100 Years Ago… – Prominent figures joining Ahmadiyyat in Egypt: A missionary report


    Al Fazl, 7 June 1923

    Hazrat Sheikh Mahmud Ahmadra (1897-1944)

    By the grace of Allah the Almighty, two notable gentlemen have joined our Jamaat [in Egypt]. One of them is a man of means and the other is a great knowledgeable man.

    The name of the first friend is Waseem Shukri Bey Sahib, who is one of the royals here. The other friend is Abdul Majeed Effendi Kamil Sahib, who has travelled all over the world and is also a great columnist and a very good historian. He is also an excellent lecturer and writer. Apart from Arabic, he is also fluent in five other languages. Hence, it is the sheer blessing of God Almighty that He is granting strength to people of such [calibre] to join the Ahmadiyya [Muslim] Jamaat.

    A lot of other people are also very close to the Jamaat, and the day is not far when the Ahmadiyya [Muslim] Community here will become a huge Jamaat.

    This humble one [Sheikh Mahmud Ahmad Sahib] and Brother Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Sahib are very well. Muhammad Saeed Sahib is currently residing in Modern Egypt for a change of climate. However, he visits us almost daily. Modern Egypt is an hour’s tram journey from here [Cairo, Egypt].

    A declaration has been submitted for the publication of an Arabic magazine, Al-Bushra. This magazine will be the only means of preaching all over Arabia.

    The atmosphere of Egyptian politics is almost clear these days. A set of rules, or constitution, has been issued by the king, and the people of Egypt are really happy about it. The people of the country are very glad with the current ministry, as the constitution has been issued in his era and Saad Pasha has also been freed in his time. Now, many more people’s hopes are also connected with this ministry.

    Lord Carnarvon, who discovered the tombs of the ancient kings of Egypt, has departed from the mortal world. Unfortunately, many historical facts have also been buried with him. His body has been taken to England.

    [Sheikh Mahmud Ahmad],

    Missionary to Egypt.

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