100 Years Ago… – Indian Ahmadis in London and a Brahmin’s acceptance of Islam


Al Fazl, 7 July 1921

Hazrat Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sayal, (1887-1960)

Old London

Indian Ahmadis in London

At the time of writing this report, the UK Ahmadiyya Jamaat achieved success and progressed in many ways by the grace of Allah the Almighty. The number of Indian Ahmadis here these days is more than any other time in the past. 

We are a total of 13 [Ahmadis in the UK]. You are aware of the situation of Mian Karam Din who reached the UK without any provisions. He stayed with us for about two months and then with an Indian friend who has been living in London for about 20 years. He converted to Ahmadiyyat during the time of Qazi Abdullah Sahib and started to live with him and work under his help and guidance. Now, he earns enough that he can easily make a good living out of it and this is a representation [of the following]:

وَّ يَرۡزُقۡهُ مِنۡ حَيۡثُ لَا يَحۡتَسِبُ

[“And He provides for him from whence he expects not.”]

Shamshad Ali Khan Sahib, who is a model of virtue for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, enjoys the special favours of Allah the Almighty and he has successfully achieved his objective for which he travelled to the UK, alhamdulillah. He has been selected for the post of deputy commissioner out of several Indians and this is the sheer grace of God Almighty and a result of the prayers of Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih II[ra]. Otherwise, there was apparently no chance of this happening.

Malik Muhammad Hussain Sahib (barrister) has passed the final barrister exam in May [1921]. We are glad that Allah the Almighty bestowed His special grace on the son of the past servant of the Promised Messiahas, Mian Ghulam Hussain Sahib. 

These two friends often stay with me and help me with my writing work and because of them, I enjoy the feeling of our homeland in a foreign country.

Apart from them, Mian Abdur Rahim Khan Sahib Khalid and Chaudhry Maula Bakhsh Sahib are engaged in their respective studies and have passed some of the barrister’s examinations. The example of Abdur Rahim Khan Sahib and Aziz Ali Muhammad Sahib, who is the noble son of Seith Abdullah Ala Din Sahib, is worthy of envy. With the companionship of these two friends, certain stages of Sufism are being achieved, which especially include frugality and ibadat [worship]. There are three more friends who live at some distance. The news of their well-being is received through letters. Members of the Jamaat are requested to pray for their success and safety.

New converts

During the period under discussion, two new friends joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. One of them is Abdullah bin Yasin. He has a Jewish lineage and has lived in India and Egypt for a long time. Therefore, he is familiar with the Islamic matters to some extent. Inspired by the lectures of Ahmadi missionaries, he has manifested his Islam. 

Another friend is Dr Yusuf Suleiman, who had been acquainted with Ahmadi missionaries for some time, but he formally entered the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in May [1921]. His last exam is going to be held in July, so members of the Jamaat are requested to pray for his success. Dr Sahib is from the nation of Malaya. His native country is Cape Town. He intends to practice in Nairobi, Africa and will probably depart from London in August.

Hindu nation and Islam

اِنِّيۡ لَاَجِدُ رِيۡحَ يُوۡسُفَ لَوۡ لَاۤ اَنۡ تُفَنِّدُوۡنِ

[“Surely, I feel the scent of Joseph, even though you take me to be a dotard.”]

وَ نُرِيۡدُ اَنۡ نَّمُنَّ عَلَي الَّذِيۡنَ اسۡتُضۡعِفُوۡا فِي الۡاَرۡضِ وَ نَجۡعَلَهُمۡ اَئِمَّةً وَّ نَجۡعَلَهُمُ الۡوٰرِثِيۡنَ

[“And We desired to show favour unto those who had been considered weak in the earth, and to make them leaders and to make them inheritors of Our favours.”]

All Ahmadi friends are well aware of the sincerity and nobility of those who have converted to Islam from the Hindu and Sikh peoples. This is a good omen which has convinced me that the Hindu nation will soon convert to Islam and Allah the Almighty is going to liberate this nation from the thing which motivates slavery and humiliation, i.e. idolatry. 

After brother Muhammad Amin Sahib (barrister), Khalid Bezji, a very astute and noble Bengali Brahmin, has converted to Islam in the UK. The conversion of such learned, virtuous and prosperous people to Islam, who have no hidden interest, is a proof of what Allah the Almighty wills about India now. It is possible that Allah the Almighty may well show us in this very life the spectacle of all of India converting to Islam. 

The fact that Allah the Almighty sent the Promised Messiahas to India means that Arabs, non-Arabs, Turks and Tatars have already served Islam and now, it is the turn of Punjab and India. The hearts of the Hindu nation, in particular, are turning towards Islam. 

I have met some eminent people of the Hindu nation and after talking to them, have come to the conclusion that if the attributes of Islam are explained to Hindus with wisdom and love, then it is no wonder that within the next 20 years, a large number of them will convert to Islam. Hindus belong to a noble and brave nation. These people are filled with the qualities of loyalty and love. The way they have shown loyalty to their idols really amazes me. 

That this nation has shown such loyalty towards idols, [imagine] what wonders they can do when the One True God manifests Himself upon them. I have written these words after much thought and experience. Ahmadi friends should now take advantage of the wind that is being blown by Allah the Almighty and win the hearts of their Hindu brothers with love and kind-heartedness.

Remember me in your prayers. Muhammad Sayal MA. 6 June 1921.

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in the 7 July 1921 issue of Al Fazl)

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