100 Years Ago… – If Jesus came to America


Al Fazl, 25 April 1922

(Since Hazrat Mufti Sahibra had experienced extreme scrutiny on the basis of his beliefs upon arrival in the USA in 1920, he wrote the following to raise awareness that the immigration department needed to revise their set rules. Today, circumstances are a lot better. – Editor Al Hakam)

The Moslem Sunrise (No. 4) published a brief mock dialogue about how the department of immigration in America treats someone who comes to America. This dialogue gets more interesting when the person entering America is considered to be Jesus Christ. Below is that article [transcribed from the original published in The Moslem Sunrise, April 1922]:

If Jesus comes to India

If the blessed Jesus, whose body rests in peace in Srinagar, India, and whose soul is in the Heavens along with other prophets, had been alive in these days and had fancied to come over to America, how would he have been treated by the immigration department? Let us consider the questions to be put to him along with other voyagers and his answers, etc. 


Immigration officer: IO 

Jesus: J 

IO: What is your name? 

J: Jesus. 

IO: What is your first name? 

J: This is my first name. 

IO: What is your second name? 

J: I have no second name. This is my only name. 

IO: Funny, what is your father’s name? 

J: I have no father. 

IO: Have no father? Funny, how were you born? 

J: Miraculously – without a father. What is funny to you is right with God. Could you tell me how was Adam born without a father and without a mother? 

IO: I do not know. Where do you come from? 

J: India. 

IO: What city? 

J: Srinagar, Cashmere. 

IO: How much money have you? 

J: I have no money with me. 

IO: How will you live without money? 

J: I never think of tomorrow. Tomorrow will think of itself. 

IO: Funny, we think of things in this country a century ahead. What is your nationality? 

J: I am a Jew. 

IO: Do you believe in the Law of Moses which allows polygamy? 

J: Surely, I do – whosoever shall break the least of the commandments of the Law of Moses, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

IO: Why are your hands pierced? 

J: I was unjustly nailed to the cross. 

IO: What is your profession? 

J: I am a preacher of God’s word. I speak nothing but what I am commanded by Him to say. 

IO: Have you any papers with you to prove that you are a preacher? 

J: I need no papers. 

IO: Will you fight for the country if ever necessary? 

J: I do not believe in fighting. I believe only in love. 

IO: Do you allow drinking wine? 

J: I would even perform a miracle to provide wine if necessary for a feast or so.


Decided that Jesus cannot be allowed to enter this country because: 

1. He comes from a land which is out of the permitted zone. 

2. He has no money with him. 

3. He is not decently dressed. 

4. His hands have holes in the palms. 

5. He remains bare-footed, which is a disorderly act. 

6. He is against fighting for the country. 

7. He believes in making wine when he thinks necessary. 

8. He has no credentials to show that he is an authorized preacher. 

9. He believes in the Law of Moses which allows polygamy. 

But he can appeal to the Washington Office against this decision of ours. 

Jesus: I would not submit any appeal, as it is evil to disallow a man like me – and resistance of evil is against my principles – so I shake off the dust of my feet and go back to the charming land of Hindustan.

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu published in the 25 May 1922 issue of Al Fazl)

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