100 Years Ago… – Preaching in London, loyalty of Ahmadi students and Mufti Sahib’s outreach in USA


The Review of Religions (English), January 1921, pp. 37-40

American missions

We are glad to note that Brother Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib, Ahmadiyya missionary in America, is meeting with success. In his letter to the press dated 6 November 1920, he reports the conversion to Islam of two gentlemen named Mr L Holt and Mr Andrew Jacob, who have been given the Muslim names of Fateh Din and Muhammad Yaqub, respectively.

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Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra

In a later letter, dated 29 November [1920], he reports the conversion to Islam of two more gentlemen, Mr Lee Hutchinson (Muslim name Muhammad Ali) and Mr Ellis Russel (Muslim name Ghulam Rasul).

Our brother is propagating Islam by means of weekly lectures, distribution of literature, correspondence, interviews and articles in the press. Our brother tries to avail himself of all means of propagating the truth which he has gone to preach to the people of America.

For instance, the notice which he issues for weekly lectures has the following facts printed on the back of it:

“There is one God – Creator, Father, Provider, Sustainer of all.

“Holy Angels work as mediums and helpers.

“The Prophets and Messengers of God are spiritual rulers, including Muhammad[sa] the Master; and his manifestation Ahmad[as].

“God’s will is revealed in the sacred Books, the latest, current and unadulterated being El Quran.

“Good actions and bad, all are ordained to a recompense by God, Who is Gracious, Merciful, Forgiving and Loving.

“Islam is a universal, practical, reasonable, historical, well tried and successful system of life.

“Arabic is the mother of all languages.

“The Tomb of the Blessed Prophet Jesus Christ[as] has been found in Kashmir (India).

“Through Islam we attain to heaven in this very life.”

Another card, which he always keeps with himself and which he gives to every new visitor and others whom he comes across on various occasions and at various places, bears the following message:

“There is none worshipable but one God.

“The Blessed Prophets and Holy Reformers of all countries and all nations and all ages are worthy of being honored and respected. Muhammad[sa] is the Master-Prophet and Quran is the latest current [divine] law. The Prophet Ahmad[as] of Qadian is the Promised Messiah, Mahdi and the Holy Reformer of the day. His Hazrat Mahmud[ra] is the present leader and guide of the Ahmadiyya Movement. Sadiq is the authorised missionary to initiate new followers from Muslims, Christians, Jews and all into the fold of “Ahmad” who is appointed by Allah to raise the banner of Islam in a peaceful work of uniting all in union with our Creator, Father, Provider and Sustainer. Happy are they who believe and join and be blessed.”

The following is a copy of the New Year card which he has sent along with some literature, to the prominent men of the United States of America.

“I wish you all happiness in the New Year:

“And may you attain all the Blessings, my dear.

“Which Allah the Gracious has ordained to send

“Through Ahmad[as], the Guide, the Prophet, the Friend

“And his Master and Teacher Muhammad[sa], the Elect

“Who was the Prophet, the most perfect.

“M Muhammad Sadiq, Ahmadia Movement, 4334 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Ill. (USA)”

Our London Mission

The open air lectures in Hyde Park are proving very beneficial and are largely attended in spite of unfavourable weather, and attract many enquirers to our missionaries’ offices. The number of new converts during the period under report is seven:

1. Mr Frederick Field

2. Miss Alice Wright

3. Miss Lilian Mand Gauhar

4. Miss Madge Kennedy

5. Miss Margaret Addison

6. Mrs A Wright

7. Mr KC Bannerjee, Executive Engineer.

Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

Besides these [open air lectures] and the Sunday lectures at home, our missionaries also deliver lectures in different societies on Islam and connected subjects.

The head of our London mission, Mr FM Sayal MA, is spending a few weeks at Oxford to improve his health.

Under the directions of His Holiness, the Khalifatul Masih, Mr AR Nayyar will proceed to Nigeria instead of Maulvi Mubarak Ali BA BT, who will work in London in place of the former.

Mr Nayyar sails in February and we wish him a successful journey.

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Liverpool port, where Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra – the pioneering Ahmadi missionary for Africa – boarded a ship for his journey to West Africa in February 1921

The following little incident will, I believe, interest our readers.

One of our missionaries one day proceeded to the YMCA [Young Men’s Christian Association] camps with a friend of his and a discussion on the crucification of Jesus[as] was begun with an African-American. The African-American being unable to refute the arguments of our missionary ended his speech with the words, “I would cut your head off if I could.”

Our Missionary appealed to the ladies present but was astonished to hear one of them say:

“Yes I would, if I could.”

Loyalty of Ahmadiyya students

The Pioneer reports that a gang of shouting students burst into the class-room of the Islamia College, Lahore, of Professor Maulvi Hakam Ali BA, who had [also] been attacked the day before and drove his class out. They then turned savagely on their professor and would certainly have severely beaten him if he had not been protected by a small band of loyal Ahmadiyya students.

The sole reason why this professor was attacked was his uncompromising opposition to the noncooperation movement. We congratulate the Ahmadiyya students on the practical example of loyalty they have shown and hope they will continue to have the same jealous regard of the good name of Islam.

Convicted out of your own mouth

At a recent public meeting held in Calcutta under the auspices of the Bengal Provincial Khilafat Committee, Maulavi Ahmad Ali, in a short speech dwelling on Noncooperation, exhorted the audience to follow the unique sacrifices of the Jews for their faith when tortured and tyrannised by the Romans by self-sacrifice, whole hearted devotion and untold suffering for the emancipation of the[ir] motherland. A bad example indeed for a Muslim to cite of a nation which suffered their punishment, according to the Holy Quran, agreeably to the curse pronounced upon them by God through Jesus[as] on account of their rebellion and rejection of their prophet. Heaven forbid that the same should be the fate of the Mussalmans, although the course they have launched upon runs curiously parallel to that pursued by that unfortunate people and gives us cause for misgivings. For history strangely repeats itself.

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