100 Years Ago… – Hazrat Mufti Sahib’s journey to America from Liverpool


Al Fazl, 8 March 1920

Hazrat Master Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

On 20 January, Mufti Sahib’s associates and friends were given a farewell party and an address by the London Jamaat, in which they expressed their affectionate and sincere relationship with him and acknowledged his services.

Dr Henry M Leon MA, Dr Bett PhD, principal of Philology College and Madam Leon, who also holds a Master’s degree, were present in the audience. Dr Leon read out the address from the chair of the president.

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Thereafter, Dr Sahib and Dr Bett commended the works and competence of Mufti Sahib in highly praiseworthy addresses. In the speeches of each of the two scholars, there was a particular mention of Mufti Sahib’s article, which he wrote on the comparison of the Arabic and Hebrew Languages.

Moreover, the speakers openly expressed that his article had been regarded with great appreciation around the world. The final words of the speeches were, “Our loss is America’s gain.”

Among the Ahmadi speakers, apart from the missionaries, there were Raeeszada Thomas Ibrahim, Brother Muhammad Suleiman Faith, Mr Wilson Yarther, Secretary Welfare League of India and Mr Kamaluddin Khachichi of Ceylon.

Every one of them expressed their love for Mufti Sahib and talked about his high morals and compelling way of tabligh and prayed that Allah bless him with victories in the new field.

Mufti and Nayyar in Liverpool

On 26 January, Hazrat Mufti Sahib set off to Liverpool for his journey to America. This humble one also travelled with him to Liverpool to take some time off after 6 months of work and more so, to witness his countenance, which was a reminiscence of the Promised Messiahas, sailing from the coast of England.

In Liverpool, each of the two green turbaned Ahmadi missionaries, wearing eye glasses and having white beards, distributed the literature of the Jamaat and gave people the good news of the revival of Liverpool’s Islamic Mission and the regathering of the scattered sheep of Muhammadsa, Prophet of Allah. There, we landed at the hotel which was incidentally named after the British conquerour, Alger Lord Nelson, and carried a lot of prayers.

Hazrat Mufti Sahib saw in a divine vision “Fateh Muhammad Bahadur,” written on the door of the hotel. On the same night, I heard the following phrase in an aweinspiring voice:

“The tree of Islam will flourish, progress and spread to the corners of the world.”

Thus, I think that Allah will give new victories in the new world, and many noble souls here and there, will take refuge under the flag of the Promised Messiahas.

Green turbaned men on an American ship

The name of the ship that Mufti Sahib boarded was [SS] Haverford. It is a giant of the Atlantic Ocean, weighing 11,000 tonnes. He went on its deck, prayed and met the officials who behaved respectably. The ship set sail on 28 January at 1pm and Hazrat Mufti began his journey towards the west with the message of the Promised Messiahas.

Before departing, Mufti Sahib lifted his hands from above the ship, and I from the shore, and prayed twice for half an hour. The ship was high and it was not possible for [his] voice to be heard on the shore, therefore we bade farwell, saying Assalam-o-Alaikum through gestures.

Distribution of literature and a brief lecture

Upon return from the port, I saw a rally of labourers. There was a large crowd. As Allah Almighty gave the opportunity, I distributed the literature [of the Jamaat] and spent around 15 minutes conveying the message taught by the Promised Messiahas and explaining the principles of equality laid down by Islam. All praise belongs to Allah!

Letter from the ship

A letter of Hazrat Mufti Sahib has been received from the ship. He has begun to carry out tabligh on the ship. He has regained good health after a little distress. Below is his address in America:

C/O Thomas Cook and Sons, 24 Broadway, New York, USA

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