100 Years Ago… – Hazrat Mufti Sahib in American newspapers


Al Hakam, 14-18 April 1920

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In the previous issue, we have mentioned the current difficulties being faced by respected Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib in the propagation of Islam in America and have drawn the attention of all Muslims that they should not remain silent on this important issue, rather they should appeal to the government to assist in removing the obstacles that America wants to put in the way of the promulgation of Islam.

If America does not agree, then American Christian missionaries should also be prevented from establishing a mission in Hindustan. Efforts to remove the problems and hurdles in the way of respected Mufti Sahib are being carried out and by the grace of God, we are hopeful that they will produce good results.

Now, we present the views of two famous newspapers of America which they have expressed about respected Mufti Sahib. (Editor)

The newspaper Public Ledger of Philadelphia, America, writes in its issue of 17 February [1920]:

“Spreading a new oriental religion without the sword is uphill work, but as it is necessary under modern conditions to proceed without the sword, Mufti Muhammed Sadiq, missionary from the Ahmadia Church in India has come to this country without side arms of any sort to convert America….

“Mufti, who is a highly educated, elderly man, arrived in Philadelphia from Liverpool on the steamship Haverford last Saturday. Before sailing for America, he was a missionary in England for three years. He said that he made 300 converts, including Solomon Feit [sic], a London iron manufacturer.

“He is a follower of a new prophet, Ahmad[as]… The Ahmadia belief is that prophets will come to the world constantly. The latest, they hold, was Ahmad[as], who preached in India between 1888 and 1908….

“Mufti Muhammed Sadiq came to this country with elaborate printed matter and all arrangements made for an active proselyting campaign.

“‘My intention,’ he said today at the Gloucester immigration station, ‘is to start my work in New York and then extend it to other cities. I know no one in this country. There are no converts to the Ahmadia movement here and I know no one in this country. I come as a missionary, with belief in the work before me.’

“As he talked he attracted much attention among the other persons detained at the station because of the dark green turban on his head and the strange cut of the slate gray garments he wore.

“He prepared this digest of the religion [which] he hopes to introduce into this country: (Islamic beliefs are listed after it).”

Another newspaper of Philadelphia, Press, states:

“While many religious sects in the United States are spending many thousands of dollars and sending hundreds of philosophers and teachers to the wilds of Tibet, the far reaches of Arabia and Hindustan and to the unexplored regions of Africa and China, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, after travelling thousands of miles, alone and friendless, hopes to begin his crusade to convert Americans to the doctrines taught by the prophet Ahmad[as], of whom he is the principal disciple. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq’s intentions did not falter due to the ill-treatment carried out by America. He is anxious to start his lecture as soon as possible and guide the people of America to the peaceful doctrines that prophet Ahmad[as], reflection of Muhammad[sa] taught in this age. Sadiq, a resident of Qadian, Punjab, is a philosopher and an experienced, courageous and determined man. In the most polite and kind words that characterise the educated group, he presented [the beliefs] of his religion before the Press’ reporter and said, ‘I have worked in London as a missionary of Islam for three years. There, I delivered many lectures and converted many to Ahmadiyyat. Ahmad[as], who was the founder of this sect, was born in 1837 and started his work in 1888. In 1908, when the number of his followers had exceeded 600,000, he passed away. Ahmad[as] held the status of a messenger and a prophet in Islam and believed the Holy Quran to be the Book of God. He carried out certain reforms in the Muslims. He claimed that God spoke to him and He has entrusted him with the title of Messiah and sent him to reform the world. He made many prophecies that were fulfilled in due course. In addition, he presented various miracles that God showed on his hand as a proof of him being from God.

“I remained in his company for 18 years and I have personally witnessed a lot of prophecies come true before my own eyes. He predicted the dreadful and dangerous war, and the pitiable and horrible condition of Russian Tsar, ten years before the occurrence of those events, and had it published and circulated in the world. He also prophesied about the plague in Hindustan and foretold the occurrence of many important events world-wide that were fulfilled on their own time. He held a prayer duel with the Dr Dowie of Chicago and told the world that as Dr Dowie was an outright liar, he would soon perish. Thus, America witnessed his death.”

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