100 Years Ago… – First newborn Ahmadi in UK, Turkish Sultan and Nigerian Ahmadi converts


Al Fazl, 3 May 1920

Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

Recent converts

Christian preachers in West Africa, working diligently and using all sorts of legitimate and illegitimate means, have made many simple-minded young men, whose ancestors were Muslims, to verbally believe in the divinity of son of Mary. However, this “structure”, standing on sand, cannot endure the strong blow of Islam and is slowly collapsing. Below are the names of those Nigerian friends who have accepted the truthfulness of Muhammadsa of Arabia and the advent of the Promised Messiahas and had the honour of accepting the truthful faith after repenting from the Christian religion:

Christian name and Muslim name

Thomas William – Zahid

John William – Mubarak

John Sango – Yahya

All of these friends came under the influence of Ahmadi missionaries through Brother Aziz Brown, secretary of United African Brotherhood. They courageously accepted Islam by believing in the One God. May Allah grant them steadfastness.

Our political position

The fragile state of affairs in the East and the rising tide of Muslim sentiments towards the Caliphate in Turkey demanded that on one hand, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat should have expressed sympathy towards Turkey and on the other hand, its religious and political position, with respect to the issue of Khilafat, should have been clarified.

Therefore, the address that was recently given by the Punjab Jamaat to His Excellency, Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Edward MacLagan, was reprinted by the London Jamaat and sent to the authorities and the press, along with the following letter in print form:

“Ahmadiyya Community, London Branch, 4 Star Street, Edgware Road, W2

“Dear Sir! Along with this letter, we send that address which has recently been presented before His Honourable, Lieutenant Governor of Punjab by the Ahmadiyya Community of Punjab (where the centre of the community is also located).

“The Ahmadiyya Jamaat is a new movement in Islam and since this community is spreading rapidly across various British colonies, we consider it our duty to inform you about the political views of this community, especially in these days when there is unrest and elements of insurgency in the West.

“One of the ten conditions laid down by Hazrat Ahmadas for entering his community was that his followers, wherever they may be, should remain loyal to the government of that country under which they are living.

“Fateh Muhammad Sayal, MA, Ahmadi Missionary

“Abdur Rahim Nayyar, Ahmadi Missionary and Secretary.”

The Times and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat

One of those newspapers of England that has taken notice of the above mentioned letter and address is this country’s largest newspaper, The Times. It states in the issue of 29 March [1920]:

Capture 28

“The Indian Ahmadiyyahs

“Sir Edward Maclagan, who last year became Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, received an address of welcome from the Ahmadiyyah community. This body is not numerically strong and its members are not wealthy, but its address breathes unshakable loyalty to the British Government and offers the cooperation of the community to the new Lieutenant Governor. The community concerns itself with politics only when preservation of the peace so demands. Its attitude differs from that of most Indian Moslems, in that it admits no allegiance to the Sultan in a religious sense – ‘Our Sultan is His Imperial Majesty King George V.’”

Lecture in West and East Studio, London

In order to provide an opportunity to the East and the West to study each other’s thoughts and feelings and to connect the people of the East and the West in a harmonious relationship, a scholarly and a knowledgeable mystic lady has established the society mentioned in the heading. Chaudhry Sahib’s lecture was also held here.

On 26 March, my speech was on the mosques of India, which, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, deserved to be called successful in view of many of my friends. Alhamdolillah!

Prior to the speech

The hall was full with members of the society and the president gave a detailed introduction of this humble one in the following words:

“Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyar is a missionary of the Ahmadiyya movement in Islam. He is a mystic. He has travelled over the length and breadth of India. He is an accomplished speaker.”


After this introduction, I started my speech about mosques of India and explaining in detail the definition of a mosque, what takes place in a mosque, the purpose of a mosque, the meaning of azan [call to prayer] and the place in mosques for women worshipers, I showed pictures of some of the major mosques in India and narrated a few eye-witness stories about them.

Finally, by mentioning the mosque and minaret of Qadian and by elaborating that the meaning of a mosque is jamaat [community] in the knowledge of divine vision, I mentioned the coming of the Promised Messiahas and drew the attention of the audience to the call of the prince who descended with glory and invited them to come and offer prayers in the mosque build by God.

Post speech sentiments

After the speech, some questions were asked about the current political situation in Turkey. The objection on Islam about the forceful confiscation of other [religions’] worship places was removed. The gathering ended with a vote of thanks and one by one praise of the speech by the audience, including Lady Cockburn, and taking leave after saying goodbye. All praise belongs to Allah Who made this successful.

Ahmadiyyat in Birmingham

Respected Muhammad Suleiman Faith and his brother, David Faith went to Birmingham for trading business. From there, we have received their following telegram:

“My brother and his wife and son accepted Islam and signed Bai‘at.”

After this telegram, Brother Suleiman reported that another of his nephews has also converted to Islam. This is the fourth, the eldest and the most prosperous tradesman brother of Muhammad Suleiman, who has embraced Islam.

Consequently, twelve members of this family have become Ahmadis. All praise belongs to Allah who made this possible.

Sunday’s Jalsa

Last Sunday, my lecture took place in the Ahmadiyya Lecture Hall on Three Levels of Spiritual Development. Mr Hassan Rosh was the chairman of the Jalsa and there were some educated people in the audience who were particularly impressed by the speech. Alhamdolillah!

Work of a new convert

As our esteemed brother, Muhammad Suleiman is doing his best to establish the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Birmingham. Likewise, our devoted sister, who recently accepted Islam, Aziza, has persuaded an orphan boy, who works in her hotel and is about 14 years old, to accept Ahmadiyyat with her kind conduct. I will give the details of all the new Muslim converts, including the former brother of Southsea, in the next letter, insha-Allah!

Request for prayer

The UK missionaries request prayers for their health and for the London mosque to be completed soon. Allah the Almighty is bestowing conditions to build two mosques in London instead of one.

First newborn Ahmadi child

By the grace of Allah, there are a lot of Ahmadi children, so many that we have even celebrated Children’s Day. However, the first child who came into this world aft er the conversion of his parents to Islam and in whose ears the Ahmadi missionary delivered the call to prayer and conveyed the message of tawhid [oneness of Allah] is the second son of our brother Muhammad Suleiman Faith.

He was born this week. His circumcision and aqiqah [Islamic tradition of sacrifice on the occasion of a child’s birth] will be held on Saturday, and on the same day, he will be named as well, insha-Allah!

Pray for the long life of this child and also for the increase in faith, sustenance and wealth of his parents and relatives. May this child be a source of guidance for many. Amin thumma amin!

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