100 Years Ago… – Lectures in Portsmouth and meetings with British Muslims


Al Fazl, 3 August 1922; The Review of Religions [English], October & November 1922

Hazrat Maulvi Mubarak Ali BA BT

Lectures in Portsmouth

I arrived at Portsmouth on 30 June [1922], hoping to be back in London on Sunday, 9 July [1922], for that day I have to address a meeting at the Ahmadiyya [Fazl] Mosque.

On Sunday, 2 July [1922], Brother Chaudhry Maula Bakhsh Sahib, Barrister-at-Law, delivered his lecture on the “Position of Woman in Islam,” which was very successful, the number of audience being fairly good.

At Portsmouth, I delivered two lectures, one at the Theosophical Society and the other at the Spiritualist Society. Both the lectures were listened to with attention. At the conclusion, questions were asked and duly explained. The secretary of the latter society particularly asked me to address them again on my next visit. I drew the attention of the audience to the Muslim idea of God. I told them that whereas on the one hand Islam put forth an Infinite and Almighty God, on the other hand Islam says that “He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and All-hearing and a friend of the good and virtuous.”

Lectures at Hyde Park

On 13 August [1922], this humble one and Brother Azizuddin Sahib spoke in the Hyde Park between 12 and 3pm. The lectures were followed by intelligent questions which were fully and satisfactorily dealt with.

In London and some parts of England, I sometimes come across such Christians who believe in the truth of the mission of our Prophet Muhammad[sa], but at the same time they hold that Jesus was the son of God and as such none could stand in comparison with him. We think this a step forward to the mental reception of Islam, for we have now a commonly accepted basis on which we can proceed together.

Meetings with British Muslims

During the last week under report, the following British Muslim gentlemen and ladies were at home with our brethren at the [Fazl] Mosque, Putney:

1. Miss Amatullah Cox

2. Mr Muhammad Hull

3. Mrs Muhammad Hull

4. Mr Waliullah Hull

5. Mr Stone

Conversation ranged on various Islamic topics of spiritual aspect, our American Mission occupying the most prominent position. Copies of “The Moslem Sunrise” were distributed and they were read with great pleasure and appreciation. The guests of honour, during the week under report were:

1. The two members of the Riff Delegation,

2. Mr Arnul, Vice President, Anglo-Ottoman Society,

3. Mr Suleiman,

4. Mr Harlow, and

5. Mr Dawn, a friend of Mr Harlow.

The Riff members and Mr Arnul dined at the [Fazl] Mosque and conversation was carried out in French. I gave them a copy of “Qasaid-i-Ahmadiyya” and the French edition of the “[The Philosophy of the] Teachings of Islam.”

The Rift members very greatly appreciated the poetical writings of the Promised Messiah[as] and seemed to be deeply touched by the sublimity and pathos of the style.

Brothers helping in tabligh work

Brother Abdur Rahim Khan Khalid Sahib, son of Nawab Mohammad Ali Khan Sahib of Malerkotla and brother Ali Muhammad Sahib, son of Seith Allah Din Sahib, are staying at the [Fazl] Mosque. In addition to pursuing their own studies, both of them every now and then lend a helping hand in the work of propagation.

(Transcribed and edited by Al Hakam from the original, published in The Review of Religions, October and November 1922)

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