100 Years Ago… – Expressions of love from friends abroad and facts the Americans must know


The Moslem Sunrise, October 1921

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

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Expressions of love

From friends abroad

To keep the spirit alive


1. Mr Muhammad Amin (Sagar Chand), Bar-at-Law: “I love you very much and whenever I hear or read of you I always long to see you again.” 

2. Hamid Hussian Khan: “Allah knows I have been getting up in the night to offer prayers for you.” 

3. Hakeem Muhmmad Hussian Quraishi: “You being always in my heart and in my memory, I often forget to write to you because I find you ever so close to me.”

4. Babu Muhmmad Shafi Quraishi: “Your letter gives me such pleasure as a lover gets from a message from his beloved one.” 

5. Mirza Kabir-ud-Din Ahmad: “The words of your letters give me life.” 

6. Babu Muhammad Ali Khan: “You are the spiritual Columbus for America.” 

7. Qazi Habibullah: “You have established the existence of God, God will establish your existence.” 

8. Mrs Akbar Ali: “My first prayers always go up for Mufti Sahib.” 

9. Hajee Muhammad Omar Din: “I constantly pray for you and your converts in America.” 

10. Mr Thomas: “It was only your prayer that had made my business prosper.” 

The occult circle

The Master Key – The Master Mind, Universal Mind, Members circles the Globe. Particulars free from 211 Curry Bldg., Tampa, Fla. 

Rainbow club

As suggested by a respected learned friend, we start a “Rainbow Correspondence Club” to introduce people of different nationalities and countries to each other. Keeping aside the racial prejudices and considering all as children of God, the members of this club will correspond on the subjects in which they are interested. A number will be given to each member and name will be published without address, which will be reserved in this office. Membership Fee first year, $1.00, 4/- (England), 4/- (India); afterwards, 50 cents per annum. Having already been requested by some friends for such a service, we are glad to give their names below:

1. A young lady (England) – Literary, Travels, Foreign Sceneries, Oriental Literature. 

2. A gentleman (India) – Social Questions and Engineering Interest.

3. Mirza KD Ahmad (India) will be glad to answer all the letters. 

List of the books to be lent and for sale

Holy Quran, Part 1. Arabic Text and English Translation of the Sacred Book of Islam original and exhaustive notes, Commentary, etc., edited by a committee of Muslim scholars in India.

Claims and Teachings of Muslim scholars in India

Mighty Signs of the Living God

Ahmad the World Reformer

Confutation of Atheism (by a Muslims Saint).

Islam versus Civilization

Teachings of Islam.

Les Ensegnements de Islam (French).

Call to Truth.

Review of Religions (a monthly magazine). 

Bismillah, Islam Ahmadia Movement

Qadian and Ahmadees

Islamic Mode of Worship.


Review of Religions

The only magazine of its kind published in India every month dealing with important religious questions, offering a fair and impartial review of the prominent religions of the world and removing misunderstandings about Islam. Subscription, $2.00 per annum; for free sample copy write to The Manager, Review of Religions, Qadian, Punjab, India. 

A Hindu naturalized

An East-Indian in America is called a “Hindu,” probably to distinguish him from the Red-Indian. So a Hindu named Jan Muhammad Ali, who had applied to be naturalized, was objected to by the Government Examiner on the ground of his brown skin and thus not coming from the white race. On appeal, Judge Arthur J Tuttle has decided that what the naturalization law means by “white persons” is not persons whose skins are actually white, but who are of the Caucasian race. As high caste Hindus (Indians) are members of the Aryan branch of Caucasian race, they are entitled to naturalization if they enter the United States legally. Thus, JM Ali is made a United States citizen and this example may help other East-Indian Hindus and Muhammadans in this country.

Wash hands

All the Muslims wash their hands before and after their meals. In the Banquets, wash bowls are passed through before they begin eating and after they finish it. It is clean and sanitary. Now we are glad to hear that the French Minister of public instruction has issued a circular to all school masters of Government Schools that all pupils must wash their hands before going to meals. Another adoption of an Islamic system.

Ten facts the Americans must know

1. Muhammadans do not take Muhammad[sa] as a God, but consider him a man, a Prophet – the Master-Prophet. 

2. The Muhammadans do not call themselves Muhammadans – this is not their right name. Their right name, as given to them by God, is “Moslem,” which means submissive to God’s commandments. 

3. In the same way, our religion is named Islam and not Muhammadanism. Islam means Peace, submission to the will of God. 

4. A Moslem never worships Muhammad[sa], but worships the God of Muhammad – the One and same God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, David and Jesus. The Arabic word for God is Allah. 

5. A Moslem believes that Allah is one – and there being none equal to Him, He had no father, mother or sister. He does not need to have any son, daughter or brother. 

6. A Moslem trusts in the boundless treasures of Allah’s forgiveness, who does not want to crucify one to save others. But His powers are infinite. Forgiveness and Salvation comes direct from him as a gift. 

7. Islam was never spread by sword. The wars waged by the Master-Prophet were only defensive. 

8. Islam is for men as for women. They both equally can soar up to attain to the highest spiritual conditions. There have been saints in Islam out of men and out of women. 

9. Jesus Christ was never cursed – neither for his sins nor for others. Blessed he was when born and blessed he was when he died. He never died the accursed death on the cross, but was taken down alive, while fainting – revived – ate and drank with his friends forty days – left that country, traveled to the East – lived to a good old age of 120 years and his body lies buried in Cashmere [now Kashmir]– a Northern State of India. 

10. The second advent of Jesus is not in his old body and person of 1900 years ago, but as Elijah came again in spirit and power as John the Baptist, so Jesus has appeared again in spirit and power as “AHMAD” of India. He that hath ears to hear let him hear.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, October 1921)

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