100 Years Ago… – Shuddhi Movement: Third Ahmadiyya Tabligh Delegation to Agra


Al Fazl, 9 April 1923

As reported in the previous [5 April 1923] issue of Al Fazl, the third delegation of our Jamaat left after the Asr prayer on 4 April [1923] to curb the apostasy of the Malkana [Rajputs]. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra] went to the car along with a large number of friends [to say goodbye to the missionaries]. Upon reaching there, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih delivered a speech, which will be published in a coming issue [of Al Fazl].

After the speech, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih gave 45 rupees on his and his family’s behalf to the head of the delegation, Babu Jamaluddin Sahib, for the journey and for the needs there [in Agra]. Other friends also contributed according to their strengths. The total contribution presented to this delegation amounted to 201 rupees.

Thereafter, members of the caravan stood in front of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih on the road as per usual, and then, after seeking permission, they left saying as-salam ‘alaikum.

May God Almighty be their supporter and helper. May countless nations accept Islam at their hands and the people be granted strength to adhere to their religion.

The following are the names of the aforementioned missionaries who [went to Agra] in the cause of Allah:

1. Babu Jamaluddin Sahib of Gujranwala

2. Mian Muhammad Yusuf Sahib, son of Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad Khan Sahib, of Gilgit

3. Chaudhary Itar Din Sahib Bhatti

4. Abdullah Khan Sahib, son of Maulvi Zulfiqar Ali Khan Sahib of Rampur

5. Maulvi Mahbubur Rahman Sahib of Banaras

6. Munshi Muhammad Hanif Sahib Mirpuri of Jammu

7. Chaudhry Barkat Ali Khan Sahib Rajput of Garhshankar

8. Chaudhry Muhammad Fazl Khan Sahib Rajput

9. Chaudhry Rashid Ahmad Khan Sahib Rajput of Saroa

10. Chaudhry Butay Khan Sahib Rajput

11. Jamadar Muhammad Khan Sahib of Ferozpur

12. Muhammad Hasan Sahib of Ceylon

13. Abdul Wahid Sahib of Patiala 

14. Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad Sahib Amritsari, Qadian

15. Munshi Wazir Muhammad Sahib of Patiala

16. Munshi Muhammad Hussain Sahib, son of Muhammad Bakhsh Sahib

17. Chaudhry Abdul Latif Khan Sahib Firozpuri Rajput

19. Muhammad Amin Sahib, brother of Lal Din Sahib

20. Mistri Sultan Muhammad Sahib of Quetta

21. Maulvi Chirag Ali Sahib of Multan

22. Maulvi Umaruddin Sahib of Jalandhar

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu, published in the 9 April 1923 issue of Al Fazl)

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