100 Years Ago… – Opposition in Mauritius and news from Kathgarh and Qadian


Al Hakam, 7 October 1920


Tabligh tour

The missionary of Islam Ahmadiyyat to Mauritius, Sufi Ghulam Muhammad Sahib, has adopted this method for some time that he carries out tabligh whilst travelling. This is a very effective way [of spreading the message]. Where people have nothing else to do, like in a train etc., people have no other option but to listen.

Moreover, it is important to spread this message [of the Messiah] to different cities where it has not yet reached. The missionaries of the London mission are taking full advantage of this method.

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Eid-ul-Adha was celebrated in Mauritius on Wednesday, 25 August 1920. Ahmadis offered Eid at Rose Hill Mosque. Non-Ahmadis filed lawsuits and spent huge sums of money to get hold of this mosque. Around 3,000 rupees were spent by the Ahmadis. However, we succeeded by the grace of God.

According to the non-Ahmadis, [Ahmadis are not Muslims] and the Eid prayer is an Islamic symbol, so they wanted to occupy the Rose Hill Mosque [and hand it over to Muslims].

However, their present condition resembles the following couplet [of the Promised Messiahas]:

اُنہیں ماتم ہمارے گھر میں شادی

فَسُبْحَانَ الَّذِیْ اَخْزَی الْاَعَادِیْ

“They are in mourning, while there is joy in our home; Holy is He [Allah] Who has confounded my foes.”

They were sure that they would offer the Eid prayers of the year 1918 in Rose Hill mosque, but from that day onwards, they are failing and we succeeded. We have been praying there since 1918. Praise be to Allah Who made it all possible. Men and women came from 12 cities and the mosque was filled with them. The sermon was delivered by Sufi Sahib. Among other things, he also said in the sermon that Eid and happiness are inseparable.

At present, only Ahmadis can truly celebrate while non-Ahmadis of India cannot rejoice because their Khalifa has been deposed and he cannot perform the duties of the Khilafat. However, Ahmadis are happy that their Khalifa is progressing daily by the grace of God and his faith is strong and resolute.

Even the non-Ahmadis of Ceylon cannot be happy because God Almighty caused them to fail as well.

Ahmadis are happy that they succeeded. Non-Ahmadis [in] Rose Hill cannot truly celebrate Eid because they did not pray in the Rose Hill Mosque and Ahmadis are happy because their Eid was in the Rose Hill Mosque. Hence, we are the inheritors of true happiness today.


On Eid-ul-Adha, the Ahmadis were bringing a sacrificial cow from Ropar [now Rupnagar]. On the way, several hundred Hindus took sticks and pounced upon them and beat them. Chaudhry Abdul Manan Sahib suffered serious injuries and severe pain. The initial investigation was in the hands of the Hindus, so they weakened the case.

However, there is a strong hope from the present officers who now have this investigation in their hands that they will decide the matter honestly. Government officials know that our Jamaat is loyal and obedient towards the government and that we are a peace-loving community.

We sincerely hope that the outcome is according to the law.

Qadian Dar-ul-Aman

1. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra] is well. He is delivering darses of the Holy Quran in the gathering of men and women

2. Hazrat Mir Muhammad Ismail Sahib (assistant surgeon) was unwell when he came to Qadian but now he is fine, alhamdolillah

3. Khan Sahib Zulfiqar Ali Khan Sahib of Rampur has acquired pension. He is committed to migrate to Qadian. He has also rented a house for 20 rupees per month. Friends are requested to pray to Allah the Almighty to soon fulfill his desire and remove all the difficulties in his way

4. The missionary going to China has received the passport, alhamdolillah. The missionary to Japan has submitted the documents and the passport will be received in some days. One of the missionaries to Greece wrote from Bengal that his passport would be ready soon, inshaAllah. There are some predicaments in the way of the other two missionaries. We request members of the Jamaat to pray that Allah may remove all such hurdles. Amin

5. The blueprint of the London Mosque has reached Qadian for the approval of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih

6. The two madrassas are functioning and doing their job

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