100 Years Ago… – New converts in America and Mrs Watts’ love for Islam


The Moslem Sunrise, January 1923

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)


The Moslem faith

Out of the manuscripts left by our late Sister Zeineb, sent by her beloved husband, Mr HF Eldeen:

Some loved, believed and followed him,

The rest but scoffed and fought.

But strength and might God yielded him,

Their scoffings set at naught.

For who can prevail against God’s chosen ones?

The Moslem Faith does not begin for man with Muhammad[sa], but with Adam[as]. Adam[as], Noah[as], Abraham[as], Moses[as], Jesus[as], all were Moslems – each loved and honored by Islam because they were sent by God to teach people to worship and obey Him, and love and honor their fellow-brethren. Muhammadans [Muslims] do not hate Jesus[as] as [some] Christians do Muhammad[sa]. Ah, no. We love and revere him as one from God. Adam and Jesus[as] have resemblance in their birth to a certain extent. Adam had no father, no mother – still he was a man – so was Jesus[as]. Does Allah, the Supreme, the Infinite, the Everlasting, need to have a son to help Him? Why should He? That one idea has been a stumbling block for seekers after Truth. In Islam, all those points are clearly defined. Is it any wonder that the Moslem people are strong and consistent in their faith?

The real Muhammadan [Muslim] story, the true history of the faith of Islam, has not been heard here (in America) yet. But it is coming, for Truth must win, and there is none worshipable but God.

All Islam is glad that this “Land of the brave and home of the free” is becoming interested in her vast storehouse of Faith, and searchers after Light and Truth who turn to Islam will never go away empty.

Many, many years ago, there lived some heathen folk.

They worshipped fire, stone and wood,

And knew no law, nor yoke.

The lovely land in which they lived was filled with all things good.

Forgotten was the one true God,

Malik, Master of all worlds and ages,

And yet he loved and cared for them.

For the truth of many sages still lived within their boundaries.

And then one day from out of the depths,

As a lily grows out of the slime,

There came one chosen by God.

To lead them back to Raheem, Rahman, Gracious and Merciful God.

Muhammad[sa], the Prophet from within Their midst.

[By Mrs Watts (Sister Zeineb)]

New converts

Through the Grace of Allah, the last few months have been very successful in securing new converts to Islam out of the American Christians. Since the last list was published in the Moslem Sunrise for October last, 303 ladies and gentlemen have accepted the faith of Islam, in the Ahmadiyya Movement. Their new Moslem names are given below, along with their old American [Christian] names and the states in which they live:

Note 1: The signatures in some of the out-station forms not being quite legible, there might have been some mistakes in the spelling of such names, which will be corrected in the next issue if signees will inform us of necessary corrections.

Note 2: If any of the names have been omitted, please write to the Editor and they will be printed in the next issue.

Rosina Lynch of North Dakota (Mrs Wurdy Farhat); Mrs Tillie Miller of Pennsylvania (Amina); Dr Ernest Erastus A Sampson of Corozal BH (Mubashir Ahmad); Miss Nellie Steiner of Pennsylvania (Fatima); Mrs Mae Farrer of Texas (Mobarika); Miss Gertrude Sheridan of New Jersey (Nusrat); Miss Mollie Ofbeliz of Minnesota (Mariam Saage); S ET of Pennsylvania (Salaam); Mrs Albania De Temple of Pennsylvania (Saadia); Mrs Anna Ruprecht of Pennsylvania (Kareema); Mr Earl Steiner of Pennsylvania (Abdul Malik); Mrs Edith Virginie Hofmann of Pennsylvania (Sadiqah); Mrs Wilhelmina Ulzhoefer of Ohio (Saleema); Mrs Nellie Peterson of Pennsylvania (Saleema); Mrs HH Schneider of Pennsylvania (Hakeema); Mrs Abos Kelli of Michigan; Mr Owen Jackson of Iowa (Mustapha); Mr Frazier Cook of Missouri (Aly); Mr John T Hughes of Missouri (Azeem); Mr Dak Mulan of Michigan (Abdur Rahman); Mr LH Crews of Michigan (Muhammad  Arif);  Mr Leon La Salle of Michigan (Abdur Rahim); Mr Joseph Harvey of Michigan (Yoosaf); Mr Joseph Wright of Michigan (Bilawl); Mr Tom Parker of Illinois (Ahmad); Mr William M Patton of Missouri (Omar); Mrs Mary Wright of Michigan (Nazeefa); Miss Mary Wright of Michigan (Mariam); Mr Ollie Moore of Missouri (Shawkir); Mr John Williams of Illinois (Yehya); Mr Samuel David Tapp of Illinois (Ismail); Mr JW Hurst of Illinois (Ossman); Mr Sam J Mayer of Michigan (Yaqoob);  Mr Thomas Ferguson of Michigan (Raheem); Mr Ollie M Hunt of Michigan (Ghulam  Muhammad); Mr James Hunt of Michigan (Ghulam  Ahmad); Mr Joseph Harvey of Michigan (Farooq); Mr J Jones of Michigan (Yoonas); Mr CW Kelly of Illinois (Muhammad); Mr Wade Curtis of Michigan (Aslam); Mr Sullivan Ellis of Michigan (Arjumand); Lover McDaniels Michigan (Ibraheem); Mr Peter Francis Michigan (Amanullah); Mr Ed Gant of Michigan (Ikramullah); Mr John James of Michigan (Anas); Mr John Beckett of Michigan (Arshad); Mr William Brown of Michigan (Sawqib); Mr JH Hardie of Michigan (Amjad); Mr Butler Mosley of Michigan (Asad); Mr Lewis Jones of Michigan (Azhar); Mr Walter Taylor of Michigan (Samaina); Mr Randall of Michigan (Sabit); Mr Willie Earle of Michigan (Timur); Mrs Loddie Hardie of Michigan (Umama); Mr Samuel Lewis of Michigan (Kamal); Mr John W Thomas of Missouri (Habeebulla); Mr MJ Mack of Missouri (Yoosuf); Mr Loyde O’Neal of Missouri (Yaqoob); Mr SS Mason of Missouri (Homaum); Mr WH Jackson of Missouri (Amir); Mr Edward Thomas of Missouri (Ateeq); Mr Edward Seymour of Missouri (Yawseen); Mr A Hamilton of Missouri (Yehya); Mr Joseph Churchill of Illinois (Abdul Hamid); Mr Simon Buford of Illinois (Abdus Sattar); Mr Charles Buford of Illinois (Abdul Gaffar); Mr Willie Buford of Illinois (Abdul Jabbar);  Mr James Hawkins of Illinois (Abdul Majeed);  Mr JW Dams of Illinois (Sawbit);  Mr Wilson Branch of Illinois (Kareem); Mr Anderson Doolittle of Illinois (Hakeem); Mr. Dewey Lucas of Illinois (Sabir); Mr Harry Cole of Illinois (Sadeek); Mr Sam Wiston of Illinois (Habeeb); Mr Harrison Bradley of Illinois (Asim);  Mr George F Crawley of Illinois (Abdus Sameea); Mrs Lilliam Bradley of Illinois (Ismat); Mr I Coleman of Illinois (Abdul Ahad); Mr J Walter Pleasant of Illinois (Abdul Qayyum); Mr Henry H Books of Illinois (Abdullah); Mr Arthur Gayles of Illinois (Khalid); Mr Adam Williams Illinois (Audam); Mr Clarice Earls of Illinois (Abdul Kareem); Mr Adolphus Campbell of Illinois (Abdur Rahman); Mr Ed Ellis of Illinois (Idrees); Mr Richart Oklen of Illinois (Abdul Khaliq); Mr Adolphus Bowen Illinois (Abdullah); Mr William Patterson of Illinois (Wally  Ahmad);  Miss Alice Patterson of Illinois (Khalesa); Miss Emma Flower of Illinois (Ameena); Mrs Willie Carswell of Illinois (Sawjeda); Mr Laurel Carswell of Illinois (Abdul Waly); Miss Evalina Johnson of Illinois (Hadya); Miss Fannie Johnson of Illinois (Alema); Miss Louella Johnson of Illinois (Aleema); Mr Charles Harrell of Illinois (Fauzy); Mrs Hattie Armstead of Illinois (Shafeeqa); Miss Ethel Churchill of Illinois (Nafeesa); Mr James Nosby of Illinois (Abdul Jaleel); Mr George Officer of Illinois (Abdul Azeez); Mr Ben Terry of Illinois (Saim); Mr John B Winkey of Illinois (Abdur Rasheed); Mr David Flint of Illinois (Daood); Miss Margaret Clark of Illinois (Raheema); Mr James M Johnson of Illinois (Ameen); Mr William Johns of Illinois (Fateh); Miss Victoria Smith of Illinois (Zakiyya);  Mr Owen Richardson of Illinois (Osman); Mr William Harrell of Illinois (Khaleelullah); Mrs Annie Brooks of Illinois (Amina);  Mr FA Hughs of I Illinois (Fareed); Mrs Cleo Kelly of Illinois (Kareema); Mr William Kelly of Illinois (Muhammad Wali); Mr Clem Walker of Illinois (Habeebulla); Mr L Bell of Illinois (Mariam); Mr Abrom Simmins of Illinois (Ibrahim); Miss Bettie Clark of Illinois (Kareema); Mr George Clark of Illinois (Omar); Miss Luber Loring Illinois (Saleema); Miss Dorothy Thomas of Illinois (Moneera); Miss Ellen H. Dent of Illinois (Aleea); Miss M Flowers of Illinois (Muneera);  Mr Alfred Blanton of Illinois (Alee); Mr Willie Reals Illinois (Haleem); Mr James Smith of Illinois (Habeeb); Mr Issador Gillen of Illinois (Saeed); Mr Frederick Churchill of Illinois (Fareed); Mr Tom Weller of Illinois (Abdur Rahman); Mr William Cooper of Illinois (Abdul Jabbar); Miss Georgiana Churchill of Illinois (Batool); Mr Augine Churchill of Illinois (Kareem);  Mr Haney Flowers of Illinois (Abdus Samad); Mr William Steele of Illinois (Azeez); Mr Harry Ross of Illinois (Abdul Quddoos); Mrs Nonie Green of Illinois (Amatur Rahman); Mrs Van Johnson of Illinois (Amatul Jabbar);  Mr. Will Jails of Illinois (Fateh); Miss Warnetdar Smith of Indiana (Zakiyya); Mrs Mattie H Payne of Illinois (Amat-ul-Malik); Miss Roxie Curtis of Indiana (Amatur Rasheed); Miss Roberta Robson of Indiana (Amatal Baki); Mrs Eddie Robson of Indiana (Amatul Waris); Mr Squire Ben Robson of Indiana (Abdul Hadi); Miss Zellee Robson of Indiana (Noora); Miss Claret Robson of Indiana (Muneera); Miss Eulee Robson of Indiana (Naeema); Miss Viola Curtis of Indiana (Habeeba); Miss Lillie May Curtis of Indiana (Haleema); Miss Lucille Curtis of Indiana (Kareema); Mr Horace Curtis of Indiana (Sabir); Miss May Lee Curtis of Indiana (Azeeza); Mr Willet Curtis of Indiana (Azeez); Mr James Lee Curtis of Indiana (Habeeba); Mrs Leona Ella Miller of Illinois Amatul (Azeem); Mr. Simon Green of Indiana (Muhammad); Mrs Lawrence Grattan of Indiana (Ahmad); Mr Hamp Reeves of Indiana (Abdul Hamid); Mr Walter Taylor of Indiana Abdul (Kareem); Mr WM Morgan of Indiana Abdul (Azeez); Mr G Dennis Draper of Indiana (Muhammad Din); Mr Melvin Lee Draper of Indiana (Fazl Din); Mr Thomas Reed of Indiana Fazl (Kareem); Mrs Es Hayes of Indiana (Fazeelat); Mrs Hayes of Indiana (Hamadi); Mrs Lillie Tolbert of Indiana (Shafeea); Miss Eula Mae Hayes of Indiana (Zeineb);  Mr Joseph of Indiana (Yoosuf); Mr G Perkins Indiana (Majeed); Mrs. Agnes Murphy of Indiana (Majeedah); Miss Georgia Perkins of Indiana (Muhammady); Miss Lizzie Robinson of Indiana (Hameedah); Miss Susic Marker of Indiana (Kareemah); Mr Etjeer Mulleame of Indiana (Akbar); Mr Clarence Richard of Indiana (Momin); Mrs Bettie Mastin Indiana (Kamila); Mr JE Thompson of Indiana (Kalieer); Mrs Carrie Carliles of Indiana (Fatima); Mrs. Ethel Sims of Indiana (Ayesha);  Mrs. Anna Battle of Indiana (Nasirah);  Mrs. Charlie Reed of Indiana (Alemah); Mr. Dean Sims of Indiana (Kamil); Mr Andrew Robinson Indiana (Muslim); Mrs Lelas Dixon of Indiana (Rafeeah); Mrs Essma Green of Indiana (Naseerah); Miss Elsie Green of Indiana (Alemah);  Mr Samuel Acrel of Indiana (Akmal); Mr Melion Hafer of Indiana (Amjad); Mr HH Brooks of Illinois (Abdul Kabeer); Mr James Hammack Illinois (Jameel); Mr Stephen Todd of Illinois (Saleh);  Mrs Randell W Dent of Illinois (Rafat);  Mrs Claude Hogan of Illinois (Mohammady); Miss Nelson Hedum of Illinois (Sabera); Mrs Cora Fogan of Illinois (Kamela); Mrs Emma Love of Illinois (Ameena); Mr William Love of Illinois (Abdul Waly); Mrs Eula Smiley of Illinois (Kareema);  Mrs Ella Harrison of Illinois (Majeeda); Mrs Emma Sago of Illinois (Ameena); Mr Isaac Harris of Illinois (Ishaq); Mrs Ida Harris of Illinois (Ayesha); Mr Willie Ward of Illinois (Mohammad Waly); Mrs Beatrice Chaldic of Illinois (Sikkeena); Mrs Clara Ward of Illinois (Mahbooba); Mrs Nancy Gober of Illinois (Muhamdy); Mr James Highmon of Illinois (Jamal); Mr T Jeffrey of Illinois (Muhammad Aly); Mr Otis W White of Illinois (Kaleemullah); Mrs Cora Baker of Illinois (Alema); Mrs Rose Lee Sheffield of Illinois (Razia); Mr Joe Bonner of Illinois, (Yousuf); Mrs Mary Young of Illinois (Mariam); Mr Isaac Young of Illinois (Ishaq); Mrs Alline M Young of Illinois (Aleea); Mrs Mary M Gaughey of Illinois (Mariam); Mr Harry Smith of Illinois (Abdul Jabbar); Mrs Berry Whitsett of Illinois (Fateha); Mr John Sherman Ferman of Illinois (Yahya);  Mr. Elil Barour of Illinois (Ally); Mr Willmore of Illinois (Saeed);  Mr Elisha Cain of Illinois (Ilyas); Mr SG Grant of Illinois (Fateh); Mr Will Hawkins of Illinois (Saleh); Mrs Aliel Smith of Illinois (Khalesa);  Mr George Saunders of Michigan (Waris); Mr Elliot Oshey of Illinois (Fazl Din); Reverend Albert J Bucker of Michigan (Waris Deen); Mr George Reeves of Missouri (Abbas); Mr Ray Thomas of Missouri (Yameen); Miss Elizabeth Thomas of Missouri (Kareema); Miss Ann Thomas of Missouri (Afeefa); Mr Henry Franklin of Missouri (Auf); Mr Melvin Parker of Missouri (Amil); Mr Camo Brown of Illinois (Abdul Khabeer); Mr Edgar Terrell of Missouri (Abdul Qadeer); Mr Alexander Hicks of Missouri (Yoonas); Mr George Anderson of Illinois (Rukan Din); Mr Edward Gant of Illinois (Fateh Din); Mr Morris Serinens of Michigan (Ajeeb); Mr Charles D Morgan of Michigan (Abdul Qadir); Mr Richard Scott of Michigan (Qamr Din); Mr Ralph Heath of Michigan (Najeeb);  Mr Robert Gross of Michigan (Shamas Din);  Mrs Silas White of Illinois (Amatal Kareem); Mrs Minnie Tucker of Illinois (Teeba); Mrs Emma Johnson of Illinois (Amatur  Raheem); Mr LT Hardaway of Illinois (Hilawl);  Mrs James Murphy of Indiana (Noory);  Mr Samuel Cranley of Indiana (Ismaeel);  Mr Van Johnson of Indiana (Abdul Majeed); Mr William A Turner of Indiana (Abdul Waly); Miss Amy Reed of Indiana (Ameena); Mr Charles Robinson of Indiana (Abdul Kareem); Miss Olive Kelly of Illinois (Amatur Rahman); Mr WT Thornton of Indiana (Zakee); Mr JW Simms of Michigan (Shakir); Mr Sam Thomas of Michigan (Hamid); Mr James Grant of Michigan (Hameed); Mr William Green of Michigan (Mahmud); Mr William Murray of Michigan (Ahsan); Reverend GA Hurley of Michigan (Hisam-ud-Deen); Mr Frank Calloway of Michigan (Akram); Miss Jerry Diggs of Michigan (Sadia);  Mr Benjamin Ferguson of Michigan (Saeed); Mr Edward Hagerbook of Michigan (Asad); Mr Daril Johnson of Michigan (Khair); Mr James Marshall of Michigan (Muzaffar); Mr Andrew Mack of Michigan (Muhkam); Mr Frank House of Michigan (Hakim); Mr Charles Comer of Michigan (Hakeem); Mr Lamis J Jackson of Michigan (Ameerul); Mr George H Bennett of Michigan (Reisullah); Mr Richard Grericher of Michigan (Amanullah); Mr Peter Francis of Michigan (Hokam); Mr George Robertson of Michigan (Amrallah); Mr Abe Lincoln of Michigan (Azezullah); Mr Plez Fayson of Michigan (Ameenallah); Mr Jim Roines of Illinois (Abdullah); Mr Melvin McGaughey of Illinois (Fazl  Azeem);  Mr David McGaughey of Illinois (Fazl Raheem); Mr Montrose McGaughey of Illinois (Fazl Kareem); Mrs Thelma M McGaughey of Illinois (Amatus Sameea); Reverend Alex Blair of Illinois (Abdur Rahim); Mrs Clara Berry of Illinois (Kamila); Mr C Webb of Illinois (Muhammad); Mr Andrew Williamson of Illinois (Abdulla); Mr Mazor Robison of Missouri (Affan); Mr Eddie Henry of Michigan (Ismaeel); Mr Charles R Savan of Michigan (Khalid); Mr Jefferson Herks of Michigan (Shafeeq); Mrs Della Carter of Michigan (Amina); Mr Clarence Faigett of Michigan (Rafeeq); Mrs Ophelia Sutton of Michigan (Afeefa); Mr Leonard Walcotte of Michigan (Abdullah); Mr George Greenwood of Corozal BH (Ahmad); Mr Hemming Price of Corozal BH (Muhammad); Mir BB Meggs of Corozal BH (Sadick Ahmad); Mr Robert Walker of Michigan, (Sadick Muhammad); Mr Henry James of Iowa (Ahmad); Leon Brown (Ameien); Layfette Brown (Saeed); Chester Brown (Ajeeb) [and] Idalf Brown (Azeez).

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original, published in The Moslem Sunrise, January 1923)

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