100 Years Ago… – Gift from Sadiq – Part I


Al Hakam, 28 July 1918

Advertised many weeks in advance, this article by Hazrat Mufti Muahammad Sadiqra, included in the 28 July 1918 issue of Al Hakam, expresses his support for the newspaper and reflects his missionary activities in England.

Glorification of Allah


Allah the Almighty is the Superior Being, Who is Eternal and shall remain forever. However, the word “eternal” does not suffice in describing His eternity because His being Eternal is far above our comprehension and contemplation. He is never in a state of decline, and weakness cannot be associated with Him. He does not neglect, He does not slumber, nor does he sleep. The words “beginning” and “end” cannot be associated with His being.

He is Everlasting and the One who grants eternity. He alone was, He alone is and He alone shall always be. He is the Creator of all and all is His creation. He is the Master of all and everyone is His servant. He is the Lord and everyone is His slave. He is the ruler of all and everyone is His subject. He is not dependent on anyone, but all are dependent on Him. None can question Him whilst all are answerable to Him. He provides for everyone and He does not need to take anything from anyone. His knowledge encompasses everything and all knowledge originates from Him. He possesses all treasures and through His grace, others achieve that treasure. He is the true King and through Him, others are bestowed kingship. 

The earth, sky, sun, stars, planets, fire, air, water, atoms, lightening, radium and the millions of things which we do not have any knowledge of, are all busy in serving Him. All humans, animals, birds, and all that is in the ocean, and those which dwell on the earth, and those that live in the stars, the heavenly angels and the jinn which dwell on the earth are subjects of His power. There is not a single grain that can move without His permission and there is no air that can blow without His permission. 

There is no power for us except for what He has granted. We have no provision except for what He provides for us. We have no salvation except for that which is graciously bestowed by Him. We have no life except for the one which is granted from the Eternal One. We have no sustenance except for what comes from the Everlasting. He is, and we are nothing. He forgives our sins, and this forgiveness does not lessen His treasures. He is One as there is none like Him. His being did not depend on the presence of a father nor does His eternity require a son or daughter. No matter is separate from what He has created and no soul is detached from what He has made. His being is undivided; trinity does not exist in Him, nor is He four or five. He is pure, the One who is praised and the Ever-Merciful; the Gracious, Compassionate, Timeless, First and Last.

سُبْحَانَ اللّٰهِ وَبِحَمْدِهِ سُبْحَانَ اللّٰهِ الْعَلِيِّ الْعَظِيْمِ وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِيْن

(All praise belongs to Allah, the most praise-worthy; all praise belongs to Allah the highest and allpraisebelongs to Allah alone, Lordof all the worlds.)

Hamd-o-sana usi ko jo zat-e-javidani

Hamsar nahin hei uska koi na koi sani

(All Glory be to Him whose being is eternal; neither is one like Him, nor is anyone second to Him.)


The Gracious God, through His sheer blessing, continuously sent reformers for mankind, for instance Adamas, Noahas, Abrahamas, Mosesas , and Jesusas, as well as all those who came during their time or before and after them. Setting pure examples, they taught humans the ways of achieving God’s pleasure. They not only practiced those ways themselves but also guided others on this path; finally leading them to God. May Allah the Almighty elevate the status of these reformers and shower His mercy, blessings, bounty and peace upon them, especially on their Master who is the crown of all the Prophets, Chief of all the Messengers, King of the two worlds, a noble titan, the Beloved of God, our reformer and leader of all the creation, Muhammad the Chosen One, may His blessings be forever upon him. 

Peace and blessings be upon the true embodiment of the chief among the chosen ones, the complete manifestation of “Ahmad”, the Promised Messiah, the foretold, the prophet of the age who is the king of the spiritual world and like an engine of the Islamic machinery, the Imam of the holy Jamaat. He is the proof of God Almighty’s existence and the defender of the truthfulness of Islam. May God shower His abundant mercy, blessings, assistance, bounties and benevolence upon him, and upon his progeny, his companions, his Khulafa, his followers, his helpers, those who rest beside him in their graves, his Jamaat, his devotees, his faithful admirers, all the holy men, adherents and the righteous who have passed away or are yet to come. Bi-rahmatika Ya Arhamar-Rahimin. (By Your mercy, O Most-Merciful of those who have mercy.)

First Newspaper of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat

In the early age of Jariyullah fi hulalil anbiya [the champion of God in the mantle of the Prophets], when the Jamaat of the faithful was fewer in number and the opponents were in their full swing, articles were published in the newspapers of Punjab and Hindustan against Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam. However, there was not a single newspaper devoted for the articles of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

At times it was very difficult to eradicate the misconceptions spread by the opponents. I remember the time when the editor of Chaudhvin Sadi newspaper published an article against us, I wrote an answer to that article and sent it to the Promised Messiahas from Lahore. Huzooras replied to me with his own blessed hand saying that I had written an outstanding answer, but the opponents would not publish it. Allah the Almighty would surely provide us some other sources, he said.

In those difficult times, God the Benevolent gave the courage to Hazrat Sheikh Yaqub Ali Turab Sahib to launch a newspaper for the true cause; he named the newspaper Al Hakam. 

I was in Lahore and the late Hazrat Maulana Maulvi Abdul Karim [Sialkoti] Sahibra happened to be there as well when the first issue of Al Hakam reached Lahore. Hazrat Maulvi Sahibra said that our community was in great need of this kind of newspaper and Allah the Almighty had fulfilled that requirement. And so, the first newspaper of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat was launched. 

Although the newspaper was not fully functional in its early days due to low sales and difficulties in acquiring equipment for printing in Qadian, we were still happy whenever Al Hakam was published as if it was Eid. After all, it was the first newspaper of the community. The face of every Ahmadi was delighted by the sight of this newspaper – it was spiritual nourishment for us through which we were nurtured. 


Services of Al Hakam

The great service which Al Hakam has provided since its inception goes without saying. I feel there is no need to delve into it with great detail.

At the moment, the Editor of Al Hakam offers a collection of previous issues of Al Hakam for 150 rupees and politely thanks the purchaser, considering the sum a donation. However, I see the day when this collection will be bought for 100,000 rupees and the purchaser will be proud that this treasure fell in their hands.

This newspaper has recorded clear signs of the progress and the outstanding history of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. It served as the only organ to record and publish Allah the Almighty’s fresh revelations [to the Promised Messiahas]] for a long time. Collections of the late Hazrat Maulana Maulvi Abdul Karim Sahib’s writings and sermons are present in it. As a matter of fact, those who are full of grudges and hatred against Al Hakam themselves copy its columns in their newspapers and books. Owing to their cowardice, at times they do not even care to mention that a certain article was taken from Al Hakam, but deep down in their hearts they know that they are indebted to Al Hakam and its Editor for those precious pearls (published in their newspapers and books). 

Many newspapers and magazines of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat were launched after Al Hakam, all serving religion in a magnificent manner. Thereby each and every one these publications is worthy of commendation and praise, but difficulty always lies in the beginning of any work. When a passageway of water lies ahead, and we are to pass through it, then real courage lies with the one who throws themselves in the arms of danger without knowing the depth, thereby guiding others and providing a safe passage for the rest. As a result, those who come after do not find it difficult to pass through it. 

Thus, it is an honour for Al Hakam to fall in the category of the leading newspapers of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. It thus helped the Jamaat increase in confidence and determination that Ahmadiyyat has the capacity to produce this kind of literature. 


I find myself completely drawn towards Al Hakam due to the qualities mentioned earlier and for many of its unique characteristics. It was quite upsetting when it stopped being published but I was certain that its closure was temporary.

I have read this news with great delight that Al Hakam has started to be published again. All praise be to Allah! This will serve as a sign for the blessed era of the Second Khilafat that Al Hakam survived, overcame its difficulties and started to be published again. 

It may be due to the wisdom of Allah the Almighty that Al Hakam was not published for a period of time. One reason for it being stopped was that according to some, Al Hakam caused certain people to fall into doubt. However, when the time came, no one could say that Al Hakam was the reason for those people abandoning the Jamaat. Their departure was the outcome of their own actions, their arrogant writings, their secret conspiracies which were at last unfolded, and their prejudices, enmities and grudges against the family members of this Prophetas. May Allah the Almighty save us from the uprisings of evil and rebellion. Amin.

Newspaper Assistance

It is not possible for me to serve Al Hakam during my stay in this country. The only thing possible for me is to write an article whenever I find time. I have hope from the Ahmadis of Hindustan and other countries that they will provide support to the Editor and workers of Al Hakam by increasing its purchase. 

Along with brief reports which I send to all newspapers and which will continue to be published in Al Hakam Insha-Allah, some very special articles will be written for Al Hakam. Editor of Al Hakam may select a title for those set of articles and this article should be considered the first of those that fall under that title.

Winter Report

Now I shall present a brief report of the works done in the previous five months for the readers of Al Hakam. At times, when I was in Hindustan, it was quite difficult for me to bear the cold of Qadian owing to my weak body and that I do not generate much natural body heat. As I had the honour of being in the company of the Promised Messiahas during his journeys, he was quite aware of my natural weakness and he used to say, “Mufti Sahib’s body is particularly weak, and this is concerning.” I hope that this worry was a source of special prayers for me and thus, through this weak body, Allah the Almighty, by His Grace, saw the accomplishment of those tasks which many strong men were not able to do.

So the winters of Qadian were quite tough for me, and after experiencing a [relatively warm] winter of Hyderabad Madras, I would say that had it not been for the immense attraction of Qadian, I would have built a home in Hyderabad Deccan to spend winters. However, what value does human planning have? Only that which Allah desires, happens. Instead of (Hyderabad) Deccan, I had to spend winters in England where the intensity of the cold in June and July exceeds the cold of Decembers in Qadian. 

I remained in London from April to November 1917. Many a time, I fell sick owing to cold weather. Accordingly, due to the cold climate, I received an instruction from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih which read: “Leave for Nigeria, if the journey is not dangerous.” Letters from the people of Nigeria started pouring in saying that as I had been directed by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II to leave for Nigeria, I should immediately travel to Nigeria. I would have gladly left for Nigeria without having cared about any danger if the following instruction was not in the message: “if the journey is not dangerous”. 

The passage was not safe even at the time I left Qadian for London in April 1917, and our ship, whilst crossing the Mediterranean Sea, went through seriously dangerous stretches, before reaching the destination unharmed by Allah the Almighty’s grace. The monthly reports of sunken ships which have been published till now show that the highest number of ships sunk in April 1917, but at that time I was sent here on the instructions of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, may Allah strengthen his hand, and there was no condition attached to it. Now that there has been a condition attached about journeying to Africa, it would inappropriate to weather the storm. Due to these reasons, the recommendation for Nigeria was postponed, and through mutual consensus it was settled that I spend the winter in the town of Ventnor [Isle of Wight] which is located near the seashore beneath high mountains, as the temperatures there are not as cold as London’s. Thus, on 4 December 1917, I came here to spend winter. Now, after passing five months, on 6  May 1918, I leave for London again. 

[The second part of this article will follow in next week’s issue Insha-Allah.]

(Translated by Al Hakam)


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