100 Years Ago… – Report on Islam’s tabligh in America


Al Hakam, 14 July 1920

31 new Muslims

Praise and glory be to the Pure God that thanks to His beloved Syedna Muhammad Mustafa [chosen one], peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, this humble one succeeded in a few days soon after entering America, regardless of the great difficulties and obstacles put [my way] by the fanatical Christians.

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Thus far, 29 new gentlemen and ladies have entered the true religion through my tabligh. Their names along with new Islamic names are as follows:

1 & 2. Dr George Baker and Mr Ahmad Anderson. These two gentlemen had been in correspondence with me for a long time and have been Muslims for quite some time. They are sincere Muslims. Thus, I think it is important that their names be at the top of this list. [These two are old converts]

3. The first of the new Muslims after them include, Mr Popovich (Islamic name Nur). He is a respected tradesman. He converted to Islam on the ship.

4, 5, 6 & 7. Anite family: Mrs Wright, Miss Nelly, Miss Beatrice and Miss Ruth. [I first met this respectable family in Gloucester City and carried out tabligh.] This was followed by frequent meetings in Philadelphia. They were given the Islamic names, Khadija, Aisha, Fatima and Zainab, respectively.

8. Miss Elizabeth Thomson (Sadiqa)

9. Miss Bessie Rogers (Hameedah)

10. Miss Jenny, Islamic name Jannat

11. Mr Louis C Telford, resident of British Guiana, Islamic name Mamoon

12. Mr Andrew Mac Gliemie of Jamaica (Khalid)

13. Mr David Thomas of Jamaica, a worker on the ship (Salim)

14. Mr Lloyd Henry, resident of Orange River (Hameed)

15. Mr Joseph Kane, native of Poland, residing in Philadelphia (Yusuf)

16. Mr Godla Cohen, native of Poland, residing in Philadelphia (Yaqoob)

17. Mr AC Tsalo of […] (Ahsan)

18. Mr Antonio Klise Rico (Hassan)

19. Mr Lao Roman Anco (Hussein)

20. Mr John O’Neill of Orton, State of New Jersey, Islamic name Yahya

21. Mr AG Rockford of Boston, tobacco trader. The study of the book, Teachings of Islam is the source of this young man’s conversion to Islam. Islamic name Hamid

22. Mr Victor Gear, native of France, residing in America (Hameed)

23. Mr Albert Kramer (Mahmud)

24. Mr Matthew Fizishtman (Kareem)

25. Mr Alexander Bern Barton, native of Poland, currently employed in Philadelphia (Haleem)

26. Mr K Russo, resident of Spain (Saeed)

27. Mr Florencio Klages, resident of Lisbon (Fazl)

28. Mr Paul Wicknell, resident of Buenos Aires (Karam)

29. Mr Leo Yardy Orlando, resident of Rome (Ahmad)

30. Mr Caser Mario (Momin)

31. Mr Selley (Amin)

The work of tabligh in this country must be done in many different ways but a significant amount of money is required for it. I got a couple of pages printed and distributed 5,000 of them. It cost 40 dollars and the mail charges are apart from it. There are many things required for tabligh. Below are some of them:

1. Publication of a few short tracts [is required], which will include the qualities of Islam, the description of the noble attributes of the Holy Prophetsa, the miracles of the Prophet, the blessings of the Holy Quran, the proof of the truth of Islam from Torah and Gospel and the refutation of allegations against Islam, etc. It will cost 100 dollars per tract.

2. A good quality typewriter, 100 dollars.

3. Chairs for the lecture hall, 100 dollars

4. Mats for prayers, 50 dollars

5. A competent clerk, for one hour a day, 50 dollars a month

6. 50 dollars a year for telephone. In this country, people do not make use of correspondence as much as they do the telephone. Certain other things are also required. Allah the Almighty will deliver all goods by His grace…

In addition to the new Muslims mentioned in the report, six Muslims have joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Their names include, Abdul Aziz Sahib and Muhammad Shafi Sahib, resident of Calcutta, Ali Sher Khan Sahib, resident of Ghazipur. All of them are employed in a factory here.

Mr James Sadiq is a young Tatar who has been living in this country for six years. He became a believer after listening to the accounts of Hazrat Ahmadas Nabiyullah [Prophet of God]. He is sincerely assisting us in our work. Mr Muhammad Jan Affandi is employed in the army. Mr Ahmad bin Ali is an Arab tradesman.

Members of the Jamaat are requested to pray as some people are trying to attack and defame this humble one because they are envious of my tabligh achievements.

وَاللَّهُ خَيْرٌ حَافِظًا

[And Allah is the best Protector]

Muhammad Sadiq. 4 June 1920

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