100 Years Ago… – “Mark that the sun of Islam will now rise from the West”


The Review of Religions (English), October 1920

The London Mosque

The plan of the proposed mosque in London is under consideration. The scheme includes a mosque, quarters for missionaries, guest rooms, lecture room, a yard and a tennis court. In this connection, we give below the translation of an Urdu quatrain from the pen of our leader the Khalifatul Messiah II[ra]:

“From the centre of polytheism doth arise the cry of monotheism,

“Mark that the sun of Islam will now rise from the West,

“In presence of light what chance has darkness to make a stand?

“Be sure that before long there will be an end to the tyranny of the church.”

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Our American mission

Our missionary in America reports favourable progress with their work. There have been two more conversions, both educated Americans, since the last report. This brings the total number to 40. The headquarters of our missionary has been removed to Chicago, which from its central position in the continent and other reasons has been found more convenient for the purpose of the mission work than New York.

The new address of our missionary is as follows:

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Ahmadiya Missioner, c/o Diab Brothers, 51 – E 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Islamic society in America

As a result of a suggestion made by the leader of the Ahmadiya Community published in the Al Fazl; a society has been founded in America for the protection [welfare] of Islam. Mr Mohini, editor of the Arabic newspaper, Al-Serat and Mufti Mohammad Sadiq, Islamic missioner have been elected the secretary and the president, respectively, of the said society.

Suggested Islamic organ in America

The crassest ignorance prevails in America regarding the religion of Islam and the newspapers of the country are never tired of regaling its readers with the grossest caricatures and misrepresentations of that creed. Adequate refutation of them is not possible without a special organ devoted to the interest of Islam.

Our missioner estimates that a suitable monthly magazine will cost during the first year at the rate of 100 dollars a month. Lovers of Islam may correspond on the subject with Mufti Mohammad Sadiq.

Our London mission

Our missionaries in London have been extending their operations. One of them recently paid a visit to Paris where there were assembled representatives from different Muslim countries. Some of the citizens of France had also accepted the faith of Islam and to these and to the visitors from foreign countries our missionary – Chaudhry Fateh Mohammad Sayal – brought the news of the advent of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi of Qadian (India). The news was a divine message of hope to the Muslims, to whom the political aspect of the time seemed full of gloom for the future of Islam.

A tasteful tribute

Recently a certain lady in England called at our mission home in London and presented a small parcel of fruits. The parcel contained a card with the following note:

“A small gift from a servant of ‘the dear Jesus’ to the apostles of Ahmad, servant of the Most High God, with respectful complements.”

The lady it appears had attended one of the open air lectures of the missionary and the gift was intended as a mark of her appreciation.

A missioner’s self-conceit

Bishop Warne of Lucknow in speaking on the question of the Indian Reforms gave it as his opinion that when the load comes on the two religions Hinduism and Muhammadanism (for the test will be first of all a moral test), they will be unable to hear the strain and will break under the load. And if so, it was the Bishop’s opinion, that this would constitute the biggest opportunity ever known to the Christian Church in India. That is the self-complacency which upholds the Christian ministers.

A belated rectification

The Cutchi Memons Bill has passed the Indian Legislative Council. It brings to the Cutch Muslims freedom from the fetters of the Hindu Law in the matter of succession and inheritance and places them on a footing in conformity with the dictates of the Mohammadan Law.

The Prohibition fight in America

Preparations are going on in the United States of America for the great fight over Prohibition, which will probably take place in October.

The Russian Church no more a branch of the state

The much-maligned Bolsheviks have at last something to be said to their credit. They have liberated the Russian Church from the dominion of the State. Subordination of the Church to the State was typical of the material spirit of Europe. Peter the Great, the great Czar of Russia found it inconvenient to have within his empire a Church which claimed direct allegiance to Christ. He established the Holy Synod which brought the Church under State control. This body, under the auspices of the New Reformers, has been abolished and in its place has been set up, the Holy Patriarchate of Moscow which will henceforth manage the Church affairs freed from State influence of any sort.

Bolsheviks put down superstition

The head of a monastery in Russia was recently convicted in a Bolshevik Court for selling bones of alleged saints for curative purposes. The Bolshevik authorities are to be commended for this prompt and wise action in punishing the vendors of false relics and the disseminators of vain superstitions.

More tribulations for a recusant world

A most devastating famine is now raging in China. It affects a considerable area of the country and exceeds in intensity any other famine within living memory.

The month of September witnessed several serious shocks of earthquake in Italy. A tract of country 100 by 50 miles has been left desolate. The shocks were the severest after those of the Messina earthquake.

A serious epidemic of typhoid is prevailing in Central Europe and threatens to overspread the whole of the continent. Appeal has been made for funds to counteract its depredations which it is feared might prove as fatal as the war itself. So the prophecy of the second Messiah is going to be fulfilled that there is to be no respite till the world has recognised his truth.

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