100 Years Ago… – Launch of Faruq Press


Akhbar Faruq, 7 October 1920

All praise be to Allah that through His blessings, Faruq Press has been relaunched, which was closed for a long time due to the unavailability of a press operator.

The difficulties faced by this humble editor of Faruq in publishing the newspaper are indescribable. Akhbar [newspaper] Faruq could not be published on time due to the unavailability of its own press.

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In addition to the newspaper, copies of Tabligh-e-Rasalat and Risala-e-Ahmadiyya had been written and on hold for over a year. The press of Qadian was not able to print them.

Unaware of the challenges I was facing, the readers of Faruq and the subscribers of Tabligh-e-Rasalat and Risala-e-Ahmadiyya started having all sorts of negative thoughts about me and were angry at this humble editor of Faruq. I tried my best to find a press operator on my own and it is true that without a printing press, it is very difficult to get newspapers and books out on time, especially in Qadian, where there is only one press and it is impossible to get anything printed from elsewhere, and that press cannot do all the work of Qadian.

By the grace of God the Almighty, I finally succeeded and the press was launched in the current month. A former press operator from Delhi, who used to work for me in Al-Haq Press, Delhi came to work for me after receiving a reasonable salary. Yesterday, pages were also brought from Delhi. Insha-Allah-ul-Aziz, the newspaper will be published on time in the future.

Moreover, Tabligh-e-Rasalat and Risala-e-Ahmadiyya have also started to be published. Hopefully, an issue of “Tabligh-e-Rasalat” will be published every month. Due to the launch of the press, the printing costs have increased by 90 rupees per month, but the publication of Faruq is inevitable.

May God Almighty, with His grace and blessings, enable us to bear this burden. Amin.

In future, I will write to my audience in detail about what I have done so far and how much they have helped me and what is due on them for the future.

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