100 Years Ago… – Opposition in Ceylon and more missionaries to England


Al Fazl, 7 May 1920

Since time immemorial, it is a common practice that whenever someone is sent by God Almighty, the people always oppose him. They try to persecute him in various ways. They think of various schemes against his life. A similar effort is made against those who believe in a messenger; the new movement that God Almighty established in the world through His messenger for the guidance of people is sought to be destroyed.

However, where the ancient tradition of the opposition of the righteous ones continues, [this is also an established fact that] these opponents are always unsuccessful. We observe that the same sunnah is being fulfilled even today. Ever since the Promised Messiahas came into the world, there has been a fire of opposition from all quarters against his followers. No legitimate or illegitimate means has been spared to annihilate them from the face of the earth.

A great effort was made and is still being made to destroy the movement which he established in the world through the hand of God Almighty. The result of this futile endeavour has been and will be nothing but failure, because this is the sunnah of the Almighty Allah.

However, those who oppose the truth are blind. Despite the fact that they always see failure, they continue to smash their heads against the mountain of truth. They see themselves shattered, but do not give up opposition. They do not recognise that where truth is the water of life which gives eternity and paradise to those who believe in it, there is also a fire which burns its enemies and turns them into dust.

Even today, our opponents are following the footsteps of their forefathers in every aspect. They see that they are disappearing from the world because of this opposition, but they are considering other matters to be the reasons of their destruction. Consequently, they continue to oppose. This type of opposition is present where there are members of our Jamaat.

This is the case not only in India, but also in foreign countries. Hence, news has been received from Celyon that the innocent Ahmadiyya Jamaat is being victimised in every possible way and attempts are being made to eradicate Ahmadiyyat from there. A few Ahmadis have been charged with murder, including BW Lai, secretary of a local Jamaat, who was not even present during the clash in which a man was killed.

Similarly, his brother, Abdul Amat Lai, who was not present at the scene, has been charged with murder as well. However, we are certain that God Almighty, despite every possible effort of our opponents, shall cause them to fail. He will exonerate these innocent Ahmadis. The full details of this case have not yet reached us. We have received only a couple of short letters and some cuttings from the Times of Ceylon, which show that all of it is a conspiracy of the opponents.

The accused Ahmadis were certainly not involved in the clash and a vicious lie has been crafted to hurt them.

The Times of Ceylon reports about this matter in the following manner:

A clash between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadi Muslims in Ceylon

Outcome of religious disagreement

There has been a long-running religious disagreement between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadi Muslims. As a result, a clash occurred on the night of 10 April in Ceilão Island between some people from both sects, in which one belonging to the latter sect, named Burhanuddin Buckman, was killed. Inspector Kathir arrested three men: Abdul Amat Lai, his brother BW Lai and Sharif. Ahmadis own a newspaper which carries the name Message and they also have a library adjacent to the press. The latter of the mentioned three is the secretary of the local Jamaat here and the former works as a letter-writer in the press.

On the night of the 10th of this month, Burhanuddin and Saifuddin, who are clerks in the office of a trading company, both came to the Castle Hotel and drank. Thereafter, they walked past the Ahmadiyya office of Message [magazine] and another person named Jalaluddin also joined them. All three started singing filthy and abusive songs against Ahmadis.

Two Ahmadi men came out of the office and after some time, the situation intensified, during which the deceased suffered a serious stomach injury, from which he died in hospital the next day.

The first of the accused pleaded not guilty and said that he was not present at the time of the fight. He was supposedly not even present in Ceilão Island from ten o’clock at night to four o’clock in the morning. The second suspect also said that he was not present at the time of the fight, but had arrived at the time when the fight was over and the police were investigating the situation. The third accused also pleaded not guilty.

After taking testimonies of various witnesses, the investigation of the case was shifted to the next day. (A similar article has also been published by Ceylon Independent)

A case of murder in Ceilão Island

The court proceedings were sent to the Attorney General

Last week, a case was filed in Colombo police court. Amat Lai, BW Lai and Sharif were accused by a Ceilão Islander of killing a man named Buckman. The investigating officer who examined the matter said that he had written the first account of the victim on the night of the 11th in the General Hospital. The victim said that Amat Lai assaulted him and Sharif was his accomplice. This record has been sent to the Attorney General for seeking guidance. (Ceylon Daily News)

Letter from Ceylon

Request for a fervent prayer

Trial! Trial!! In the face of trial!!! Financial loss! Loss of loved ones! Resources are needed for existence. Everyone has turned against us. We are being separated from our relatives and left helpless by the people who are capable of helping. Having perfect faith in God Almighty, we work for His glory as one Jamaat.

We are ready to sacrifice everything for Him. Our entire income is there to exalt His greatness, to express His praise and to establish His tawhid [oneness of Allah], only through His help. We are ready to sacrifice everything and all our livelihood. We convey the message of harmony in the face of all kinds of hardships.

Three “sheep” [BW Lai, Amat Lai and Sharif Sahib] are in custody. Pray for their release. A great fervent prayer will bring satisfaction. Pray in congregational Salat. Pray in solitude. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih [IIra] is also requested to carry out an intercessory prayer.

Request Hazrat Khalifatul Masih to order Chaudhry Zafarulla Khan Sahib and Mr Sagar Chand Sahib to come here and help our secretary and his associates in their hard time. The only reason we are going through this ordeal is our participation in spreading the peaceful teachings of Islam. Unfortunately, these people have been accused of committing such a heinous crime. This [mission] is in God’s hands. Just pray!

Special efforts for promulgation

Two more missionaries to England By the grace of God, such people are being born in our Jamaat who are making true sacrifices for Islam and are going to different countries bidding farewell to their wives, children and their beloved homeland.

Now, Sheikh Ahmadullah Sahib and Mian Nizamuddin Sahib are also along the said path. Sheikh Sahib has obtained a passport and is corresponding with Thomas Cook & Sons. Mian Nizamuddin Sahib has also applied for a passport. These two associates will go to England and bear the cost of their travel. They will also do some work to cover their expenses.

Moreover, they will spend much of their time for tabligh under the guidance of the amir missionary over there. In this way, five men will reach England from Qadian. However, members of the Jamaat should not be static by seeing that enough men have reached there. Hazrat Sahib’s[ra] intention is to send at least 50 people. So read these events and produce true passion within yourself and go abroad. Make a journey for God and see that the tabligh of Islam is such a great weapon that it works everywhere and will continue to work.

In order to fulfill the desire of Hazrat Sahib[ra], we need people who are courageous, feel privileged in spending money for the cause of religion and consider every work in the way God as an honour. If the big jamaats [chapters] produce one such man at the very least, then a reasonable number of missionaries can be raised very easily. Among the students, Khan Abdur Rahim Khan Sahib has reached England and presently, Babu Muhammad Shafi Sahib, Mir Seith Ali Muhammad and Seith Muhammad Fazil of Secunderabad are also preparing for England. They are rapidly studying religious books, the Holy Quran, hadith and books of the Promised Messiahas. This group of students also has a special passion in their hearts. May Allah Almighty bless them all with success. Members of the Jamaat are requested to make special prayers.

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