100 Years Ago… – News from England and Mauritius


Al Fazl, 9 November 1918

Letter from Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra

Dear Brothers, Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you).

Life is brimmed with wonders. Looking at the distance between Qadian and England, never did I imagine that I would ever, after travelling and voyaging vast oceans, arrive in England. 

I have studied Arabic, yet [my Arabic was of such a level that] among the Maulvis I was not a Maulvi. I have studied English, but cannot be called an Englishman. But God has His ways. If He so wills, He would command the sand particles to render the works of a mountain and form a sea out of a droplet of water. 

I left my hometown, resigning from work and set up a temporary abode in Qadian, waiting for the day when I, with firm faith, would meet my end and be buried at the feet of the Promised Messiahas. Every funeral prayer led by the Promised Messiahas or his Khilafas was a cause of envy for me, as I longed that every grave [upon which they prayed] was mine. But these were just desires I had in my heart. Little did I know that God had ordained for me to serve His religion, or you may say that some religious service be attributed to me. 

From India, I – someone who had never even delivered a lecture in English – settled in England, and day and night, I was tasked to debate, speak, deliver speeches and live among the Englishmen. I am a person who, even during the summer am accustomed to sleeping indoors, however, I was ordered to live in one of the coldest countries. It is through the blessings of the second Khilafat that an unworthy and useless person becomes worthy and useful. Otherwise, I know my limitations. 

After a period of waiting, I received letters from India on 10 September 1918, dated between 14-24 July. I have not yet received any letter from 1-14 July. I am thankful to those who write to me. After receiving the letters, I offered two rak‘at [units of prayer] and prayed.

Tabligh in England

Respected Qazi Abdullah Sahib BA writes in his recent letter: 

The lecture which took place in Newcastle on 14 July was especially very successful. One lady accepted Islam; her Muslim name is Amina. Three gentlemen signed the Bai‘at form. 

After this, I delivered lectures in South Shields, North Shields and […]. 

In South Shields, three Indians, one Arab and a lady joined Islam Ahmadiyyat, Alhamdolillah.

A Case in Mauritius

The opponents of the Jamaat have filed a case against the Rose Hill Mosque, where the Jamaat offers Salat. They have chosen well-known lawyers to help them in this case. The Jamaat is working hard against this case. Members are requested to pray that God may grant us success. 

The Imam of Saint Pierre Mosque

Last year, the Imam of Saint Pierre Mosque raised an outcry against the Jamaat for offering Salat in the [above mentioned] mosque. Not even a year has passed and the aforementioned Imam has lost mental stability and has been admitted into a psychiatric hospital. This was shown as a sign of warning from God, when the opponents of the Jamaat started a case against the Rose Hill Mosque. 

ان في ذلك لعبرة لأولى الألباب

[Surely, in that is a sign for those who understand.]

Masha-Allah, the Mauritius Jamaat is active and setting a good example. They are benefiting mankind by publishing and distributing free French newspapers and tracts [of the Jamaat]. 

(Translated by Al Hakam)

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