100 Years Ago… – Ku Klux Klan, Ahmadi converts begin preaching in America and Press Congress of the World newspaper


Al Fazl, 22 December 1921 & 2 January 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)


Valuable efforts of new convert Ahmadi preachers

By the grace of God, some new converts have been granted such zeal and strength by God Almighty that they are actively engaged in the preaching of Ahmadiyyat among the Christians of this country, [America]. The most noteworthy of them are:

1. Mr Jacob (Muhammad Yaqub), who was the first to convert to Islam in Chicago, is constantly trying to convert others to Islam ever since. Thus far, 15 men and women have joined Islam after being guided through his efforts and their weekly gathering is held every Sunday at the house of Mr Roman, a Bengali Ahmadi Muslim.

2. The second preacher is Mrs Garber (Madam Rahatullah) who is working in New York. Five people have already converted to Islam through her efforts and this week she has sent letters of another three new converts.

3. The third person is Mr Alberto who lives in Florida state. His picture has been published in the third issue of The Moslem Sunrise. Through his efforts, 10 men have thus far acquired guidance. Moreover, he is also trying to get the people of that city to contribute and invite me there for lectures and also to cover the expenses of my trip with their donations. As Florida is 2,000 miles from Detroit, two-way train fares will cost about 500 rupees. In this country, there are no partitions in the train. Everyone is provided with the same type of carriage and equal comfort. However, there is a separate carriage for sleeping in which beds, etc., are provided and its fare is a bit higher but not too much.

Another tribute

A congress of newspapers has been formed in this country which has been named as Press Congress of the World. This congress, in one of their special sessions, elected me as a member on the basis of me being the editor of an Islamic magazine and requested me to accept it. Its members include well-renowned editors whose newspapers are published in millions on daily basis. President Harding is also a member [of the said congress].

Ahmadis in Central America

In Guatemala, Central America, a friend named Mr FR Mandal has joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat through correspondence. Before him, there was one friend who become an Ahmadi Muslim in Central America. While living in the United States, tabligh can be carried out in all the countries of the Americas, provided we have sufficient resources.

Address for telegram

It is to inform friends that:

1. I have registered my brief address in the telegraph office, Western Union. The [address] is: Sunrise, Detroit, Mich., USA. This [address] will only be counted as two words. The telegram officials do not charge for the word “America”, and “Detroit Mich.” is counted as one word.

2. The VP [Value Payable Post] service is not available between America and India.

3. If a person wants to send some money and order something from here, they should send the Indian currency notes in a registry envelope without getting them insured or send a check in the name of the Thomas Cook Company, New York. Moreover, I can easily receive [money via] hundi here from any city of America.

Mr MM Sadiq, 27 La Belle Ave., Highland Park, Mich.

Al Fazl, 2 January 1922

The Messiah will appear in India

On the shores of California lives a man of Jewish descent named Edward Bachour who claims to be the promised messiah of the Jews and [says that] through him, peace and prosperity will be established in the world. I have informed him about the appearance of our Messiah. He is studying the books of the Jamaat. He runs a small magazine called Messianic Messenger. In its September issue, an article by one of its correspondents, Mr Rudhyar, has been published. Mr Rudhyar wrote that the one who would reveal the hidden secrets to the world was about to be born in India – the great reservoir of wisdom and spirituality. His exact English words are as follows:

“The Great Hierophant shall come from the great reservoir of wisdom and of spirituality: India.”

Secret committees in America and Ku Klux Klan

The country of America is a collection of wonders. There are hundreds of secret societies here. Each society is licensed by the government. Recently, the secrets of a new secret society called the [Ku] Klux Klan have been revealed. It has been five years since this society was established. Its members currently number 500,000 and their primary objective is to ensure that whites always dominate the blacks. They believe that blacks were created for slavery. Some black killings and riots are attributed to this society. Some newspapers are strongly opposing them.

The Promised Messiahas was once told that no secret committee would be able to assassinate him. It also sheds light on the fact that the main goal of the secret committees is to murder their opponents.

American postage cost has risen

The postage cost on letters from India to America used to be two and a half annas [a unit of currency formerly used in the subcontinent, equal to 1/16 of a rupee]. Now, it costs three annas, but as our friends do not know that, they still put [a stamp of] only two and a half annas on their letters and so I have to pay three annas here for each letter. It is to inform that the friends and offices who intend to write should put a stamp of 3 annas on their letters. Moreover, if the letter is too heavy, add a stamp of another one and a half annas.

Muhammad Sadiq, America

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in the 22-26 December 1921 & 2 January 1922 issue of Al Fazl)

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