray Allah will give you greater strength to penetrate those regions where the glad tidings of Islam are yet unknown and may Allah awake the world to realization to grasp the true faith now within their reach.” 

Miss Mary A Hunt: “I cherish the acquaintance of so efficient and reverential a man as yourself.” 

Md. Nawab Khan Saqib: “A sight at [The] Moslem Sunrise enlightened the sight, heart and brain.” 

Abdul Hashim Khan Chaudhari: “I love, admire, and revere you. Your Sunrise has been well started.” 

Seth Abdullah Alladin: “You have indeed done an invaluable service to the movement for the welfare of the English-knowing people especially.” 

Mr Thaha, Ceylon: “The magazine is excellent. Its get-up is worthy of your brain-power. The arrangement is an index of your work there.” 

Ghazi-ud-Din Yusuf: “What a blessed leader has God Almighty granted us in the person of Mahmud through whose efforts the Sun of Islam is shining over America and Africa.” 

Maulvi Sikandar Ali: “I offer prayers for you in my Midnight services.” 

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(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original published in The Moslem Sunrise, April 1922)

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