100 Years Ago… – Expressions of appreciation for The Moslem Sunrise


The Moslem Sunrise, January 1923


The Moslem Sunrise is scattering seeds upon the desert sands

And with each seed is mingled a drop of rain,

Thy mind is but a desert without the sacred truth,

Receive, O blind one, the seed and rain the Moslem Sunrise gives to you,

After two years of ceaseless labor

Sowing seeds in hard-baked soil,

Here and there a flower is blooming

To gladden the Mufti’s heart.

I thank Allah for His gift to the Ahmadia Community and I trust this home, with its majestic dome pointing heavenward, which has been established by the Mufti’s ceaseless efforts, may be the means of bringing souls together for true and earnest work.

May our Mufti be spared to us for many years.

By Rahatullah (Mrs Mustapha Taha).

Expressions of appreciation

Haji Muhkumdin, Calcutta:

“We all pray for your strength of body, mind and soul, and solicit for your prayers, which we are sure are always accepted.”

Mrs Golda Ortgier, St. Louis, Missouri:

“I received my Moslem Sunrise and it surely is a comfort and pleasure.”

Mrs Edyth D Wade, Kern, California:

“I must say I enjoyed reading the Moslem Sunrise so much.”

BW Lye, Colombo:

“I have seen the first three numbers of your grand [Moslem] Sunrise, and have put up a notice at the Anjuman calling for subscribers. We pray for the continued success of your missionary efforts in America.”

Shaikh Abdullah Din Muhammad (Mr JL Mott), New Orleans:

“I pray five times a day after the Moslem rule and according to the Islamic mode of worship and you may be sure that you, my dear brother, are remembered every time. I thank you for your prayers and hope you will continue to pray for me and that my affairs will soon be readjusted.”

Haji Ghazi-ud-Din Muhammed Yoosuf, Junagarh:

“God has made you Asadullah al-Ghalib [Dominant Lion of Allah] for the Promised Messiah[as]. The Sun has come out of the West. That which was foretold by the Master-Prophet[sa] fourteen hundred years ago is being fulfilled today.”

Shaikh Ghulam Ahmed, Rori:

“In answer to my prayers, I have got this message several times that Sadiq will return to Qadian safe and in good health and will meet me there.

In my mind, there was no thought

Of ever leaving you,

But distant paths Allah has brought

For us to travel through.

And if we find our sorrow great,

Too great for us to bear,

We must remember ’tis His will –

And each must bravely share.”

Nasrullah Ahmadi, Mardan:

“You are the Spiritual Columbus for America.”

N Koya Kutti, Cannanore:

“I always pray to God to crown your efforts with tenfold success and to grant you a long lease of life, health and vigor to carry on the work in the West.”

Mrs VE Hoffman, RN, Pennsylvania:

“I have read and reread the Moslem Sunrise, like it very much and believe its continued messages will eventually pierce the heart of every American home.”

Syed Hussein Khan, Teheran, Persia:

“Many of the articles of the Moslem Sunrise have been translated and published in Persian papers. Thanks be to God that an influential Movement with such a valuable paper is now illuminating not only the continent of America, but we are proud to say that it has enlightened all the countries of the whole world, I pray to God that He may help you and bestow His blessings through your Movement not only to the people of the United States but to all the nations of the world.”

Brother Omar (Mr William M Patton), St. Louis, Missouri:

“Have been seeking more the fullness of Divine Wisdom, still greater of Divine Power, a clearer Soul sensitiveness of the Divine Will, and brighter and active Spiritual Visions; that the issues at hand may be met and the problems solved; as Providence may direct, on behalf of humanity; to the exclusive glory of Allah; and in due honor to His Holy Prophet Muhammad ‘sal-lal-la-ho-a-lai-he-wa-sal-lam.’ The brief narrative by Mrs Mustapha Thaha (Rahatullah) [in] October, [Muslim] Sunrise, which I may again mention: characteristic languages fail me for words with which to express the appreciation of my very soul for the reading. May the blessings of Allah ever be upon her, and hers to share in conveying said intelligence to the countless number of [women].

“All Praises, honor and glory be to Allah for having in His providential provision stirred up (awakened to a sense of duty) Islam and moved the Caliph of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, causing them to see, not only its expediency, but the alarming and divine need of them, sending Heralders of the doctrine of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, to the Western people.”

Muhammad Ali Khan, Shahjahanpur:

“Ahmad[as] was the True Promised Messiah and you are his true companion, who has established the standard of Islam on American soil, you have secured eternal life and even the coming generations will pray to God to shower His blessings on your soul.”

M Mubarak Ali, London:

The Moslem House in Chicago and the Moslem Sunrise are monuments of your splendid work in America. I believe it was at your inspiration that the house in London was bought. Surely these are signs of acceptance of your work by God.”

GM Ebrahim, Secunderabad:

“I received the Moslem Sunrise,Number 5. Words fail to express the joy I felt in reading it and my admiration for its most revered editor; without exaggeration, I can class it as a marvel; in its small size, there are no less than twenty-two brilliant articles on the most important topics. It is true to its name; every page seems to have been sprayed with millions of sunbeams. The cry of ‘God bless our dear Mufti Sahib’ comes out of our hearts when we come to think about what has been achieved by you.

“I pray that God may give your dear self a long lease of life, strength to work for Islam, and may all your wishes be fulfilled.”

Mrs Elma Blanche, Kern, North Dakota:

“Whatever you are doing, I trust you will have great success. I am trying, in my little way, to give my own countrymen a truer idea of the Moslem people. We are all so prejudiced in America and therefore, I hope you may be able to talk to a number of Americans wherever you go.”

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original, published in The Moslem Sunrise, January 1923)

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