100 Years Ago… – Preaching to the people of Paris, 1921


Al Fazl, 29 August 1921

Hazrat Malik Muhammad Hussainra was born around 1887 in Rohtas, District Jhelum. Malik Sahib received his early education from Qadian and was a classmate of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra. He acquired his entrance education in Jhelum. He was a very intelligent and astute student. 

Hazrat Malik Sahibra went to Africa in around 1913 and worked in the office of the principal medical officer and then moved to Nairobi Court. He got familiar with the law there. Naturally, he had a sharp mind, so he left for England in 1920 and returned to Africa as a barrister in 1922. He started practising in Nairobi, Africa, and soon became one of Nairobi’s leading Indian barristers. He had special expertise in criminal cases. In 1923 he was elected as a member of the Legislative Council. As a Municipal Commissioner of Nairobi, he rendered outstanding services to the welfare of his Indian brethren.

Malik Sahibra used to proudly say that once, as a child, he was in the company of the Promised Messiahas and Huzooras said to him, “You will progress.” Malik Sahibra said, “Seeing my parents’ financial difficulties and family poverty, I used to wonder how this would be possible. However, God gave me the opportunity to become a barrister under unexpected circumstances. I then became a member of the Legislative Council and was called ‘Honourable’. For a poor man like me, this progress is nothing short of a miracle.” (Al Fazl, 19 June 1935)

Malik Muhammad Hussain Sahibra passed away on 4 April 1935, when he was around 48 years old. Many dignitaries, including the chief justice, high court judges and lawyers, attended his funeral.

Old Paris

Hazrat Malik Muhammad Hussainra

Dear Editor Sahib Al Fazl [newspaper], assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

By the grace of Allah and through the prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra], I have achieved a special kind of success which is difficult to be conceived by the human mind. This achievement is that Almighty God helped me complete my barrister studies in a period of six months. I have passed the final and last exam of barrister. All praise belongs to Allah, Who made it all possible!

I reached France on 21 June 1921 with a heartfelt desire to preach Islam. My heart yearned to spread the message of Islam to the people of France. Hence, I arranged a lecture in a society with great effort. Yesterday, I delivered a lecture over there on the historical development of Islam. Many Indians who do trade here and some students were also present and there were also respected French gentlemen and ladies. The lecture was in English. The educated French people are also well-acquainted with the English language.

After the lecture, objections were raised and by the grace of Allah, answers were given very successfully. The teachings of the Promised Messiah[as] were mentioned and his claims were presented, which made some people wonder, “Do God’s messengers still appear?” Some people have been given the French [translation] of the book, [The Philosophy of the] Teachings of Islam.

I will return to London next week, insha-Allah. I am learning French. I will carry out a tour of France, Belgium and Germany after gaining some proficiency [in French], insha-Allah. I will convey the glorious message of Islam to these people, insha-Allah.

Another important matter I think is vital to convey to the people through you [editor of Al Fazl] is that no one should come abroad without resources. This is a very dangerous and risky move. There are a number of reasons for this and sometimes Indian students ask as to how much money is required for living in a foreign country. 

The cost of accommodation and food in London is at least 15 pounds a month. This does not include tuition fees. Living in Oxford and Cambridge costs around 25 pounds. This includes tuition fees. The universities are full of students and it takes a long time for a student to get admission. Therefore, any student who wants to come should first arrange for admission and then come. Otherwise, time and money are wasted in vain. I hope all friends will pray for me.

Wassalam, Malik Muhammad Hussain, Paris. 24 July 1921.

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original in the 29 August 1921 issue of Al Fazl)

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